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To pick on people with Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD
posted by by Robb Allen @ 11/30/2010 3:53:54 PM | Feedback (17)
From an anonymous, offline conversation The bad guys on the Right poach deer. The bad guys on the Left attempt to travel to Pakistan for jihadi training, and attempt to plant bombs next to Pioneer Courthouse Square to blow up Americans celebrating the lighting of the annual Christmas tree. Not 100% true, but funny in a ‘huh’ kind of way. The left would love to paint the Jihadi’s as right wing religious whackos if only they were white and a majority.
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Looks like others share my distrust of the FBI calling their recent sting of a terrorist a ‘thwart’.
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It is pegged! GRANGEVILL, Idaho (AP) – A northern Idaho sheriff says he is not advocating the illegal shooting of federally protected wolves by offering a hunting rifle and a shovel as the prize in a raffle called “.308 SSS Wolf Pack Raffle” in a region where SSS commonly stands for “shoot, shovel and shut up.” Idaho County Sheriff Doug Giddings tells the Lewiston Tribune that the SSS in the raffle stands for “safety, security and survival.” Idaho. I should move there. Hat Tip...
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Logic, meet dial tone It takes a person impervious to reason to say “I don’t want to argue with a close-minded person,” and then hang up on you.
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The MILF on the Shelf! It’d sell like hotcakes, don’t you think?
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I mean, if you could make guns out of household materials, the Brady Background checks with their stunning .2% success rates wouldn’t be worth it.
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My latest is up over at Guns Holsters and Gear. I had a lot of fun shooting this ammo. I love my Dan Wesson and forget sometimes how much the air gets batted around with each trigger pull as I tend to shoot the revolver less than my other pistols.
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Pretend for a minute there is a local orphanage nearby, full of nuns and babies nobody wants. Now, the local fire department gets together and convinces little Tommy to take these matches and gasoline and torch the place down, except the gasoline is nothing more than water with a bit of chemicals tossed in to make it smell like gas and the matches don’t contain anything that will ignite. When Tommy goes to burn the place down, the fire marshal steps in and arrests him and then trumpets how...
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I am serious, and don’t call him Shirley. Leslie Nielsen dead at 84. He was so funny because he was so serious in his parts. He’ll be missed. Hat tip Jeff Soyer
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Now… Go vote for the Golden Moose awards. I’ll make it easy for at least two of the questions. First off, best host is, by far Michael Bane. I’ve met Michael a few times and he’s genuine and a great asset to our side. Second, I think we should help out the estimable Tam who is doing work for S.W.A.T. TV and voting for the best new series. Head on over and lend a hand, will ya? Don’t make me use this billy club. I’d hate to mar the finish.
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Thanks to all the input I’ve gotten, I’ve released Shot Group Analyzer into Beta You can now set the 1” scale, print, and save your image. I also made it a bit prettier to look at. Known bugs at this time are Scaling widget can go outside of screen bounds, causing a bit of mischief (you may need to refresh the page if you go crazy with it) Printing does not fill the page Help is non-existent Standard Deviation was removed due to complete lack of usefulness in the way I had...
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When faced with links and logic, the best japete can respond with in her comments are jewels like this You are kidding, right? … Nonsense, Sebastian. I don't believe that for a minute. … To the comment one up, jedge: " The anti-gun groups' biggest problem is that they mistake the NRA's posturing for some sort of actual leadership, and nothing like this is true. The gun rights movement isn't about the NRA, and it's not about protecting the manufacturers. It's about...
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Seeing his 8 year old enjoying reading this much Georgia has always been a voracious reader. She’s now old enough to enjoy the Harry Potter series. We figure as she gets older, she’ll be able to deal with some of the darker themes in the later books, but for now, she’s thrilled to be immersed in the wonderful world of Hogwarts, Diagon Alley, and Quidditch.
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Say Uncle sent me this link showing how you can buy a Tactilite upper at SEARS And I thought “Damn, I don’t see the Brady Campaign having their products online”. Looks like I was wrong.
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Why it was so horrible that Bush wanted trained FBI agents who were required to get warrants first to listen in to phone conversations of suspected terrorists*, but it’s perfectly reasonable for some high school dropout to fondle a 3 year old girl’s privates? Hell, I’m missing Bush simply because if he were in office, the leftists would be screaming for this shit to stop toute de suite and I’d be there right along with them. As it is, even feminists are champing at the bit (that was for you,...
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To get the cavity fixed that these pictures caused! Hat Tip JayG
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Those who cannot just post press releases FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Joins Forces With Dallas, TX (November 21, 2010) –, the premier gun and ammunition e-commerce site, announced the acquisition of, a leading web site for gun news and reviews. “We’re really excited about the opportunity to bring great firearms news and superior reviews to the customers,” said Richard Johnson, publisher...
