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You really need to examine your life. Seriously, I almost think this is a prank. It’s hard to comprehend how any rational human would think this way. John C. Wright said yesterday in a post There are people who read ‘Harrison Bergeron’ by Kurt Vonnegut — another short story from the same era (have you read it?) — and are not disgusted or repelled, but allured. They want to live in that future. This is one of those people.
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Sometimes, it’s the easy things that explain the complex ones. Take, for example, this I want to hear the argument that the well balanced breakfast has the rights. I want to understand how ANYONE would believe that. They won’t, and yet switch that with “Well Regulated Militia” and suddenly bacon has more rights than you.
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For the past week or so, a new spamming system must have popped up because I’m getting inundated with crap emails. This time, though, the new system has enough variance in it to evade most of my traps. The urls they try to link to are random enough. I’ve not been able to spot the same links anywhere. Same with the included images. They come from domains like or / co / ru / etc. The text is closer & closer to English. They all start with something along the lines of “If...
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Yeah, nevermind. It’s literally BENT. No thanks.
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The CURVE from Taurus. Being that there’s not much you can innovate with the actual functioning parts of a firearm, changing the outer shape for something that’s meant to be concealed makes a lot of sense. When I carry my P3AT (the P333AT is in the shop again), I usually have it in a pocket and to anyone who cares to pay attention, you can tell what it is, holster & all. The idea of the curves means less printing, but I bet it also has less snagging. An interesting concept, I’ll have to...
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They want you to die too Why are anti gun people so violent?
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I firmly believe that parents who take the time to be part of their children’s education end up with children who succeed. A few years ago I wrote about how, when I showed up for my daughter’s award ceremony where she won student of the year for the 2nd time, every kid who got an award had a parent in the audience. Today, this was reinforced for the third time. I showed up to do Career Day for my two girls. Unfortunately, there was a scheduling conflict and they didn’t have any slots for me....
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This chick Had I not seen a bajillion gunnies arguing with her constantly on Twitter, I’d say this was a joke. Hell, I’m still not convinced she’s not having a good laugh at us, because this is as dumb as it gets. Joe Biden read this and just shook his head (as much as his safety helmet let him). If it’s parody, it’s amazing because it’s something these people tend to think. Their normal positions are just as laughable, but usually not so transparent. I almost hope this is a joke, because if...
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Happy birthday to my beloved Marine Corps. OOH RAH!
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Music theory has been something I’ve been teaching myself as much as I can when I can. I want to compose music, and understanding how it all fits together, while not required, makes things a bit easier than just hitting a bunch of notes and hoping for the best. I’ve been focusing on chords a bit because I enjoy chord-first writing even though it does cause my melodies to wander a bit, if I ever get to them. I’ve been trying to ‘teach’ my ear to hear the basic triads – Major, Minor, Augmented,...
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Just got through reading a pretty good article about ‘warmth’ in audio recordings and what it means. Basically, circuits are noisy, don’t give you the exact output you expect, and we’ve had to deal with it for so long that we’ve become accustomed to it and consider it a sign of good sound. This line stuck out at me I wonder if in a parallel universe digital had preceded analog (somehow) would we be writing of ways to reduce warmth in our gear? If over decades of listening to clean digital...
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If you can, please show up for the oral arguments. Tomorrow is a very important day for gun owners across Florida. At 10 am, the 4th Florida District Court of Appeal will hear oral arguments on Norman v. State. This case asks the fundamental question - how does one exercise the right to bear arms in Florida? Do we, in fact, have that right in the Sunshine State where the Concealed Carry license is granted as only a privilege? We urge you to take take some time from your day to support the...
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My vote today will count for very little. I put no effort into trying to win people over to a particular candidate. I didn’t hound the current crop of candidates for their positions nor did I work hard on getting them to accept a particular view. Voting means jack shit unless you’ve actually put effort into the process. Just showing up and putting a mark next to the ‘right name’ a constitutionally limited republic does not make. I get to pick between voting for Rick Scott, a corporate cronyism...
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iMac is writing her first song She’s just awesome.
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Officer fires gun into the air. Cops are not more qualified to carry guns than the average citizen.
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