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So for Christmas my daughter got Word Whammer™ Fridge Phonics™ Set from Leapfrog. Basically it’s a set of letter magnets and a magnetic box that you can put 3 of the letters in to spell various words. One of the modes is a game where the voice tells you to spell a word and you try to find the letters and put them in the right order. The very first word it asked to spell? WAR Makes you wonder, doesn’t it?
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I’ve noticed quite a few hits to Sharp as a Marble coming from Yahoo News. Turns out, they have a little widget on the side that links to blogs, assumedly based on the keywords from the news searches. Pretty cool in one way, a little odd in another. Heaven forbid anyone thinks this site has anything newsworthy on it.
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So wired has the top 10 scientific events for 2005. 9 of them are pure scientific goodies that just tickle my cerebrum. Things like the Cassini Hyugens Probe, the discovery of the first soft tissue from a dinosaur, and machines that can be controlled with human thought. One would think that an article that writes about scientific wonders would rate the number one item as the most amazing discovery of the year, right? Well, you might find it a little surprising then that instead, the top...
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Last Thursday night I had a pretty horrible series of attacks which carried over into the morning. Missed work, again, but telecommuted the best I could (not everything works across our VPN). Really starting to fear for my job like I did the last time I had to go through this. My boss is pretty understanding, but she’ll soon be under pressure about my missed time and I’m completely out of Sick time anyway. Last night I had some mild attacks while I was getting to sleep. I woke this...
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That little kids suddenly reach an age where they can no longer smile normally for a picture and instead end up looking like something straight out of a psycho movie?
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All, As many of you know, I suffer from severe panic attacks. I recently kicked the Paxil habit as the medicine stopped working for me. And at the level of PA’s that I was having, it wasn’t hard to deal with them by themselves. Several weeks ago, I started having severe insomnia. After 2 weeks of not being able to sleep I went to the doctor who advised me that it sounded like my mind might be suffering the anxiety again and that I might want to look into taking another SSRI since...
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The other day, I went to pick up a cheesesteak from a local joint and I I was reminded of something that has bothered me for many years now. The employees there all were wearing disposable gloves. For some odd reason, it appears that many people actually think this is a safe and sanitary measure to take when handling food. Why this is so, I cannot fathom. Let me start off by recanting a story from a few years ago. I had gone to Subway to pick up a sandwich when this lady came in behind me with...
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I might just want to change business models here at SaaM Sharp as a Marble is an Arabic bestiality blog, with some very ingenious programming. As soon as we visited the home page, it charged our credit credit card $24.95. With such a crowded and busy interface, you’ll never have a shortage of things to click on here. About half of the articles are in English. I’m planning on running a grand opening special though. Only $19.95 for visiting the home page. All joking aside, his...
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Hubris has pictures of himself and his kids hamming it up in front of the web cam. I, of course, have to comment  Has anyone ever told you that you look absolutely nothing like Liberace? Posted by: Robb Allen (Sharp as a Marble) | December 11, 2005 at 01:13 PM Hubris responds Robb, step away from the PhotoShop application. Thaaat's it. Nice and easy. Posted by: Hubris Sorry, bud, but too late……
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Damn insomnia is starting to wreck my life. Especially at this hour, nobody else seems to be talking about much. Wish I knew what the hell is going on. I just lay in bed for hours and hours which is so unlike me it’s scary. Even when I take sleeping medicines, I cannot fall asleep. And the resulting bleariness the next day is pretty bad. Lack of good sleep can put me in a depressive mood which isn’t the best for me. Right now, I feel like my eyes are going to permanently weld...
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Lookie what I got!!! Last year, Sharp as a Marble was nominated for best of the top 10,000,000th blogs (or something). This year it’s for design. Let me just say that this skin, Paperweight, was hand crafted by me from scratch. The only things on here that I didn’t create from nothing are the coffee spot up top and the penny. The tape, the labels, post-it note, the notebook paper, all started out as a blank photoshop file. So I do take pride in the way this site looks (being...
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Really, really, really bad. I mean seriously Glen, did we reeeeeealy need to know this?
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Me neither. Depressing the more I think of it.
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Finished the last book of the Dark Tower series by Stephen King last night. 7 books written over the course of 33 years. Luckily for me, I didn’t start the series until a few months ago so I wasn’t one of those miserable people who had to wait decades for the story to come to its fruition. But alas, my friends are gone. Gone are Roland of Gilead, Susannah, Eddie, and Jake of New York, Oy of Mid-World. No longer will they keep me company at night, telling me their tales as I...
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Seventeen by Winger. Where’s the hairspray and fishnets?
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