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Just got through listening to Singularity by Bill DeSmedt and wanted to write a quick review of it. Loved it. Absolutely loved it. It had a James Bond quality action with super geeky science fact mixed in with theoretical fiction. Bill's voice took a while to get used to especially after listening to so many Scott Sigler books in a row, but once I figured out who was who, I was hooked. The story's premise revolves around the Tunguska event of 1908 and the theory that the blast was caused by a...
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Sometimes, being a professional photographer isn't all it's cracked up to be. Take for example, trying to photograph your two daughters, aged 4 and 1, for your Christmas cards. And this was the best shot from the group.
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Pounds of turkey eaten - ~2Helpings of sweet potato casserole - 3Rolls - 3Glasses of tea - 6Cookies - 5Fences jumped over without slipping while avoiding a dog therefore falling squarely on my wrist requiring a trip to the emergency room to have said wrist x-rayed only to find I tore a few ligaments and sprained the muscles in the area while also pulling a groin muscle and thus having to pay $75 for the visit and a spiffy new splint for the wrist - 0 I doubt my in-laws want me back next year.
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Bad venue to apologize in, but damn he sounds hurt by this. Let me say that I found the original video very, very disturbing. Kramer was always funny to me, and now I won't be able to see him without seeing that incident. What he said was simply awful. I want to believe it was heat-of-the-moment stupidity, but I saw the video with my own eyes and it's just hard to take in. I truly hope he can find help for himself. There is hate in there that doesn't belong in this world.
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For the first time since I was a kid, I ate a Twinky. I think I may skip eating anything else for the next week or so.
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Not used to seeing this kind of dry wit on a technical post As you can see above, I am looking to see if the connection is currently open, as beginning a transaction on a closed connection is like a gay couple trying to conceive.
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Hit me right in the funnybone.
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I work in corporate America. Nice, 5 story building, fortune 500 company type place. Full of adults, right? Well, there's a sign in one of the men's room's stall that says Attention - If you have an accident and need help cleaning up, please call facilities The mind reels at trying to figure out why they needed the sign in the first place. Of course, our bathrooms are notorious for odd signage.
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H/T Tree Hugging Sister
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A 16" tsunami has already hit them. Larger ones to be expected. Pray for them if you can and hope for the best.
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Today at The Superficial Gwen Stefani was spotted leaving her hotel in London over the weekend looking like she just finished a cage match against an angry badger. And her son Kingston looks cute as hell as a miniature special ops operative. I picture him crossing into hostile territory and taking out enemy leaders armed with nothing but a knife and his sippy cup. And maybe a jar of applesauce if he gets hungry And this gem right below, discussing the fact that Brooke Shields was invited to...
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I'm listening to Ministry. And it's making me angry.
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You know, the days when you could go to a park and watch parents play with their kids? I'm an odd creature. Unlike many other fathers that I constantly hear about, I actually take time out with my kids. I insist that my wife take off for the day so I can spend some time with them - just daddy and the girls. This weekend, I had all day Saturday to spend with them as Kari went to a scrapbook convention. I decided to take them to the park as Georgia loves it and Irelyn is walking good enough to...
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You know how all the Hubble telescope pictures have this weird, stair-stepping look to them? Like there's part of the picture they don't want you to see? Turns out, there's a legitimate reason for it. Coolness.
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It's only kinky the first time! Work with me here folks.
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No clue. Haven't seen it.
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Oasis - Fade in-Out. Damn. Be Here Now is just one hell of an album. Then again, (What's the Story) Morning Glory ain't a half bad piece of work either.
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I predict my RSS aggregator will lose 30% of its feeds as some of the right-leaning sites I read will devolve into Kos-like lunacy over their loss of power. Instead of keeping their focus on getting the Republicans to constantly think in terms or W.W.R.D? (what would Regan do?) they'll revert to the good old Clinton days and do nothing more than scandal-monger and blame-laying. And for my left leaning friends, here's a free bumpersticker
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From his latest novella George W. Bush is not stupid. It’s not possible to be a moron and fly a supersonic jet fighter, and everyone knows it. What George W. Bush is, however, is inarticulate. English is his second language. From what I can see he does not have a first language.
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Apparently (and this is something I missed last voting session) it is a constitutional mandate that all poll workers smell like mothballs. And have bad vision.
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My esteemed Subtext colleague Phil Haack (why couldn't I have been born with such an apropos last name?) is adding a new inherited object to his Collection<Family>. Congrat's Phil!
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Isn't Irelyn just too cute?
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This is the first of a series of posts that will illustrate why I plan on voting for a particular candidate and why I don't plan on voting for others. Senate Bill Nelson (D)* - I disagree with his positions on economic growth, education, some of his environmental issues, and health care. I do like his commitment to national security. No dead hookers in his closet that we know of. Kinda looks like Bob Eubanks. Have been impressed that the majority of his ads haven't been negative. Katherine...
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Umm... Are we really this unserious in our democratic system?
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Today at work there have been a rash of layoffs. Someone printed up an eviction notice and taped it to one of the unlucky one's cube. Ouch.
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Words have consequences. My two points. 1) I think Kerry misspoke. I think he meant to imply that Bush is dumb. The fact that he mangled up the 'joke' illustrates more about him than anything. I give him a pass on what he said mostly because I interpret his intent as a jab at Bush. The man is still an ass and not fit for day shift manager at Wendy's, much less POTUS. 2) It's not a photoshop job on that sign. The lettering, glare, highlight burns, etc. are all consistent with digital cameras....
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My daughter didn't want me to walk with her because I creeped her out. So, I'm chalking this one up as a success
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