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John Cole over at Balloon Juice serves up this juicy bit of irony.For the past four years on Black Friday, three Newark sisters have been trekking to the Christiana Mall to celebrate a global anticonsumerism movement called "Buy Nothing Day." This year, they got arrested after police asked the women to leave. Anna White, 30, said she and her sisters Laura, 28, and Rachel, 25, and their friend Terri Carter went to the mall about 11:30 a.m. Friday on their annual junket to not shop. They were...
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Holy shit, that's a lot of lint!And am I really getting that tubby?
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I'm asking for a little help with my photography business. While I'm a fantastic photographer, I've not been able to get any exposure outside of a few flyers at various events. There have been 0 new jobs for me in the past 2 months. Luckily for me I did some programming on the side that provided quite a bit of cash to cover some of my equipment costs, but still.No cash flow means no budget for advertising. I wanted to advertise in a small couponing book that we get 2 times a month or so, but...
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PW: Christ! Why do I even bother? I bet you people don't even know who Richard Brautigan, Leif Garret, or Kobayashi Issa were.Macintosh Apple: *
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Well, this had to be the worst vacation since my senior year in high school when my parents thought it would be a grand time to get my wisdom teeth pulled during spring break. Hey! No missing school!The Mrs' morning sickness meant I was stuck inside most of the time with only a few brief outings. One of these outings was Friday night with a friend of mine to The Tampa Bay Brewing Company. OMG!!! Thank the Lord that I didn't know about this place until now or I'd have ended up a broke drunk.I...
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Howdy. I am alive and sorry for the light posting, but the Mrs. has had all day morning sickness and I've been tasked with keeping the SaaM household from falling apart. The little one has practically gone bonkers being cooped up in the house for so long. I managed to take her to the park last Wednesday and any time I need to run out for something I take her along, but she wants mommy and right now, all mommy wants is to not be nauseated.I've not even opened my blog reader in 3 days. I have an...
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The amazing things you can find online at TargetHow to Good-Bye Depression: If You Constrict Anus 100 Times Everyday. Malarkey? or Effective Way? Hiroyuki Nishigaki     The reviews are in and we have a holiday winner!Reviewer: twomartinis2 from Charlotte, NC United States This book will blow your mind, not to mention your O-ring! I have learned so much control by reading this book. I can now accurately launch cherry stones into my wastebasket; and its not even near my...
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Looks like Microsoft uses Firefox for screenshots now!If you've not heard my rant before about Internet Explorer, here it is in a nutshell.I am a Microsoft fanatic. This blog is written in .Net. I make my money writing software for the Microsoft platforms. I am also a regular member of the local Microsoft Architecht's Council. I think 2003 Server rocks. While I think Linux is nice, I still don't think it's ever going to wrestle the desktop away from MS.So you know where I stand. That being...
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It's finished. I've made the Full Blogroll so that I have a place to put links to every other blog on the planet that either links to me or is something that I like to peruse every here and there.I will do my best to add links as I see referalls come in or if Technorati shows a link, but if you do link to me, please let me know so that I can add you in.Gotta spread the love, ya know.
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Neighbors whose kids come over for beer every day are a perfect source for extra bottles.Upon soaking the bottles in a cooler full of bleach water to remove the labels and any gunk on the inside, it is wise to pay attention to the bottles with cigarette butts inside them.Soaking bottles with cigarette butts inside them leaves your water quite nasty.Although your neighbors appear to be run of the mill Budweiser and Miller Lite drinkers, don't be surprised to find an ocasional bottle of Bootie...
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I decided to start working on the code to display a fuller set of links than what's on the front page.Then I got distracted and decided to play Bejewelled 2.Sorry.
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Recently, I feel I've been attacked by friends. Granted I've yet to meet any authors of the blogs I read, I consider them 'virtual' friends as we all seem to have common threads.Lately, there have been a lot of posts regarding religion, most of them notable for their disdain for it. Heck, one post the other day even called me ignorant because I didn't believe what she believed. And it's depressing.Now, I don't want to get into a pissing match regarding evolution versus creation as that's not an...
