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I hesitate to write this article because I don’t want to appear to ‘blood dance’. This is not my intention. In China, a guy stabs a child to death, injuring two others Han Li, a propaganda official for Yiyang county, said Friday that a villager armed with a knife slashed the three children in Luojia village while they were returning home from school for the noon break. What’s worse is this is becoming an issue China has seen a string of attacks on children in recent years by culprits often...
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Rough 9 hour drive to SC. Then a day for the funeral & grieving with family. Then the rough 9 hour drive back today. Red Bull barely helped.
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Weerd has a story that is more common than gun banners want to admit.
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One of my favorite & longest lasting family stories was about my uncle Gene, my aunt Rosie’s husband. My dad would tell this story every chance he had. Uncle Gene and my aunt got married well before I was born. Being a Southern Gentlemen, my uncle had requested of his new bride biscuits for dinner. For the non-southerner of my readers, biscuit making ability is a measure that southern men hold up to their women. So my aunt, who had never made biscuits before in her life prepared her husband...
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But I really like the progression on this song snippet & the key change for the chorus (neither of which have been mixed together properly, but still). Just thought I’d share.
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Graphics matter, year the fifth and graphics matter, year the fifth, part two are up. As usual, Linoge does a phenomenal job of crunching the numbers the anti-gun loons refuse to see. We have numbers, charts, references, open discussions, facts and history. They have dick jokes.
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You can make a guitar out of the wood you find on pallets, and people will pay $10,000 for it. You can blindfold master violinists and they will choose an inexpensive violin over a Stradivarius. And now you can put McDonald’s on toothpicks and get ‘foodies’ to tell you how delicious the McNugget is and how the flavors simply roll around the palate. The gun enthusiast falls into the same trap. We get so wound up in the hype around a feature that we rarely will do a double blind test to see if...
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But I’ll be damned if they’re not perfectly parallel! With the new garage set up, I wanted a better way to mount my presses & vice than just bolting them through the workbench. I was pointed to Rockler & their aluminum tracks and decided that I would give them a shot. The idea was route a channel for the tracks into the bench then permanently attach the presses / vice to a good piece of plywood. Those then could have the t-bolts attached to them so I could slide whatever I needed on or...
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Oh, hell it IS
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This is how the world ends, not with a bang but with a vegan, genderless Gingerbread cookie.— Rick Wilson (@TheRickWilson) October 21, 2014
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ADSR, who makes tutorials for many popular synths & DAWs ran a contest for people to make the ‘stab’ or ‘intro’ that will be used on their tutorial videos. They provided the animation and asked people to put a 3 second sound clip behind it. The winner gets some pretty impressive prizes, so I tossed my hat into the ring. This is what I came up with Not too shabby. You can hear a bunch of others here. Lots of stiff competition & some pretty pro-sounding stuff out there, but I gotta admit...
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Pastors face jail time & fines for not marrying same sex couples. The tyranny is no longer hidden behind patriotic phrases & the constitution, it’s now being exercised in full sunlight with nary a care in the world if you see it. The reason? Nobody who made any decision on this will face any penalty for their actions. None. While not my cup of tea and I don’t believe it should be called marriage, if two members of the same sex wish to form a union, the state’s only requirement is that...
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There’s a behavior in practically every hobby where people glom onto what they think is the best X for Y, usually with 0 scientific evidence to back it up. Often, things just sound like they make sense and are accepted as gospel. For example, my daughter’s science experiment where people swear that audio played at 99kHz/24 bit just sounds better than CD quality 44.1kHz/16 bit because more samples has to sound better, right? (no) There are people who will argue ad nasuem if 1 in 13 right handed...
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That monsters like this walk among us is just one of them. Watch the video. I can’t understand 80% of what he says (no, dude, I don’t know what you sayin’) but his meaning, his intent is crystal clear. He’ll kill you. If they try to keep him in prison he’ll kill whoever he can. The death penalty doesn’t scare him & in fact he say’s he’ll smile when the put the needle in his arm. No gun-free zone will stop him. No law against carrying will dissuade him. No protests from mothers with signs...
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Is your mayor on the list?
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I look good for my age, dammit. You kids get off my lawn.
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While you were sleeping last night, the anti-gun forces were wide awake and hard at work.  The right to keep and bear arms has a lot of enemies. They come in the form of politicians, activists, and even law enforcement organizations like our own Florida Sheriffs Association. Since 2011, Florida Carry has become a force to be reckoned with. In three short years, the organization has grown from two ex-military gun owners with an idea, to over twelve thousand members and supporters!!! But...
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The eldest of two evils’ science project is coming up so she had to figure out what she wanted to do. She seemed rather lackluster about it and just hopped online, looking up things she thought would be interesting, but nothing really piqued her interest, and the few things she thought she’d want to do were so basic that I felt it was a waste of her time. She’d not learn anything nor would she really do science! The other thing is my girls need to do something that either their mother or I can...
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But I keep seeing new, 10mm guns popping up The 10mm Auto is one of the most underappreciated of the modern cartridges, though it does have a cult like following. Cult following? I’ll have you know these robes were hand-me-downs and the alter doubles as a reloading bench.
