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It never has been A former Philadelphia school district superintendent who collected a $905,000 contract buyout from the city has reportedly filed for unemployment benefits. … Her weekly salary was $6,669 and her annual salary $346,000, according to records obtained by the station. All these teachers who bitch and moan that we’re wanting to cut the waste from the school system are willfully blind to their bosses’ stealing their lunches right under their collective noses. This chart...
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Some ass-plow decided to Occupy Robb’s Debit Card and ordered $100 worth of iTunes credits. The bank has already cancelled the card and I won’t be responsible for the charges, but in order to do so I have to physically plant my ass in a branch office and fill out forms. Oh, and I can’t get a new card until then. What’s a pisser is that even with all the protections the banks give to the card owner, this oxygen-waster will more than likely never get caught thus ensuring the legions of leeches...
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Tom over at My Gun Culture reviews some ESS Crossbow Eyeshields. I own a pair of ESS Ice that I got from and I have been nothing but thrilled with them. The yellow lenses make indoor shooting and overcast days easier, the tinted lenses are perfect for the sun, and clear for… um… I don’t know. I’ve never put on the clear ones. The Ice are comfortable and from what I hear, durable. Like Tom whines over at his blog, I ain’t gonna shoot myself in the face to test them for that.
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Exurban Kevin I still like to socialize while shooting, but I guess I don't see a trip to the range just to go send lead downrange as a fun thing anymore. This past weekend I met up with reader and brownie-making-extraordinaire Laughingdog for some trigger time at the local gun range. Now that I’ve gotten my taste of USPSA, static lane shooting isn’t the same any more. I enjoyed the time and the company but while I was shooting I was specifically focusing on my trigger control as well as...
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So, after learning more about what happened at the UC Davis campus, I’ve changed my mind. We ask polices officers to do a job. That job entails them to enforce the laws as they understand them. When they are told to go remove people blocking a public pathway, they go do it. In this instance, the protestors were given plenty of notice of the penalties for failing to unblock the sidewalk. Those who continued to stay there knew the consequences of their actions and were planning on getting...
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Sometimes, though, it scares the right people Azmat: I think those guys were rob me. Me: I agree. Azmat: You scare them off? Me: I didn't say a word to them. Azmat: Your gun scare them off. Me: Perhaps. You should call the police
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Yeah, that’s what I look like when I shoot. You see, I’m severely cross eye dominant. When I shoot pistols, I have to turn my head so that my left eye is over the center line of the pistol. With pistols, this isn’t a problem. With rifles, I am forced to use my weak eye to aim and my left eye closes automatically so as to not try to ‘take over’. I do not see how anyone can use their left eye while aiming a rifle, but it can be done. Oleg Volk has an article up at Cheaper Than Dirt on...
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All donations are half off!
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My wife and I have quite a few items from Ikea in the house. Their Expedit shelves are handy, inexpensive, and decent enough looking that we’ve got several of ‘em in a few rooms. I’ve learned over the years that shelves and storage space is king, and the more places you have to shove stuff, the less it ends up on the floor. Over the holiday, my wife wanted me to pick up another set with the desk attachment for the girls, so I did. Of course, at the foot of the door there’s a gun-busters sign...
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Seriously, it is a shame that you cannot smell that. That’s the turkey after being in the smoker for about 4 and a half hours. The smell was maddening as I couldn’t just tear into it and had to wait until I got to my dad’s house. The cherry wood was really good. Not as strong as I thought it would be with a hint of sweetness and definitely not overpowering. When I did carve it up, it was beyond heaven. I’m not exaggerating when I say it was the best turkey I have ever eaten in my life. That...
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I’m thrilled that I got turkey duty this year. I’ve been loving the hell out of my smoker and smoking an entire turkey was something I simply had to do. Some people have asked about the recipe so I’m putting it up here for the world to see (and as a reference for when I want to do it again). First, I’m brining the turkey for 24 hours. The brine is as follows 2 qt. Apple Juice 1 lb. brown sugar 1 c. kosher salt 6 bay leaves 6 cloves of garlic, peeled & crushed 3 oranges,...
