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Tactilite has shipped their first pallet of 50BMG upper conversions Last week, we shipped our first pallette of Tactilite T-1 .50 BMG conversion kits.  First, big thanks to the customers that have patiently allowed us to slip on our delivery dates.  Most were amazingly gracious and told me to go ahead and let this important order go through ahead of them.   Oh, the amount of compensation one could do with several of those… Update – Had to modify the image because of..
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Nothing beats barely clad women shooting a .50 BMG. When you really need to get those hits up, try posting two videos!
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Google 'climate' – See the results?   Now… Use Bing Now, I can't honestly say this is true bias, but I've been getting MUCH better search results from Bing, they've been more up to date, and seem to have a decent balance. Google seems to 'fix' a lot of their search results. I can't believe Microsoft is starting to look like the good guy.
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Had to switch colors for the wainscoting in mid stream, but after the first coat, it's well worth it   Everything is still slightly tacky, so the second coat (as well as painting the top of the chair rail) will probably have to wait until tomorrow. The yellow color – Butter Up – is done everywhere including trim. The spots on the ceiling are simply wet (had to touch up a few places) and once we get the second coat on the bottom, the kitchen will be pretty much done. Well… the Mrs. will...
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The Hockey Stick is now a Fudgesicle. From the comments here.
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This guy named all 36 of his firearms. I like 'Birthmark' and am very curious to know the story behind 'Hymen'. Or maybe I'm not or at the very least, shouldn't be.
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So, as many of you may already know, I left my job of 11+ years recently and started a new job elsewhere. Due to the fact that I really needed to focus on the job move, I hadn't been blogging as much. Unfortunately, I'm going to have to do it all over again. I left my new job already. It was nothing against the place – the job was fine and the people were decent, it's just that I had a much better offer elsewhere. My work ethos made it a decision I didn't take lightly, but alas it was a job I...
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Yes, I know the blog is having issues. I'm migrating to a temporary, virtual server so I can install a new one. Probably do this all night long. Bear with me. Update - Servers have been moved, databases restored, and it looks like we're back in business.
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Are like these
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But I'd have been wrong. MTV 'Remote Control' host Ken Ober dies
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But dang it if I don't lust after an MBA Gyrojet. $2,550.00 for a gun I'd never fire is pricey. Wonder if they'd take a kidney in trade.
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Sorry folks, been up to my eyeballs in kitchen remodeling. So far, it's looking phenomenal, but there's still a lot of work to go. The counter top for the sink didn't survive the trip over, so they're going to have to recut a new one, and that's going to take a day at least. Interesting factoid – the shine on the granite isn't a wax or anything, it's the actual stone itself, ground down to a mirror like finish. So, if you're interested in pictures, there's a whole gallery here (you do not...
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Deer loses battle with lawn ornament A love-struck buck ran out of luck a week ago. The seven-point buck was killed when it rammed a 640-pound concrete statue of an elk in the backyard of Mark and Carol Brye's home in rural Viroqua. Best part of the entire story Brye claimed the buck with a tag from the Vernon County conservation warden. He laughed at the warden's tag note: "lawn ornament fight - lost." I swear, I know some people who'd have given that deer a run for its...
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My boys celebrate another one! Happy birthday Devil Dogs! Just remember Marines – You are a department of the Navy. The Men's department!
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This Fail Blog post (and I don't know the veracity of it) is about as useful as pretty much every gun law out there A recently passed anticrime law requires criminals to give their victims 24 hours notice, either orally or in writing, and to explain the nature of the crime to be committed. The sad thing is that while I'd expect 99.999999% of humanity to see this as a joke of a concept, I've been repeatedly reminded that plenty of people can't logically comprehend why that wouldn't work....
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Fox news claims the Ft. Hood Shooter, Jr. McJihad, used a 5.7 Caliber handgun. Sailorcurt illustrates the media's ignorance with pictures. Even I, the recoil junkie, would not want to shoot a 5.7 caliber handgun.
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Man with no pants unrelated to pants with no man Vancouver Island RCMP were called to investigate on Saturday after a man was found walking down a highway near Campbell River with no pants. The man "was coherent but could not remember where his pants and shoes were," said RCMP Cpl. Brian Brown. I'm usually incoherent, pant or not. "A little bit later, police got a call from the wife who said a man had called the house, saying he had her husband's wallet and that they...
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When she says In other news, 3,699 to 13,999 Muslims serving in the U. S. military didn't go on a shooting spree yesterday. It's not the religion. It's not the guns. It's the crazy. And no one group has a lock on crazy. Yeah, it'd be nice if you could single out the wicked and the dangerously loony with a simple survey. But it doesn't work that way and no amount of pointing-with-alarm will make it so. This isn't to say that we do not face a threat from Muslim extremists, because we...
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But this image of Alan I did is a hoot Original picture by Breda
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(CNN) -- Hillsborough County, Florida, Deputy Kenneth Moon was alone at his station at a county jail facility near Tampa when an inmate attacked him with no warning. Moon, 64, was no match for Douglas Burden, 24, in custody on various drug charges. With Moon still in his chair, Burden put him in a choke hold and pulled tight. And then, surveillance video of the Monday attack showed, other inmates jumped into the fray. Now, how could this story make you feel good? Because of this ...
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London gun crime rises as shootings nearly double Teenage boys with cheap guns involved in 'respect shootings' to blame for increase, say experts … They reveal that the number of actual shootings has almost doubled from 123 to 236 in the last six months compared with the same period last year, a rise of 91.8%. Serious firearms offences have risen by 47% across the capital. But guns are, for all intents and purposes, banned in England Those working at local level in the...
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When I was at Blackwater, I spoke with Patrick from Crimson Trace regarding green lasers. He mentioned the drawbacks of them (basically you have to filter the laser, making it somewhat wasteful on energy) as well as the plusses (visibility being one of them) and said they were working on some stuff at the time. Looks like that time has come. Awesome! Unfortunately, my evil plans to procure a KRISS turned into kitchen cabinets and granite countertops, so I won't be able to pick up a Crimson...
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Not at this moment… No. Sorry. Well, maybe a little. Over Halloween, we had some friends of our daughters come to our house to trick or treat. One of the fathers I know well enough and started showing off the collection. The other father, who I had no idea if he was into guns or not, turned out to be very interested. Nothing like walking into the closet and continually coming back out with more weaponry. One of the comments was "It doesn't end, does it?". I was smiling ear to ear. ...
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My wife made these 'bones' last night for a snack at our little Halloween shindig. She took Pillsbury refrigerated bread sticks, cut them lengthwise at the ends just a bit, then balled up the two fringes to make them look like bones. She sprinkled them with garlic powder and a little kosher salt then baked them. They turned out wonderful. Add a side of "pizza sauce blood" and there wasn't a single one left by the end of the night. Irelyn went as a Vampire Bat Georgia went as...
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