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First, the eldest of two evils told me “YOU CAN’T MAKE ME” regarding her homework. Her lesson was learned toute suite. Then she was practicing drums. I decided to plug her drums into the mixer and play along. It was awesome. I only have the Zoom H4n so it’s not a great mix especially since the kick was overpowering, but I just wanted to get a few seconds of our first ever jam session so it wasn’t important. She did awesome, especially since she’s only been playing since February and she kept...
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For my daughters’ bathroom, we found this vinyl appliqué of birds on a branch that really fit the feel of the redesign we did years ago. The only thing was that the appliqué, being a glorified sticker, didn’t flatten against the wall well. Add in the humidity of the shower, and we really liked the way it looked, we just didn’t like the way it looked. Enter Man Made Murals. Matt is currently doing murals where I work and is an amazing painter. I’ve seen quite a bit of his work around the Tampa...
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At least gun grabbers think so. I can relate. I’m a monster in their eyes as well (although I don’t have curves in places they should be. Damn ‘getting old’). Because I disagree with them on firearms & rights, somehow that translates into them believing I actually want dead children or murdered nuns or something. They invent a strawman of what we are then viciously attack it. It’s mentally satisfying to ‘win’, thus they have to construct these fantasies about how we’re all just inbred...
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If you turn your clocks back to a few years ago, Starbucks was intentionally neutral on carrying guns into their stores. Moms Demand Financial Action from Bloomberg tried to get them to ban guns from their stores and got a polite brush off. Gunnies busted a collective nut and decided Starbucks was suddenly the quintessential supporter of gun rights rather than a store that sold overpriced coffee and… well, you know the rest. Instead of just saying thanks with our wallets, we had people holding...
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Just a quick note – I do have a Dan Wesson Model 15 in .357 magnum. Again, it’s a DAN Wesson, not SMITH AND. The S&W Model 15 is a .38 Special, but that’s not the gun I have. This is the one I have I assure you, it eats .357 Magnum just fine.
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Time and time again, we are told the best way to reduce ‘gun’ violence is to toughen gun laws, as if violence doesn’t exist unless a firearm is involved. It’s repeated ad nauseum that a primary reason violent people commit crimes is because they have easy access to firearms and that extra tough gun laws would diminish their capacity. Here's a story that illustrates why they are wrong. In the melee, Beasley clutched a gun in each fist, blasting away. More than 40 shots were fired as neighbors...
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Range time on Friday was awesome. The Kriss didn’t fail to please, the Delta Elite was as fun as always, and everyone loved the Apex trigger on the M&P. The only “meh” was the fact there was no .357 Magnum ammo so we could only shoot .38 Special out of the Model 15. Oh, it was a company outing. Paid in full. Ammo included. You may now be jealous.
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(*50,000 Internet points for the reference) Saturday morning, I got up bright and early and started disassembling my garage for rebuilding. Yesterday, at about 6PM, I finished up. Needless to say, my body is reminding me why I have respect for people who do manual, backbreaking labor. I didn’t take before pictures because it was an embarrassing mess. Everything was on the floor, tools were scattered, useless crap I didn’t need was piled up. My cabinets were from my neighbor’s house when they...
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From #Gunblogger_Conspiracy (9:25:53 AM) FarmDad: i locked a lot of people up over the years , and i can think of as many felons i would trust to be responsible with guns as i can cops .
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Some of them would also like to take away your life I’m not sure even O’Brian from 1984 could hold that last comment in his head. “Four fingers but I see Five? Yeah, no problem. But valuing human life by killing humans I disagree with? Can’t do it, sorry.” That exchange is chilling. The guy values human life so much, he would kill your children with a smile. He’d enjoy killing innocent children because of someone else’s opinion. This is why I carry. Steve Mitchell probably has balls the size...
posted by by Robb Allen @ 10/2/2014 10:50:32 AM | Feedback (10) Technology marches on. At this pace, metal 3D printers will be common & affordable in a few years. It’s not that guns are hard to make as it is, but the day you want a 10mm 1911 with a Glock style grip and ported barrel and you just click on a few options & hit print… well, that’s better than Tam’s dream of shrink wrapped pistols on Aisle 6 at Costco. The only way to slow this technology down is by fully implementing an oppressive police state and even then you...
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In fact, I only kinda-sorta-want this badly. I readily admit the 10mm is a ridiculous round. 9mm is fine, 40 works if that’s what you have, .45 is easier to find and doesn’t require 3rd mortgages. I just love the 10mm. It’s an emotional thing.
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Guy at work is into knives. Very, very into knives. He asked me to bring in my USMC Ka-Bar because… well, knife. So I did. Honestly, I had to hunt for it. It was buried in the back of the safe. I don’t think it had even been out of the sheath in 5 or so years. Since I had got it in ‘91, it had been neglected & abused the way only a young Marine would have. Guy at work couldn’t let that stand and sharpened it for me. Hooooly moly. You could shave with it now. In fact, he said he had to back...
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