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From an email to a fellow Florida Carry board member. Well, you've just made me happier than a kitten following a leaky cow!!!!
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My USMC Eagle, Globe & Anchor decal couldn’t even handle a simple, automated car wash. WAY TO GIVE UP, DEVIL DOG. Dammit… now I gotta go find another sticker.
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cathexis \kuh-THEK-sis\ noun     : investment of mental or emotional energy in a person, object, or idea Gee, I wonder what that could point to.
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Somehow, I’m on Doubletap Ammo’s mailing list twice.
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On a Facebook thread, there’s a discussion regarding “No Loaded Weapons” signs on the doors of one of the largest gun shops here in Florida. Underneath is fine print that says “We respect the rights of CCW holders. Please keep it concealed” which covers all their bases. Granted, that fine print didn’t always used to be there and I think that’s where the griping comes in. I understand that there is a big concern in a gun store with people continually handling guns and that the goal is to do the...
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When in doubt, trot out the old, tired stereotypes of gun shows only attracting skinhead, fat white hillbillies - then have the commenters run nearly 100% against you. Hat tip Cheaper Than Dirt
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How to handle your eventual DQ from a match. The first time I didn’t hang around. Mostly because I had one hell of a cold and I just didn’t feel well. The second I stuck around until the very end and even helped tear down. And Caleb is right. The second time, I took a few minutes to cool off, then just shot the shit with other competitors, helped tape up targets, etc. And I got a lot of good advice and tips for my effort (plus the important life lesson of buying a full case resizer for .40)....
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I meant to use my favorite word – ultracrepidarian – in my last post and I didn’t.
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I do not think it means what you think it means In fact, the lower pictured weapon, a Mossberg 500 Tactical Persuader, has a number of features that increase its lethality compared to the top pictured shotgun. Emphasis mine. A pistol grip does not make a shotgun “more lethal”.  A removable stock does not make a shotgun “more lethal”. Cosmetic features do not make a firearm “more lethal”. What makes a firearm dangerous to other people is the person wielding it, not its color, not the...
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We like to tell the anti’s that the law abiding are the least likely to be the ones who will violate the law and thus adding more laws will do nothing to stop criminals. While this is primarily true, it dawned on me the other day that I cannot truly consider myself ‘law abiding’. This is, of course, by design. One of my most used Ayn Rand quotes is illustrative There's no way to rule innocent men. The only power government has is the power to crack down on criminals. Well, when there aren't...
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Watching ignorant people discuss gun control while knowing there are people who drink just enough to do this is soooooo entertaining. You cannot stop guns. Period. If you ban the sale to law abiding citizens, the only people who won’t have guns are the law abiding citizens. If you ban the manufacture of them, then criminals will hit Home Depot, set up a shop, and make them cheaply enough (yet still sell them for a lucrative price). Gun control will never, never disarm those who are the problem....
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I was taking the pooch out for her nightly outing when there arose such a clatter from the trees behind my house. Lo an behold, look who was snuffling for dinner I’d say it was 3’ high at the back. Quite large and not afraid of the cars passing by nor afraid of my flash going off while trying to capture a good shot of it and its mate (which was gray and black spotted). Being that the only thing twixt me and it would have been that one row of barbed wire, I stayed safely across the street...
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Than to go do a round of sporting clays? A buddy of mine and I area heading down to the local range to help rid the world of the nuisance known as ‘clay pigeon’. We’ll be running the front 18 spots which are marked as “Introduction to Preschoolers” level. It’s funny because the last time I went there, I was getting a bit cocky as I was just nailing everything. Then we switched to the back 18 which were considered ‘moderate to difficult’ and… well I think two of the damned things managed to fly...
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All content is half off today. Limit 10 per reader.
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One of the more popular (if not Valu-Rite vodka soaked) right leaning political websites out there – Ace of Spades – is now having a weekly gun and hunting post. I assume many left leaning sites have a “Gun Control Tuesday” feature, right?
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Eso es lo más estúpido que he visto en mucho tiempo Now, I will say that there is a bit of ingenuity in the design. Sure, it puts you at a greater danger of creating a new ventilation shaft down your thigh and yeah, carrying on an empty chamber with a modern firearm is still not my mostest favoritist idea, but it does what it’s supposed to do even if doing so isn’t suggested. It does go to show though that no product is so stupid that you won’t at least give it a watch should the person...