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You can build them in your garage. Looks like Tactilite has some competition.
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From JayG, and mostly because it’s Greek to me yet I still got the punchline It's just so arbitrary, I think that's my big problem with it. We have such a hard-on for solid explosives yet there are dozens if not hundreds of other items that can cause similar destruction that you can purchase without a second thought. 50 grams of PETN is a federal felony; 20 pounds of C3H8 and no one bats an eye. You put PETN, RDX, styrene, butadiene, n-octyl phthalate, and n-phenyl-2-naphthylamine together...
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Sebastian has a story about a Mexican farmer who decided to fight back against the drug cartel. In the end, the old man was killed, but he managed to stack up quite a few cartel bodies in the process. One man. At some point, when enough farmers fight back, the cost to the cartels becomes too great. Even with the cartels’ deep pockets and overwhelming firepower superiority, an old man armed with a rifle can put a large enough dent into their ranks to make the endeavor not worthwhile. Well...
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Today marks my 1st year anniversary at my job. I’d say I’m not one to brag, but that’d be a lie. I love my job. I enjoy what I do, and working for a company with only 13 employees is such a refreshing change from working at one with over 1500. In the entire year I’ve worked here, I’ve yet to go home stressed. Most mornings, I’m chomping at the bit to get to work. The worst I’ve endured here was a day or two where I was bored and didn’t have anything to do. I don’t have meetings where groups...
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Here No matter what rules you try to make, those who are determined will find ways around them. Gun laws only affect those who are willing to abide by them, aka those who are not criminals. I guess we should start looking at stricter lamp control laws.
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But there are still people out there who wholeheartedly believe that some people are less human than others simply because of the color of their skin. In fact, if you were to poll people and get honest answers out of them, I’d be willing to be it’s more than just a handful of individuals. It doesn’t matter that there is no true indicator that any one ‘race’ is genetically disposed to be worse than any other (cultures, on the other hand, definitely have a strong influence), it doesn’t matter...
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But damn if I’m not busy. I’ll be back later. Promise.
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The wife is reading Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone to the girls. My heart is soaring. I happened to see the new Harry Potter movie today. Quite good. Now I just have to wait 6 months for the thrilling conclusion.
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Kevin reviews the Fiocchi primers featured here not too long ago.
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Bacon. It can be used for evil. Hat Tip Stingray
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Tam gets to wear hers proudly!
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Really. Luckily (or unluckily, depending on your perspective) my addiction is kept in check by a lack of funds. I can’t tell if I should be thankful I wasn’t a gun nut when I was single or not.
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Which one do you think has less hassle involved?
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As much as we look at Heller & McDonald as well as the trend of more states passing laws that respect the rights of their citizens as a good thing, Obama’s new pick for the ATF reminds us that this simply is a battle that will never end. There is no need for the United States to have the Committee for the Propagation of Virtue and the Prevention of Vice BATFE. To make the constitutionally questionable role the ATF performs worse, Obama is putting a strongly anti-gun person in charge. The..
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Posting pictures of a felony online or the fact that this is actually a felony. Not really, I know which one is dumber. The fact that the ATF actually spends time and effort in investigating people for the ‘crime’ of putting a silly forward grip on a pistol is, hands down, the first place winner in the game of fail. “Oh, but that grip makes it a rifle!!!” Bullshit. I own a VW GTI. I could slather it with sponsor stickers and shove a fake, giant air scoop on the hood, it doesn’t turn my...
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On getting sponsored by Cheaper Than Dirt I’d look for sponsors, but nobody really wants that kind of business.
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The other night, my girls were eating at the table, flipping each other the bird. My oldest was telling the youngest that she shouldn’t “do this” and of course, my youngest had to do just that. There I am, standing behind both my daughters giving each other the middle-finger salute, trying to be firm and not laugh. It’s truly sad as eventually their perfect innocence gets corrupted by life and there’s little to nothing I can do to preserve it other than try to lead a good example for them. At...
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Recently I picked up a CED M2 chronograph, something I had been wanting for years but never really could justify the purchase (I’m on a limited budget here folks). However, an opportunity arose that made the justification for me. I’ve been asked to review ammunition! My first article is up at Gun Holsters and Gear! I reviewed several brands of .45 ACP and had a lot of fun doing so. I would like to say that, although the Armscor Precision ammunition was the dirtiest of the lot, I was surprised...