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Well, I was supposed to be heading towards the mountains of Georgia this morning to spend Thanksgiving with family. However, the Mrs' morning sickness is so bad, she didn't think she'd be able to survive the 4 hour drive, much less any of the hiking activities planned.So we're just going to hang out at the old homestead. Granted I won't get to do my photography like I wanted, spending time with my family is still a great experience. Especially now that I know I've got another one on the...
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Why haven't I heard about the Time Cube until so late in my life? It is beyond my power to explain Time Cube, so I shall give you an excerpt from the site. Time Cube is "T.O.E.", theory of everything. Time, Life and Truth are Cubic Principles, a natural creation of ineffable opposites. It requires no brain to believe in a word god or to be educated by one, but it requires the wisdom of opposites to know both are fake. Caltech professors practice obscurantism and can not ever allow...
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Today, in a meeting while everyone's focus was on me, I had to scratch my nipple.No one even batted an eye.
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So I'm driving home yesterday and I saw the most disgusting site to reach my eyes in years. This 400 pound beast was driving by with her arm fat hanging out the window flopping like a Basset hound's ears in the wind.Egad it was gut wrenching!
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The Mrs. just sent me another test picture....
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Oh Yeah!!!A few notes on this. For those who don't know me that well, this makes #2. Probably the last one too, but female hormones cannot be predicted with any degree of accuracy so that could change. However, at this precise moment in time, the Mrs. is definitely willing to entertain the thought of getting 'fixed'.Another thing that I hear a lot of people talk of is waiting until the 2nd trimester before telling anyone. To that I say phooey. It seems people don't want to get other's hopes up...
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So I went to the range yesterday, and it was good. My friend and I got to shoot in the nicer part of the range which is much better lit.I took my Dan Wesson .357 Magnum and my .22 rifle, My friend brought his shotgun, .22, and his Sig 226 in .357 Sig configuration. One day when he's not looking, I'm taking that damn thing!I love my .22. Not only is it the meanest looking .22 around (I'll post a picture later when the Mrs. is awake and I can get to it) but all the way down the range I can still...
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Didn't blog yesterday 'cuz the Mrs. was sick and I had to take care of the little one. This morning, I took a trip to the gun range then had to get ready for company for dinner. Now I'm watching the Seminoles play like shit. Yay.Oh well....Anything exciting happening in the world?
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The Mrs. has been trying to get me out of the house lately. I've got free reign to go out and do something, and the sad thing is there's nothing (that I can afford) that I want to do.I'm happy to be left alone for a while sitting in front of my computer, but sometimes that's boring too. I can't really do my photography at night so that's not an option either. Maybe I should take up classes or something. Maybe I could teach Photoshop classes at the local community college or volunteer to read...
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Read this excerpt from Der Spiegel entitled North Korea: Joyful Dancing...Tuhe protests began on a cold February morning after the public execution of eight men, all managers at the Hwanghae Iron and Steel Works. Their crime? In an effort to provide food for the workers and their families, they sold parts of the factory to Chinese businessmen.Even though many of Songrim's inhabitants were starving at the time, the attempt to circumvent the defunct public supply system to obtain food was...
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French insurgents killed in Iraq Three Frenchmen have died fighting with insurgents against US-led troops in Iraq, reports say. Probably died of fright.Via Power Line.
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I talked with a representative from Verizon yesterday regarding Fios, their FTTP (fiber to the premise) package. He informed me that Verizon's plans are to have fiber everywhere in 10-15 years but that they really want to have it sooner.He couldn't officially tell me much about when my house was going to be available, but that areas in Tampa where the fiber had been laid should be online within a month or two. He also did not discount the fact that I saw Verizon workers dig up my yard and put...
