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The State of Florida assumes ownership of your children. I can’t homeschool (no matter what homeschool proponents say – sorry, not everyone has the skills, patience, or financial means to be able to homeschool) but I FULLY support it. Hell, I wish I *could* homeschool, but as mentioned there are reasons some people cannot. Regardless, the State of Florida has now said you no longer have rights to educate your children as you see fit and that they have more rights to decide that than you do....
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On the Tweetbook yesterday, I dropped this little nugget #GunControl is the belief that declawing the cat will protect it against other animals.— Robb Allen (@ItsRobbAllen) November 25, 2013 This was an off the top of my pointy little head statement, but the more I thought about it, the more it actually works. Let’s say you have a cat that likes to go outside and enjoy the weather. You notice that your cat is getting in fights with the wild cats roaming your ‘hood, so you do your part to...
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An interesting gift idea for the gunnie in your life.
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He did a great job getting it back to a playable state. He replaced the broken, plastic nut & bridge with bone, and the sound difference is amazing. Guess who realized his finger strength & dexterity isn’t up to snuff to play the acoustic any more? That’s fine. More reason to practice. There’s also a local guitar building workshop that meets on Mondays or Tuesdays where you can use the shop & all the tools to build your own with a luthier teaching you step by step. I think I might...
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So DC, forced to accept that the serfs may own guns, are doing their damnedest to make the serfs pay dearly for their uppity attitudes The 1,800 or so criminals who have killed, robbed or assaulted innocent people with guns in the District of Columbia so far this year were hauled into the police station to be fingerprinted, photographed and to undergo a criminal-background check. Now, legal gun owners who have committed no crime are getting the exact same treatment. That is neither...
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One thing that has always made me chuckle darkly are the signs on the back of dump trucks that say “Not responsible for broken windshields”. Really? So, if I were to put a sign on my car that said “Not responsible for rear-ending accidents” then I’m completely in the clear when I try to parallel park in someone’s tailpipe? What happened to our society that caused us to put so much faith in the power of signage? They had to make the sun-visors in my car bigger because they needed to put more...
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Because often, we win in places you will never see.
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You’re missing out.
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I had a great discussion with my girls this morning regarding language. My eldest is now trying to find a reason to use the word integument*. We also talked about connotation and denotation, and I’m sure Jeff Goldstein would be proud, intentionalism. The word “ass” was said a lot to prove a point. *something that covers or encloses; especially :  an enveloping layer (as a skin, membrane, or cuticle) of an organism or one of its parts
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Some people hunt animals. Some people grow gardens in their back yard. Some people like to knit their own sweaters. Our society is so advanced that doing the things necessary for survival are now frickin’ hobbies. Think about that. Allow the concept to marinade in your grey matter. Savor the irony about people bitching how awful hunters are. Allow me to pull up one of my favorite quotes "As human society gradually solves the problems of basic survival and reduces the amount of other miseries...
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The headline screams School on lockdown after 2 men shot in Brandon to which I immediately freaked out. But then I read that this wasn’t a school shooting but that they had simply locked them down while they looked for someone. But that headline? Really made it sound like a school shooting.
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This is… creepy. Funny, but creepy. I don’t turn on location services on any of my phone apps, but that doesn’t meant they’re not on. Because they’ll backdoor that shit in a heartbeat. Kind of funny though if you think about it. I can’t openly carry and advertise that I’m armed visually, but anyone who read my Tweets could figure who I was, where I was (if I did the location thing) and then know I’m carrying a gun. Concealed open carry!
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My sudden desire to become a luthier isn’t being helped by seeing things like this. Jeebus the inlays and designs on those are mind-blowing. $12,500 each too? *Sigh* If only I had the skill and talent, I could do that.
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This morning on the way to work, I saw a homeless guy downtown. He was on a bench with a large bundle of detritus and had a hat on the ground which I assume were for donations. I was in the car with my windows rolled up, but my eyes told me he smelled pretty bad. Suddenly, he reached inside his tattered jacket, pulled out his cell phone, looked at something, and put the phone back.