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Discussing Open Carry with a cohort of mine, I came up with this analogy
posted by by Robb Allen @ 11/16/2010 8:25:54 AM | Feedback (5)
As I’m always looking for ways to improve the gun community using my development skills (aka the Reloading Calculator), I came up with a fairly nifty little app to help determine shot groups a bit better. Most people tend to use the extreme spread of their targets to determine the group size, but a much better method is the mean radius, a good explanation of which can be found here. My Target App is VERY much in alpha right now and pretty much just a proof of concept as I hone down exactly...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 11/15/2010 2:04:57 PM | Feedback (15)
We’d be thrown in jail, but when you’re working for the government, there’s no penalty. Counties in Florida have repeatedly been knowingly violating the state’s preemption laws. Persons having to fight cases against the counties have had to pay for their ordeals out of their pockets without any chance of recompensation. That is something we are fighting to change Plaintiffs in the South Miami case were unable to recover any attorney’s fees or court costs.  Under the current state...
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As gunnies, we generally tend to say that Negligent Discharges account for 99% of what people call accidental. What about is you shoot yourself while sleepwalking?
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Now, I know what you’re thinking. You’re thinking that toast makes a great midnight snack, and I can’t disagree with you there. You might also be thinking “Good golly, Robb is talking a lot about open carry lately” and you’d be right there too! However, I see two problems that we seem to be arguing over and I want to clarify them here so that we don’t confuse the two issues, namely the legality of open carry and the benefits of. From what I’ve read in the comments, I don’t think there are too...
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And I guarantee you at least 1 of them will do something so monumentally stupid today that you wonder how the human race ever got past the whole wheel thing. Now, extrapolate that number to the millions, and you’re going to have a tremendous force of stupidity to deal with. The reason I am bringing this up is because of what appears to me to be the raison d'être of the pro gunner argument against open carry, namely that all it takes is one idiot to Open Carry in some fashion that totally...
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I hit the range last night and was nominally happy with my shooting. I took the Para Gun Blog .45 out for a spin and, like always, I seem to have a pitch problem when shooting rapidly. If I take my time, I can nail the black, but when I attempt to get the pistol back on target rapidly for a follow up shot, this is what always happens Every string ends up  with a vertical line that slightly veers off to the left (I don’t have a scan of the actual targets because I was flustered and...
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While we are (deservedly) being thanked for our service, make sure you spend a little time thanking those who make the United States of America such a wonderful place worth defending with our lives. This is the greatest country this planet has ever seen. While there are those of us who took up the mantle to defend her, hundreds of millions of others did the hard work of building her up to the glory she is today. I love this place, I love that even with all the problems we face in the political...
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5 states at a time Having held five events over the weekend, Second Amendment advocates continue to promote changing laws in Florida to allow citizens to openly carry holstered handguns. Open carry was legal in Florida until 1987 when Janet Reno, then an assistant state attorney in South Florida, lobbied the Legislature to ban the practice save in some situations -- namely hunting, fishing and at firing ranges. Hat tip Snowflakes in Hell. Sebastian does not particularly care for OC as a...
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posted by by Robb Allen @ 11/10/2010 9:01:07 AM | Feedback (3)
But one of them is pretty simple. If you equate guns to penises, you’re not worth arguing with. That one argument pretty much invalidates anything else you may have to say because if you honestly believe that people compensate for genitalia using guns, then you probably do not maintain the mental faculty required for me to bother dissecting the rest of your arguments. If you don’t believe it but think of it as an effective, verbal cudgel then you probably do not maintain the mental faculty...
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From Alan If you need a grief counselor because you lost an election then perhaps politics isn’t your thing. Maybe you can coach those soccer games where everyone wins? I think we can replace the entire artificial sweetener industry with the sweet, sweet tears of the Democrats. Hopefully in 2012, we can offer the GOP some grief counseling as well.
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But japete just lobs the softballs. This latest one is a howler Since our elected leaders lack the courage to do the right thing concerning reducing and preventing gun injuries and deaths, we will have to take the lead and show them the way. All 12 of you! Unless the Brady Campaign had to let another staffer go because of lack of funding. It's pretty simple really. Yes, your logical reasoning and thought process really is. I have been writing about measures that can make us...
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Saw this at the local Kohl’s. Thought I’d take a picture for posterity. (P.S. I submitted this to We’ll see if that’s enough fail for them)
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From Say Uncle comes this story about UK Soldiers* Cadets not being able to carry their rifles because they might ‘upset’ some people. I seem to be having the same conversation about open carry with nominally ‘pro gun’ people. Don’t carry openly because you might upset people!!! OH NOES! Because there seems to be a black hole in some people’s understanding of my position, let me clarify it here – I want Open Carry to be legal here in Florida (and in every other state, but I can only work...