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An old friend of mine came back to work recently. I hadn't talked to her in a year or so and we caught up this morning. Her husband is in Iraq right now and her stepson is going to Afghanistan in January. Her husband recently got hit with a roadside bomb causing him many lacerations and the loss of hearing in one ear. Even with that, he was back on duty in a few days. He has 2 purple hearts already and apparently lots of pictures and stories to tell. This is the second soldier I know...
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Call it whoring yourself out if you will, but dammit! Why not?If you are thinking about getting Vonage, the Internet based phone system, please drop me a line. If I send you the referral, you get a free month as do I.I love my Vonage system. Granted I lose my phone during power outages (that's what cell phones are for) but that's not a big deal. I get unlimited long distance so calling anywhere in the US is free for me. Plus, if I go on vacation anywhere in the world and have a broadband...
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Verizon is poised to start offering FTTP (Fiber To The Premise) in my area relatively soon. The costs are amazing as well as the bandwidth. I'd love to do audio and video posts, but SaaM is a home grown solution running on a woefully under powered Internet connection along with my phone (Vonage) and various other bandwidth stealing applications.I plan on pursuing getting fiber installed at my house and chronicling every detail I can. If I were to actually get fiber any time soon, I'd start...
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I see a lot of people harping on PETA for their views on animals and it irritates me to no end. PETA is a wonderful organization that serves such great purpose in our society that it is just plain immoral to ridicule them.For example, PETA employs many people. If PETA wasn't around, these patchoulli soaked idiots would be scanning your items at Wal-Mart instead of drawing posters of Skippy the Chicken with magic markers.Speaking of magic markers and billboards, those things cost money....
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My design goals for SaaM are for a clean interface that isn't cluttered with too much useless information. Unfortunately, I still have to post so that info stays. The one thing I make a point of is to keep my blogroll rather limited, usually to blogs that I read every single day or sometimes to those who just are good blog-buddies.However, I like the idea of reciprocal links and am planning on building a page of every blog I like, read here or there, or those who link to me. My Ecosystem status...
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The Big Trunk over at Power Line has a suggestionAccording to the Washington Post, Mohammad Alanssi, the bearded gent shouting "Allah" outside the White House yesterday, was an FBI informant, and his self-immolation was a protest of the conditions of his employment: "Terror informant ignites himself near White House." If the Michael Moore brigades had any decency, they would follow this gentleman's inspirational example and express their death wish via destructive acts confined to themselves....
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You get shots like this...
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Man Tries to Set Self Ablaze at White HouseMonday, November 15, 2004 WASHINGTON, D.C. — An unidentified man tried to set himself on fire outside the White House fence midday Monday, witnesses said. Onlookers said the incident took place outside the Northwest gate. Uniformed Secret Service (search) agents were seen rushing to surround the man, who had graying hair and glasses. He was heard screaming in pain.Television cameras captured the aftermath. Smoke hung in the air around the man...
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My traffic has gone down faster and lower than the price of a Garafalo flick in the discount movie bin at a yardsale.Well, maybe not that low.
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10 cc - The Things We Do For Love....And when you're done with that one, Doobie Brothers - What a Fool Believes.Yeah, I'm in my 70's folder...So what?
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Is it me, or was Frank Beard really just a drum machine stuck on Preset #1? I mean, I love ZZ Top and all, but I swear it's the exact same drum beat in every song.
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Bought a piano over the weekend. It's an old upright and has a few sticky keys, but nothing a bit of tuning and probably some dusting won't take care of. I've not played the piano or my keyboard in quite a long time, but it's something I'd like to get back into, especially now that I actually own a piano.There were two major factors in deciding to buy this. One was that it was only $300.00 and that's a steal. The other was that I wanted to make sure musical instruments were available to Georgia...
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With all the sadness and trauma going on in the world at the moment, it is worth reflecting on the death of a very important person which almost went unnoticed last week. Larry La Prise, the man who wrote "The Hokey Pokey," died peacefully at age 93.The most traumatic part for his family was getting him into the coffin. They put his left leg in. And then the trouble started. Oh Just Laugh!  You know it's funny. 