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In order to ‘win you over to their cause’, they’ve made a game where you play the Sandy Hook shooter and you get to kill kids. The worst part is this doesn’t surprise me in the least. I’ve learned over the years there is no depth too low for these cretins. They are so filled with hate that nothing appears too far out there for them. They will use the deaths of anyone to further their cause. Supporting gun control is a sickness.
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Somehow, this guy managed to break all 9. Hat Tip Michael Z Williamson
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Next client is Java based. Haven’t touched Java since I left… well this particular client who I worked for for 11.5 years. So that part will be interesting as well.
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So, my daughter’s (and mine from time to time) guitar teacher is having a custom built guitar (you can follow it here) made. One of the things Todd complains about on guitars is that the side dots can be very difficult to see in low light conditions (which is what I figured the tape on his guitars indicated). I told him he should look at Tritium since it would glow in pitch black and can be encircled with white for lighted conditions. He thought that was a cool idea. The only problem – where in...
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Right now, the sound of the air conditioning in the office is a lovely shade of blue to which the elves who live in my ears are eating like a buffet. So, if any blogging gets done today, I highly recommend you save it for the future to make fun of me with.\ Now if you’ll excuse me, this pencil needs cha-cha  pointers.
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Hence why no bloggy. Sorry.
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I don’t think even Lasik could fix this The iPhone is nothing more than a luxury bauble that will appeal to a few gadget freaks. In terms of its impact on the industry, the iPhone is less relevant. Wow. I’ve seen some pretty bad predictions in my life, but that one takes the cake.
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Praise be 12 hour Sudafed. Ugh. Kids had something nasty last week. Guess I finally picked it up. I feel bad. Had a reader wanting to meet up tonight, but alas can’t do it being that my throat is so sore I can barely talk. Sorry bud!
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Guy gets shot for carrying an airsoft rifle and “The Internet Is Forever” both come into play Everything that he ever did or wrote is getting pulled up for examination. That’s important to know for those who grandstand on the internet — even things a person wrote years ago and no longer believes would still be publicized as relevant. You know who I am. I have been myself, posting online under my own name since 1996. Because I use my real name, I have always been guarded about what I say...
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Because I need the peace & quiet to unwind and relax from chaperoning a bunch of 3rd graders at the aquarium yesterday. Still, I’d do it again and again, because I want my daughters to think of daddy being a chaperone as a normal thing. My parents never did anything of the sort and the only time I saw them in my school was for the dreaded parent / teacher conferences. I like being part of their education and while it’s infeasible for me to homeschool them (I support my family on my income...
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A custom built guitar. I’m not good enough to warrant $6000 for an axe. Doesn’t mean I don’t want one. These from Virgil Guitars look amazing. And there’s even 3D printed guitars now which open up designs that were previously impossible. My goal is to some day be worthy of the expense in getting a custom designed and custom fitted guitar. Until then, practice, practice, practice.
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Hopefully printing pharmaceuticals will kill off the War on Drugs. However, being out of a specific ‘toner’ could be a real big issue "I meant to print out baby-aspirin but accidentally made LSD. The baby doesn't seem to be bothered by the teething right now though so...."
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Tomorrow I will chaperone my daughter’s classroom to the local aquarium. If I were to go armed, I would be breaking the law. If I didn’t tell the school I’d chaperone, I’d be legal to show up at the aquarium well heeled and walk around with my kid. The only thing that changes is the fact I said I’d volunteer to help. Think about it. I can legally walk around kids at the aquarium, carrying a concealed weapon, posing no threat or harm to them – In fact, as a responsible and concerned parent, I...
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And the devil ran in fear. Happy Birthday, fellow Devil Dogs.
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The effort to repeal SYG here in Florida went down in flames last evening. It wasn’t even close from my understanding, which is a good thing. Sadly, we have to waste time, effort, and money ensuring these things do not get out of committee when they’re blatantly idiotic bills. I mean, when the sponsor says he realizes it kills off Castle Doctrine, but that we can just let the courts worry about that, you know your bill is crap. The one thing I want to hammer on though is this – according to...