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Or not… Dewey bid about $67,000, or roughly $13 a kit; a Virginia company named I-Tek, undercut the small firm, bidding $43,750. That's capitalism, right? True, except that these pistol kits were for federal air marshals in the employ of the Transportation Security Administration, and those kinds of bids, like those of the military, are supposed to go to companies that fulfill the work in the United States, with at least 50 percent of the product from American suppliers. While...
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Cooking with the Troops has been tapped for a great honor: I imagine that few who read this will not know the name Richard D. “Dick” Winters. While the movie Band of Brothers made him famous, he was already well known within the military community for his outstanding leadership. His accomplishments make him an excellent exemplar for all the outstanding leadership shown on D-Day and beyond by those who led men in combat, which is the basis for the Richard D. Winters Leadership Project of the...
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My blogging malaise has seen me miss a few items people have mailed to me. As I said, it’s not that I didn’t have material, I just didn’t have the mind to actually write stuff up. There are a few items that I need to just post and I’ve not really gone over them. First was an email from someone who fights for gun rights in Canada Hi, I know that you occasionally write about gun rights issues in other countries. I thought you might find this video interesting – it is my testimony before the...
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The following is a mishmash of ideas, do not expect it to make sense or flow. You’ve been warned. I may joke around that pepper spraying hippies is legally justifiable because “it’s fun, and they needed spraying” but like most of my dark humor, it’s nothing more than a chuckle, not to be taken seriously. I may dislike what some people say or what their views are, but I cannot justify using physical force against them just because we disagree. The pepper spraying of UC Davis students is a...
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The end of times has approached on 8 legs. Somewhere up north, a certain librarian is stocking up on ammo and sighting in several rifles.
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A muzzle brake on a can Hat Tip Ry
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Living the pants free lifestyle isn’t always that easy. With all the restraining orders and ever increasing court appearances for disorderly exposure (I swear, they made that charge up just for me), there comes a time when pants are simply required and ‘open-rear kilts’ are a no-go. So, because they are necessary, it behooves one to have a few sets of slacks in the closet just in case. A while back, in what I can only surmise was a joke amongst the marketing department, I was approached by...
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A while back in #gunblogger_conspiracy, I mentioned that it wouldn’t be long before the kid who came forward about the abuse he received at the hands of Penn State’s Sandusky would start getting blamed for being the victim. Right on cue Victim One, the first known alleged victim of abuse by former Penn State coach Jerry Sandusky, had to leave his school in the middle of his senior year because of bullying, his counselor said Sunday. Officials at Central Mountain High School in Clinton...
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I’m trying. Really. I want to blog. I want to entertain you people, but the bucket is hitting dry ground right now. Well’s empty. Is this what burnout feels like? Am I destined to be another pdb, posting bi-monthly?
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Bob Owens Meanwhile in the Tweetosphere, AP reporter Steve Peoples tweeted that “Cain defended his foreign policy stumbles. Says knowing every detail isn’t important: “We need a leader, not a reader”. I can forgive a lot of things in a candidate. Being too lazy to do the basic homework for the job is not one of them. To which I commented- Yeah, I too was one who thought Cain a refreshing voice in the beginning. I’ve put no stock in the allegations against him, nor did I really give.
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The great thing about blogs is that you can really get a good sense of what’s going on in the world by reading things from people who are closer to the action. This can be political happenings, military, or even hobbyists discussing the latest trends. Here on this blog, when I’m not just filling up the page with inane chatter, I of course discuss our right to keep an bear arms. However, I have really had my eyes opened to the political sausage machine by being part of Florida Carry. While we.
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Ace, formerly of The Madman Raves is back blogging over at Confessions of an Armed Californian.
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With the work that we do as activists, we have a tendency to focus on getting our message out to those who do not see things the way we do. Part of why Florida Carry has monthly Open Carry Fishing Events is so that we can get out in front of people in a low key affair. Yes, this is the dreaded “Open Carry as activism” that so many gunnies deride, but it has a positive impact and shouldn’t be dismissed. We choose fishing piers because of two reasons. One, because we are fishing, Open Carry is...
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No, I’m not forking over $60 to do so. That’s like 5 rounds of 10mm.