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All of a sudden I realized I wasn't reading Tim Worstall and somehow he'd been left off my blogroll.That's been corrected.
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So, without opening the casket, is Arafat really alive or dead? And is it wrong to hope he's alive wondering just where the hell he is?
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In order to properly review this movie, I have to look at it from two different perspectives - The Movie Goer and The 3D Graphics JunkieThe movie goer in me was totally overwhelmed. Pixar may work with the best of eye candy, but apparently their motto is "Story, story, and more story". As always they've come up with a novel perspective - this time a family of superheroes forced to live like normal people. The characters were totally believable, even though their physical proportions weren't....
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Would it have killed you to drop in some kitty litter and a handful of cat nip? 
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To: National Desk, Political Reporter Contact: Tom Wright or Genie Hayes, 800-FAIRTAX ext. 137, both of FairTax.orgHOUSTON, Nov. 9 /U.S. Newswire/ -- Now that the election is over and the President has stated that his platform will include the ambitious and worthy goal of simplifying the tax code; the FairTax -- the national retail sales tax -- deserves a thorough look.The 2004 elections provided a contentious breeding ground for partisan distortions of various issues, including the FairTax....
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Friggin' Service Packs....
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My Marine Corps! All grown up!Happy birthday, fellow Devil Dogs!
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Alberto Gonzales has been named as John Ashcroft's successor to the Attorney General. Sharp as a Marble, due to a miscommunication from our news desk, accidentally reported that the post would be going to Speedy Gonzales.Please disregard any previous reports. We are sorry for any confusion we may have caused. The spokesmouse for Señor Gonzales assures us Speedy is still in stable condition at the Home for Cartoon Hasbeens and not able to perform at children's parties much less the role of A.G.
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Sniffing SSL encrypted packets over a dial up line to see exactly who is dropping the connection at exactly 15 minutes is futile. Encrypted packets tell you very, very, very little.Just in case you happen to be packet sniffing today.
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I love you michele, but you're wrong.There is too much talk about a us versus them happening in the states. Red vs. Blue. And it's total bullshit.Even though I was an ardent Bush supporter, I took great offense at wingnuts who said that Kerry supporters by default supported terrorists. People voted for their candidate based on numerous reasons. Some were concerned about the economy. Some thought terrorism was the biggest issue. Yes, there were those who voted because gay marriage was an issue...
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Mrs. Marble and myself have a babysitter lined up (thanks Dad!) and a movie just waiting for us to enjoy.Let me put it bluntly - There's been nothing out of Pixar that I have not fell in love with. Each movie gets better and better. I was worried that this one had all the signs of being a stinker, but alas the reviews have proven me (thankfully) wrong.Movie Review tomorrow!
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Theocrazy  (th- krz) - Affected with a madness that makes you think most Christians want a government ruled by or subject to religious authority.Wow. I'm flabbergasted by the left these days. It's amazing how far people will reach for nutty ideas to shift the blame from themselves. The left didn't lose the election because a majority of voters disagreed with their principles, no it was the Jesus freak laden south who wanted to bring back the inquisition and crucify homersexuls. Git...
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Well, seems like the nice bubble of traffic I got over the past few months is beginning to fade away. Most of my hits come from my John Kerry, Julia Thorne divorce papers post (#1 on Google for "Kerry Thorne"!). As of this post, it's had 26,799 hits!And I'm ok with that. You see, I'm a blogger. I post when I want on what I want. I'm not a news hound, I don't do insightful commentary (see my toilet humor a few posts down to see examples of this), and I'm lazy. Really...
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Seriously. I love technology. The more buttons and cool lights something has, the more inclined I am to purchase it (whether I need it or not). However, the one thing I've never liked is fax machines.First, no two are alike. Some you have to scan the documents in first, others won't pick up the phone until there's paper waiting to be fed in. Then, how the hell are you supposed to remember the number if the damn thing is upside down in a tray? Speaking of upside down, I never know if that's what...
