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I want you to think about what it took for this sign to even exist. Some bureaucrat somewhere thought that an effective way to combat illegal drug sales would be to pay money to have signs made & installed at the appropriate locations. These people actually believe in the  power of signs, hence why you have ‘gun free zones’. How many drug dealers do you think saw that sign & said “Crap, I guess I’ll go home & look for gainful employment now since I can’t possibly violate a...
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Until they do
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So, the finger is healing, quite quickly to my surprise. As I’ve aged, my Wolverine speed healing has practically vanished & now simply cuts take weeks to heal. My finger, however, has done a pretty good job of knitting itself back together. The pad of my fingertip is still scabbed over & quite unappealing to look at, but yesterday I was able to go pretty much the entire day without a bandage. I have limited use since it’s still injured, but I can technically type with the finger, it’s...
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The early Say Uncle is a funny Say Uncle
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I’m really, really proud of this one. Gonna open a grocery store where stupid ppl think they're getting a good deal & smart ppl aren't sure - Call it Dunning-Kroger.— Robb Allen (@ItsRobbAllen) October 12, 2015
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Contact Committee Members NOW to Support the Right to Bear Arms by the use of Strict Scrutiny and Legalizing Open Carry On Tuesday, Oct 6th, at 9am the House Criminal Justice Subcommittee will hear the Open Carry and Strict Scrutiny bill.  Committee members need to hear from you now. It does not matter if you ever intend to carry unconcealed, this is one of the most important bills filed for the protection of the right to bear arms in Florida since Shall Issue Concealed Carry was passed in...
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