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So, started the new / same job today (was a contractor, now a FTE. Same work, different person signing the check). Had to fill out the I9 form to show I’m legally allowed to work in this country and thus subject to more onerous laws and penalties than if I wasn’t and was required to produce two forms of ID. I showed my Driver’s License and my Concealed Weapons Permit. HR was like “Cool!”
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My astute readers will have noticed a new ‘ad’ on the right for Cooking With The Troops. As a former troop with a penchant for eating, I was glad to help out by putting up a link. I’m up to my eyeballs in work today but I wanted to at least put up a brief video for them to help kick off this great campaign where you can help our troops, their families, and our wounded warriors through Cooking With The Troops.
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From scooter in #gunblogger_conspiracy Less Penn State, more state pen.
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The KelTec KSG Maybe it’s because my current shotgun is 9’ feet long, but I like the bullpup design. Most of the negative things I’ve heard about the gun were pre-production issues or from people who don’t like bullpups to begin with. The reviews I’ve read from people who’ve had them for a while seem to generally be positive. I can’t help that I like the looks too.
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Happy 236th to my Marine Corps!
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From Facebook If you missed the Emergency Alert System Test, it will be in Hulu later today and Netflix On Demand by the end of the month.
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*Beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep* We now return you to your regularly scheduled blogging, already in progress.
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Even Bloomberg is getting in on the zombie action In a miracle, Tim Martin’s name appears on this letter to the US Senate on December 10, 2010 – 3 months and 8 days after his death. Magically, Mayor Martin signed this Washington Post advertisement on January 25, 2011 – 4 months and 23 days after he passed. Amazingly, Bloomberg snagged Martin’s signature on this letter to the US Congress on May 11, 2011 – 8 months and 9 days after his last breath. Bringing him back to life again,...
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So, looking at my scores from this weekend, I’ve tried to make heads & tails of the scoring system. Not an easy task, I can assure you. Easier to read than the USPSA Rule book! Now, I *may* be wrong here, so if anyone is more enlightened than I am, please correct me, but here’s how I figured out my score First off, you need to figure out the total points available for a stage. The total points available for a stage is equal to the minimum number of rounds required to...
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Fast & Furious has always been about pushing for gun control. Obama told us he was pushing something ‘under the radar’. Eric Holder is ready to blame you and me for his subordinates breaking the law “Today, I would like to correct some of the inaccurate — and irresponsible — accusations surrounding Fast and Furious,” Holder’s prepared testimony reads. “Some of the overheated rhetoric might lead you to believe that this local, Arizona-based operation was somehow the cause of the epidemic...
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Some kid will come up with a nifty, full auto, air powered, AA battery launcher made out of supplies readily available supplies from Home Depot. Gun control – as useless as a Milton Friedman book on economics in the Obama library. Hat Tip WizardPC
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Sadly, no you don’t, because I don’t have a hat mounted camera to let me film my shooting stages. The more I think about it, the more I think it would be a good investment to look into. However, I’m picky and a spendthrift, so I’m hoping my dear readers can assist. Needs to be high-def, at least 1024x768 at 30fps Video taken must be able to clearly see a target at 25 yards. Sound is required, but not an important part of the video. Must be able to be placed in different positions....
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From their press release 11-07-11 (Redmond, WA) – The International Defensive Pistol Association, the world-wide shooting sport focusing on self-defense situations and real-life equipment is pleased to announce their partnership with Washington based Gun Nuts Media to provide social media services and develop a first of its kind web-series for the shooting sports: Established in 1996, IDPA has grown to over 17,000 members across 50 countries; IDPA recently hosted their inaugural...
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Shot USPSA today. I followed my rules to the T – I did not run, I sketched out the stages before hand, and I enjoyed myself. I tried to picture where each and every shot landed and did pretty good for the targets I could see well enough (even took extra shots to ensure A hits). The end result? 39th out of 48. Not last, and I’ll take that. Takeaways – Slow is fine for now. Look at my times and you’ll see I was going at a snail’s pace. I consistently was one of the slower shooters. Stage 6 was...
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There’s something relaxing about cleaning your pistol. I used to do it after every range session, but I’ve gotten away from being so picky about my firearms’ cleanliness. I’ve had about 500 rounds through the M&P so far, so I figured it was time to give it a good rub down. A little CLP, some Hoppes, and a good sprinkling of high-temp bearing grease, and she’s ready for the next outing.