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Well, I got most of my systems back up and running with a new mail server and everything. However, my .Text install isn't liking the new SMTP server and at this precise moment, I don't know why.What this means is that my comments are not getting emailed to me, nor is the Contact page working. So, pardon me if I'm slacking in the "response" department.
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The Rolling Glenndex is back in action. Still working on getting my new server up to speed, but SaaM should be stable now (even if my mail is goofy).
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My main server decided that rebooting was a fun and exciting event and that it should do it every minute.So I've had to move all my websites over to a smaller box. Hopefully, SaaM won't be too slow. If you're experiencing achingly slow response, please let me know. Thanks.Robb(oh, and the Glenndexer will be offline for a while. That's one of the least of my worries!)
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I don't know if women experience this, but as a guy I've noticed this thing I call "The Shitter Sniff". It works like this. Invariably, every time I walk into a bathroom and someone is birthing a litter of tapered brown snakes in a stall, they will, upon hearing the restroom door open, elicit a loud 'sniff' as if to mark their territory. It's audio shorthand for "Don't jiggle the stall door man, I'm busy in here."Guys at the urinal do no such thing as there is generally very little worry...
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HAARETZ: Arafat in coma, in critical conditionYasser Arafat was in a coma and in critical condition Thursday in an intensive care ward of a French military hospital, as senior Palestinian Authority officials rushed to Ramallah for emergency meetings of governing bodies formally headed by the stricken leader, Palestinian sources said. Israel Radio quoted a medical source in Percy Military Hospital in France as saying that Arafat has no chance of emerging from the coma.This is such terrible news...
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I have this empty space inside. Now that the election is over, what am I going to blog about?Oh yeah! Cat Pictures!!!
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You won't find John Kerry in either on Christmas!Hat Tip WindyCity over at Ace of Spade's
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Arafat in intensive care due to sudden deterioration in health The health of Palestinian Authority Chairman Yasser Arafat seriously deteriorated Wednesday night. He was placed in an intensive-care unit at the French military hospital where he is being treated.Arafat was flown to France for treatment last Friday after his health worsened. Rarely do I have such feelings, but this "man" deserves a slow, painful death. Well, at least painful because I really hope he kicks it soon. Hell has a...
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Take solace in the thought that right now, somewhere in America, Wil Wheaton is clutching his children, crying.Hat Tip Wizbang
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Andrew Sullivan: IT'S OVER: President Bush is narrowly re-elected. It was a wild day with the biggest black eyes for exit pollsters. I wanted Kerry to win. I believed he'd be more able to unite the country at home, more fiscally conservative, more socially inclusive, and better able to rally the world in a more focused war on terror. I still do. But a slim majority of Americans disagreed. And I'm a big believer in the deep wisdom of the American people. They voted in huge numbers, and they made...
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CNN shows 76% reporting and 52% for Bush with Miami-Dade already weighed in (70%).Slowly but surely, that little knot in my stomach is loosening up.UPDATE:94% now reporting, same percentages for Bush / Kerry. We are Bush's bitches over here, just tell the rest of the world and get it over with.
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I'm feeling mostly dead. My stomach is fighting my asshole for floorspace. I'm a nervous wreck. First, Bush is leading. Then Kerry, then Bush. Hell, for a moment I thought it looked like Nader would pick up Wyoming.Florida is smelling quite nice right now, which is at least a good thing. However things can change in a heartbeat and only 29% have been counted. But the Panhandle leans red so hopefully this bodes well. Even if Bush loses, I at least my state can give him a big red one.
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Normally, when I do have a beer it is a slow, savory process.I just downed a Bass before my tastebuds had time to register what was going on.Damn election.....
