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What prompted my father to get his back checked out was some intense pain. That’s how they found the tumor in his kidney. Today he had tests done to determine the scale of the problem. It would appear they caught it as early as possible. It hasn’t spread, not even to the local area. In fact, the tumor is so small that they’re going to be able to freeze it & kill it off. Survivability is “yes”. Still no idea why his back hurt.
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It’s cancer. In both kidneys. Fuck cancer. Especially fuck this part where all you know it “It’s Cancer” and nothing else. No stage, no prognosis, just “It’s Cancer”. Again, with emphasis – Fuck cancer.
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And by this I mean “waking up, alive”. Happy birthday to me! My first gift was waking up at 5 am and staying awake. But at least I have some me time!
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