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So, I’ve heard that homeless people and ‘professional moochers’ have invaded and started eating all your organic tofu and goat cheese salads. That’s gotta be rough, but I have a solution for you that will help hammer home the point you people have been trying to make. Since you have all the food necessary to feed the people, we can consider it a place where you store goods… I dunno, call it a ‘food bank’ or something. We know that because you have only a limited amount of food, you need to...
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THIS Awesome! Click to embiggenate At 9, she’s found a love for Tabasco. She’s having a ground beef stuffed potato from Publix (darned good eatin’) and soaking it with hot sauce. Both my girls like hot buffalo wings and Irelyn likes a little Tabasco on stuff from time to time as well. It’s neat that they can eat things most kids their age wouldn’t go near. Oh, and Georgia got her first report card on the A-F scale. Straight A’s! Irelyn got pretty much the same for her grading scale. We...
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This Sunday is the USPSA shoot down in Ruskin, FL. This month, I will not be repeating my mistakes from last time I shot. I will do this via a plan, something I should have thought about previously, but you learn from your mistakes. First, I am not going to ‘win’. I am not J.J. Racaza, Julie Golob, Todd Jarrett, or Caleb Giddings. Those people have lifetimes of competitive shooting behind them. It is imperative that I know my limits and that I learn to crawl before I learn to run. For this, I..
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Here are some pictures of a ‘fun filled theme park’ in North Korea. This is what a Communist paradise looks like. Income equality for all!
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When it comes to guns, I am very utilitarian. I want to pull the trigger, have the mean gun go boom, and a hole appear where I was aiming. If I can’t shoot it, I don’t want it, so pretty guns or firearms with historical value have no place in my gun safe. However, when it comes to the KRISS Vector, I go full retard – I don’t need it, it’s not practical, I can’t own the ‘fun’ version anyway, but none of this matters. I want it like Michele Obama wants ranch dressing for her deep fried fajita...
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So a few weekends ago, I was pulling up tile in my master bathroom. Slow going with a prybar and a hammer, but I did get to the point where I could get up most of the tiles in large parts rather than shattering them to pieces. I got up 85% of the tiles, leaving the ones in the closet and around the toilet as I didn’t want to take those off until I had the time to get up the thinset as well so I could put the toilet down between ‘floor up’ and ‘floor going down’. It was a good several days worth...
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Over the past year or so, I’ve been on a kick to get back in shape. I started running, then started hitting the Y to do indoor cycling which lead to doing a weight class which I’ve diligently showed up to twice a week. For a while, I was cycling twice and hitting the weight class twice a week and throwing in a run or two. My weight class has produced amazing results. It’s a low weight / high rep class meant to sculpt more than build mass, and at near-40, I’ve never looked better. I feel...
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This is how news should be written Sexton was booked on suspicion of aggravated assault and felony criminal damage. He was taken to jail, where officers snapped this shot of him looking like someone just shit in his cereal. Hat tip Tango in #gunblogger_conspiracy
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Stealing this picture from Random Nuclear Strikes     You see, it’s stupid {word redacted to keep this blog XXX rated or less} like this who are the problem. She’s too morally inept to do what’s right on her own and instead demands the government pull out their guns and point them at your head so that her conscience can be assuaged. Sorry, {another word that probably shouldn’t be spoken of, even in the presences of sailors}, but you don’t get out of your pity party by demanding...
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Sean, in regards to Wisconsin going CCW today I felt a great disturbance in the Anti-Gun force, as if 10, maybe 15 voices suddenly cried out in terror and were basically ignored.
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How easily did Miami-Dade county fold? Miami, FL., October 31, 2011 – As we reported earlier, Florida Carry, Inc. planned to file lawsuits today against the City of Miami and Miami-Dade County to end their unlawful gun control ordinances. Moments before the cases were filed with the court, we received assurances from the Miami City Attorney's Office that their unlawful ordinances will be repealed on November 17th. Miami-Dade County has also agendaed [sic] a measure to repeal its gun control...
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Busier than Obama’s teleprompter repair man. Until then, enjoy the leftover candy from Halloween.
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