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1,300,000,000 miles away, Cassini is taking eclipse pictures of Saturn's moon, Titan (click for full story)
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Holy crap people, it's 2:23 PM EST and I've already heard that it's already a tie, that Kerry has taken Florida by a point, that Bush has +.02% points over some thing or next.Krikey folks, give it a rest. Until the final count comes in tonight, we won't know. Period.However, I still stand by my prediction that Kerry pulls it out of his ass. Then we'll watch the right devolve as the left has done.Have I mention, W win or not, I'm switching my affiliation to Independent?
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This morning, when my ABB Boss came in, he stated that luckily he had cancelled out my vote. I simply smiled and said "That's the beauty of the system."However, I just found out that 2 of the highly vocal Democrats downstairs have no intention of voting today! So before I leave, I think I might stick my head in his office and saySorry you tried to cancel my vote. [Person A] and [Person B] aren't voting, so I'm still ahead by 2.But would Miss Manners approve?
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From his interview with KerrySenator John Kerry: “That’s what he says, yes.  But as you know, the Vice President’s daughter is quite gay.  A lesbian.  Likes the poon."
posted by by Robb Allen @ 11/2/2004 1:15:00 PM | Feedback (0) If you have to cheat, maybe you should think about why your team isn't winning.
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Tampa, Fl -  Early exit polls for the Sharp as a Marble household show Bush leading Kerry by a whopping 100% margin (with 50% of the family reporting). Reached for comment, the Kerry campaign complained "That's because the SaaM council won't allow the dog, cat, or the 2 year old to vote. It's a travesty."When asked, Robb Allen, author of the popular web blog Sharp as a Marble said "The dog  and two year old are definitely Bush supporters. I'm not sure about the cat,...
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Osama,You have recently declared that states that vote for George W. Bush this election cycle will be targeted for further attacks while states that support Kerry will be considered immune. While I appreciate your candor, I am worried that you might end up attacking the wrong people.You see, I live in Florida, a state that is fairly split on our wishes for President. Last election, we were the state that barely put Bush into office. This year promises to be close as well. I would hate to see...
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I got to my polling place at 6:50 this morning, hoping to beat the rush. This is what I ran intoWhat you don't see here is that the line goes all the way around the front of the building. If you were to follow the line and face the building, the entrance is all the way to the left. There was about 100 - 125 people in front of me.However, once the polls opened, I made it through and out in about 45 minutes, so it wasn't as bad as everyone I know who went and voted early. My father had to wait 3...
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Well, it's 6:26 AM and I'm off to the polls. They open at 7:00 so I'll do my waiting early!I'm taking both my Big Boy camera (Nikon D2H) and my tiny Nikon 4300 in case there's anything interesting to take pictures of, though I doubt things are going to be as bad as the MSM wants you to believe.I'll post anything interesting later.My prediction? I'm voting 'W' but I have a bad feeling I'll be saying President Kerry come January. But, that's democracy for you and unlike the fruitloops on the...
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You know? Sometimes when I think my day is going bad, my MP3 player coughs up Primus covering Metallica's 'The Thing That Should Not Be' and everything starts looking better.
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Poughkeepsie, NY - Filmaker Michael Moore has recently filed a lawsuit claiming copyright infringement against Al-Qaeda CEO Osama Bin Laden."This recent video released by the Al Qaeda organization is a blatant rip-off of my film Fahrenheit 9/11," said Moore during a Northeastern Pork & Beef B-B-Q festival in New York. "I have worked hard for years developing my own personal style of anti-Americanism. To plagiarize my film as a thinly veiled threat against America is...
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Part of the exciting prospect of home brewing is cloning some of my favorite beers. From what I hear, it's not that difficult to get close enough to your favorite to satisfy your taste buds. I will be thrilled to brew some Guinness Extra Stout and Harp!What is amazing is that there are people who know beer so good that they can figure out what ingredients were used to make them. With that said, I'd like to give you my recipe for cloning Coors*.While most beers require you to make 5 gallons or...
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