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Here’s some pictures of Lego.
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Friday night I got home and noticed some slow down of the interweb tubing. It wasn’t terrible, but definitely wasn’t what I was paying for. Often this is just network congestion so I gave it some time. Went to dinner & came back. Suddenly, the tubing was clogged completely. I couldn’t pull up any websites. It wasn’t 100% down, more like 99.43% and here and there something would trickle across. I had to tether my iPad to my cell phone so I could hop on chat with a tech. Weirdest things –...
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I’m #NeverTrump. I didn’t vote for him and I don’t think he’s the savior we’re all looking for. There are many people I respect who looked at Trump as a pragmatic decision, and I can respect that. Those who saw him as the Second Coming, scare me. And I’m truly afraid someone is going to see a Trump win as an excuse for a little Kristallnacht action. Don’t get me wrong, Hillary Clinton is a corrupt, evil woman who could have weaponized the government even more than it already has been and we...
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So this is for him
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