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In the way only XKCD can
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This thing is so full, the seams are in danger of bursting
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I’ve been horrifically busy lately, so I’ve only been able to grab a few minutes a night to pluck on the guitar, however last night something very interesting happened. I was just doing some pentatonic scales when suddenly my left hand decided to make the fretboard its bitch. My fingers just flew through the patterns, hitting each fret at lightning speed. I can’t say the same thing for my right (picking) hand. For some reason, I couldn’t seem to pick the right string at the right time to save...
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Pizza boxes with targets on the back. Brilliant.
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I gave it 5%. I was only off by 1281.6% I have no faith that the people ‘in charge’ were elected. I’m not even sure Obama is legitimately our President. We’re done as a country when the electoral system is this broke. We laugh at the sham elections in foreign countries when the Dictator gets 99% of the vote, but when in Philly, Obama gets 100% of the votes with nary a single vote cast for Romney, we accept that as reality. When a politician loses an election and magically a box of ballots was...
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Yesterday, my nephew got married. His grandmother lives in a retirement community and they have a nice little community center where you can reserve for events and whatnot. His older brother got married there a few years ago, and it was an inexpensive and nice place to have the ceremony. Nice, until you consider the complete assholes who live there. The community center has a workout room, a multi-use room with a kitchen area, a back office like room, and the swimming pool area that faces the...
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Posting is slow. Sorry about it. I’m nearing the end of my current contract and I’m trying to ensure that my code is ready to be handed off to the next poor soul who gets to warm my seat. That, and I’m a little burnt out. But that happens all the time. So, here’s a news dump instead. • So, it’s bed time for Twinkies. Stupid Union members felt a 100% reduction of pay was a MUCH better deal than an 8% reduction in pay and are now getting their comeuppance. I feel bad for the non union members who...
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You know how sometimes, if your car starts to go out of control, the best thing to do is take your hands off the wheel to let it correct itself ever so slightly before trying to regain control? I almost feel like that now in regards to politics. Let the moochers run wild. Soon, the teat will dry up (alas, taking much of my hard earned labor with it) and the resulting ‘correction’ will be… interesting to say the least. I’m not sure we’re going to be able to gain control of the situation while...
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There is a new petition online that provides a legislative roadmap for improving Florida’s Self-Defense laws.  Please sign the petition at: Recently Florida Carry’s Lead Attorney, Eric J. Friday, provided testimony to the Governor’s Task Force on Citizen Safety and Protection.  He concluded his presentation on strengthening and correcting the deficiencies in the...
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Proceeds to bounce their uvula off their ankle. So, you gun owners out there who want to help the troops? Might be time to find another avenue for your charity. WWP clearly finds the firearms industry distasteful.
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It’s time to build a new PC. I don’t want to buy a prefab one so I need to figure out the parts necessary. Alas, I’m awash in a sea of choices from CPU to memory to motherboards. And it’s been so long I’m not sure what will work best for me. Let me explain my needs and hopefully there’s some stuff you can point me to. I’m a Microsoft developer, so while most of you will probably recoil in horror, I’ll be upgrading to Windows 8 Pro. Win8 Pro has Hyper-V as a service, which means I can run my...
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The tendonitis in my elbow is finally healed. I’ve been able to grasp a gun correctly without any pain, and I have about 150 rounds of .40 that have been properly sized. So it’s time to hit the range again. I could have made USPSA this month, but I didn’t think not shooting for nearly 5 months was a good precursor, so I’ll be hitting the range some time this week to try to ensure I can remember which end of the gun gets pointed at the target. I also need to look at some sort of workout schedule...
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It was at an AMC theater which, depending on the door you enter in on, doesn’t allow weapons (only one sticker under the handle on the inner most doors). Being that I didn’t walk through those doors, I had no idea. Really. Now, according to the anti’s, I’m super paranoid and would either fear going to the theater or I’d set up a perimeter and ensure my NVG’s were properly powered while keeping my crosshairs on the emergency exits. Rather, I ensured I could see the exit clearly, grabbed popcorn...
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As many of you may or may not know, Tam has been diagnosed with skin cancer. Tam is a national treasure in the gun-blogosphere and she’s uninsured so this is going to cost her a fortune out of her own pocket. This cannot stand. I loathe forced charity because I know that we are a charitable country who would gladly give as much as possible when our fellow man (or woman) is in need, and it’s time to put our money where Tam’s nose is. If you can’t hit her tip jar directly, here are some other...
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Happy Birthday!
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From a press release Crimson Trace® Wins Award of Excellence at NASGW (Orlando, FL)The National Association of Sporting Goods Wholesalers this week recognized Crimson Trace with its prestigious Award of Excellence in Accessory Manufacturing. The award is presented in four categories of firearms, ammunition, optics and accessories and is earned only by companies who demonstrate outstanding commitment to their distributor network. “This award validates the enormous effort we put into servicing...