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Kindness is not the socialist's intention—it's his cover story. #tcot #p2 #ccot #pjnet #lnyhbt #teaparty— Andi Benghazi Silver (@andilinks) November 7, 2013Can I get an AMEN SISTER?????
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They got the message, and damned quick. While the Brady’s of the world are celebrating Metcalf’s bass-ackward article, they’re also ignoring the whole “He lost his job over it and the magazine has reportedly lost considerable advertising revenue already” aspect. See, they’ll play it off as “even gun owners believe this!!” almost like they’d take the first 3 seconds of a video of someone pulling the pin on a grenade and holding it as proof grenades are safe. They do this because they’re idiots...
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FLORIDA CARRY URGENT ACTION REQUEST Wednesday, November 6, 2013 Florida House Democrats want to ignore your voices Today, Florida House Democrats made the remarkable statement that they don't want to hear from you! The snub was made at a press conference ( held to urge Republicans in the House to compromise away provisions in the Stand Your Ground legislation. Speaking on behalf of the House...
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There’s a discussion going on over at Joe’s regarding the idea of requiring liability insurance for guns. It’s a stupid idea and I’ll get into why in a second, but first, I’d like to highlight a comment that makes you just scratch your head in amazement. I didn’t even need to read the article to absorb your so-called “opinion”. I can tell you need attention, and a gun to substitute for your underwhelming genitalia. At least The Croquette has erudite points. I’m assuming that you’re...
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Guy on the Twitterbox said nobody needs 30+ round because they can just defend themselves with 5 rounds of 00 Buck. Nobody needs 30 bullets but there’s nothing wrong with having 45 of them. I call this tactical ignorance.
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Lately I’ve been getting a crap-ton (metric, not imperial) of spam via my Contact form. Apparently, some spambot figured out my form parameters and ran with it. I have no idea what Ugg Boots are, but I assure you I will never buy a pair. Then again, these idiots never actually sent anything across other than “Nice Posts!” and the title UGG BOOTS, so even if I suddenly found the urge to be cool, I couldn’t buy them anyway. Anywho, I noticed what was happening was that the scripts were reading...
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On the Twitters this morning, I had a scintillating conversation with someone who refused to allow his misconceptions to be corrected. I simply stated that adding new gun laws would have no effect on criminals and he replied with the tired canard “Well, people run red lights, so you want to get rid of all red lights”. The first time you say it, I’ll grant you a slight reprieve because it’s a natural response, but when I clearly point out  that just because I don’t believe Law X will be...
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What they don’t demand is factual information [Link] Now, you might assume she meant “10 rounds per second”, which would have made a little more sense, but go check out the conversation – she never attempts to correct her statement and instead, doubles down with the Twitter version of “I know you are, but what am I?” I mean, here’s me, taking my sweeeeeet time to make sure I have good hits, and I pull of 9 rounds in 7 seconds And I’m considered slow. You want to see speed, check out Caleb and...
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Not even kidding (Tam, call your office – you have a prayer answer from the Almighty it would seem). Now, these are ‘black powder’ guns, so they’re not really ‘guns’ according to the brain trust we call our government, but let me ask you this. Would you stand in front of me while I shot you with this? No? Why not? Ah, right, because it’s still a gun. It still spits out a chunk of metal at a rather brisk pace that, when it meets flesh, can do some fairly nasty things. It doesn’t matter if it’s...
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There is nothing wrong with pointing out the racist roots of gun control. In fact, it is an effective means of arguing our points since gun control didn’t start off as a way to ‘lower crime’ but rather a way of keeping ‘the other’ from being legally allowed to defend themselves. However, I do want to remind people that while the original intent of the laws was to keep guns out of hands of minorities, intent is non-transferable. I’ve seen a few tweets, a few comments on message boards and...
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