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Watch this ‘exciting’ video to find out Not on this video was the one elderly lady who I ran into immediate upon arrival. She was nearly in a panic on the phone with someone that some guy had a ‘machine gun’. I calmly explained that he was simply openly carrying a firearm which was legal if he was fishing. She stormed off in a huff saying “well, I don’t see why anyone needs a machine gun”. Other than that? A few looks an an inquiry or two, no panic and no blood in the water (minus any the...
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But the blood of Floridians tends to get slushy when it dips below 50°. And it’s 43° right now. Low tonight of 36°. I’m moving further south, dammit.
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Reader Rich sent me along this email Hi, My name is Rich Burgess. I am part of some of the 'gun rights movement' here in Connecticut. I think many people have given up on us considering our neighbors, but we have an active gun community here. I am currently working on issues with regards to Open Carry, and we have people working on our permitting process and other things that are currently being abused here. Recently a local paper has picked up on this and gave a pretty good and fair...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 11/5/2010 10:33:51 AM | Feedback (1)
Sean Caranna is the founder of Florida Open Carry. He’s got a television interview coming up where he is debating someone who is Pro-2A, but anti Open Carry. One slight problem A Tampa TV station wants to do a 4-minute point/counterpoint piece on open carry, but they are having a hard time finding someone who is pro 2A but anti open carry.  All of the anti-2A people they have found have been nut balls!  They called police agencies in the Tampa area but no one is anti open carry! ...
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Unions seem to be unaware of such things. Taking a cut in compensation is better than having no compensation whatsoever. It’s funny how when a company declares it has to make cuts to remain in business, it’s ‘greed’ but when workers demand more money it’s only ‘fair’. Oh well. Hope those machinists can find more work, but with an attitude like that…
posted by by Robb Allen @ 11/4/2010 11:37:33 AM | Feedback (9)
One of my major gripes with progressives is their blind faith that politicians and / or our “elites” not only have our best interests at heart, but that by their nature somehow they are possessed of such keen intellect that they can craft laws regarding topics which they have no current knowledge. This happens quite often in my chosen line of work. Developers assume that since they know how to program a computer, they can write any sort of program. This is not always the case. While I could...
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It’s amazing what you can do with off the shelf software. For one, you can fool people into thinking you really shot a watermelon off your head with a .50 BMG. It is my understanding that just the shockwave alone of the .50 bullet travelling near a body can do considerable damage. Freddie W is a YouTube legend with special effects using Airsoft guns and making pretty cool looking shoot outs (and ROCKET JUMP!). I doubt he’d want his noggin ripped apart just for a cool video.
posted by by Robb Allen @ 11/4/2010 8:40:50 AM | Feedback (4)
Probably not much. The Democrats were in too big a rush to ram through every piece of legislative crap they could to focus on banning guns. The Republicans will be too busy pushing legislation to make gays in the military illegal or banning nipple slips at halftime shows to fight to improve on our rights. With the house and senate at odds, I'm hoping more for gridlock than anything else. I still think our rights will continue to move forward as more states start adopting loosened restrictions...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 11/3/2010 8:30:24 AM | Feedback (9)
Dear Democrats, When the switchboards were overloaded with people telling you not to pass the stimulus bill, you ignored them. When the voice of the people cried out against Obamacare, you once again turned a deaf ear to those you considered too stupid to know what was good for them. I have one thing to ask. CAN YOU HEAR US NOW? Sincerely, Me P.S. When you hand off the keys to your office to the Republican taking over, would you kindly inform them that the same fate awaits them in 2012.
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Have you?
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According to those who suffer from severe bouts of PSH, Stand Your Ground laws mean all you have to do is say “I felt scared” and the cops won’t even take down your name and number after you ice someone. Jon Gutmacher explains why this isn’t the case I often warn people about the dangers of feeling "too protected" by the new Stand Your Ground laws. The law isn't as good as it seems, things can still go very wrong, and the use of a firearm normally means that you're facing a very...
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Schools are gun free zones, yet some kids managed to bring them in anyway. One can only assume these underage children were able to purchase these guns using the gun show loophole where it’s legal to sell to felons, minors, and the Undead. I’m still curious to know how they got the firearms through the magical force field that surrounds all schools. Maybe the signs weren’t big enough? Hat Tip Say Uncle
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Last night, I had a nightmare. One of the worst feelings a gunnie could have, I dreamt I had an negligent discharge. Sure, the other part of the dream, someone attacked me and I went to draw, but it was a slow process. My shirt kept getting in the way, the holster was too tight and wouldn’t let go, etc. The whole time I realized my attacker knew what I was doing and he started telling me he had a gun and I better not pull mine out or he’d shoot. When I finally removed the gun from the holster,...
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