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It’s our biggest enemy. Until Godzilla is cloned in some lab in Taiwan. Then he’ll be our biggest enemy.
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Meaning, the world is still turning. If you’re reading this, then it means you’re not on the wrong side of the dirt (unless of course, this is being read to you via a Ouija board, in which case, disregard the rest of the post). Guess what? Life just got worse for those who value freedom and liberty. We are going to now see an administration unchained from any sort of restraint in their desire to reshape American into a 2nd World Socialist Country. There will be a new AWB planned, and it will...
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Looking through my log visits, I ran into something I said a while back about the GOP qua Democrat Replacements and their slower march to socialism It's a case of out of the frying pan and into the crock pot. So far, that doesn’t seem to be working out for them. Think they’ll learn? I’d not bet a penny on that one.
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But here’s some cold wind to go along with it The Generally Pro-Carry Supermajority was lost in the FL House and reduced in the FL Senate as we face challenges to Florida’s Self-Defense and Right to Carry laws in the next legislative session. Two articles from Sunshine State News provide some insight on the State races.
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But I told you so. Not sure where to go from here. I remember 2008 and thinking how we had to strengthen things from the ground up and 2010 indicated we were moving in that direction, but it looks like with no gain in the Senate and another 4 years of this guy in office, we’re going to have a King more than anything resembling a democracy or a republic. The GOP will not learn. They didn’t learn with McCain, they went with Romney. They will simply move further left because they’ll claim that’s...
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But I did stand in line in the pouring rain, sans umbrella to vote. The only excuse you possibly can have for not voting is that you are ignorant of the issues or the politician’s views. If that is the case, feel free to let others carry your burden. Otherwise, get out there. Now. Update As per Say Uncle’s comment, I have to walk back my statement a bit. There are reasons not to vote. I can’t imagine 100% since the local elections truly affect you more than the national ones do but I can’t say...
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Sorry, not much to say probably until Wednesday. Maybe even Thursday. Unplugging sounds like a better idea by the second.
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Because there is no other way they can win. You know, for people who claim to ‘care about people’, they sure as hell don’t want your voice heard. They see nothing wrong with breaking the law, drowning out your legitimate voice, because they think so little of you. They will rig the polls. They will vote as many times as they can. They know most people do not want what they are selling and they will lie, steal, and cheat to ensure nobody else’s votes matter. I still have no faith that our...
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(2:43:25 PM) Greg : 32111111111111111111111111111111110. (2:43:29 PM) Greg: sorry. cat
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The Margin of Cheat is huge.
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To think I’ve skipped out of USPSA competitions due to tendonitis.
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Let’s say I was having a problem managing my life. I needed security for my house. I needed some lifestyle management to keep my costs down as well as help with balancing my finances. I also needed something to assist me with medical decisions, dietary requirements, and the education of my children. Like millions of other Americans, I decided to go buy a chimpanzee to take care of all of it for me. Now the first chimp I had was excellent at security. His poo flinging skills were, bar none, the...
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Four more years. Easily. The more I read about Mitt Romney, the more I don’t hate him with burning passion. In fact, the man seems genuine as indicated from the myriad of stories you can read about how he, with no concept of reward or coverage, would consistently go out of his way to help others. The problem I have is that his belief that we should help the less fortunate (something I agree with) scares me into thinking now that he’ll have his grubby little paws on the lever of power, he’ll do...
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Got an email from the office (remember, I’m a contractor working remotely) Hello, As an extension of our asset management project, we are now gathering information about client laptops that have been assigned to personnel. You have been identified as an employee who may have been assigned a {Company} laptop. If you have a {Company} computer assigned to you, please email me the laptop type, serial number and asset barcode number. If you do not have a {Company} laptop, please confirm via return...
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From the lady who sits on the other side of the wall from me, apparently on a phone call with one of her kids "Yes we have extra cash, it's in the gun safe. No, I'm not giving you the combo to the gun safe. Being irresponsible with your money sucks, doesn't it?"
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Because I don’t have a family of Eddie and I don’t want Keith anywhere near my medical decisions. I *am* impressed that Connie Nash Jr. has five confirmed street kills with a basketball though. "This is Dr., this is Dr., this is Dr. Renée Jockey calling for Independent women's voice because Tuesday is our last chance to stop the implementation of Obama care. Obama care puts government bureaucrats between you and your doctor insurance costs are rising almost $2000 for the average family of...
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HK has a newsletter you can sign up for
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