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A while back I mentioned I had a rather nasty clicking sound coming out of my server. I picked up another Tb hard drive to replace the dying one. I paused the Server (VM) then shut down the physical box. The plan was to plug in the new SATA drive, reboot, copy the contents of the dying drive over, shut down, restart, then point the VM to the new drive and whistle like nothing happened. The clicking drive did not survive the first reboot. I lost everything. Every last bit of data on that drive...
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Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become more corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters. - Benjamin Franklin
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Love the smell of the heater kicking in for the first time.
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Stay safe. I might joke about you guys not being able to handle something as benign as a Cat 1 hurricane, but at the same time, we’d not be able to survive 2” of snow so it evens out.
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I overheard a conversation the other day that gave me a sad. A few people had watched documentaries and made up their minds about how the world works based on 90 minutes of shaky-cam footage and sound-bites designed specifically to invoke an emotional rather than a logical reaction (this was all about organic foods / GMOs / etc). Someone brought up a recent study that showed that organic foods were no more healthy than the pesticide laden, frankenfoods everyone has been eating for years. The...
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Tighter gun control not effective while allowing freedom conversely does not cause crime to increase. I love the fact that the anti’s are spending themselves into bankruptcy trying to hide reality and it’s not working.
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Ith my two front teeth
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I have an onboarding session today that they give out to the new employees so we can see exactly how the company functions and what to expect. A year and a half after starting the job mind you, but better late than never ;)
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Iowahawk (Twitter) With the Obama administration, the future is always certain; it's the past that's unpredictable.
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They all look the same One would think the Senior news analyst for NPR and a commentator for ABC would know the difference.
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Rich Haley is doing a series on having a gun in the home when you have children over at, a parenting website run by Disney / ABC. I have it easy here. I can discuss guns openly and the vast majority of my readers are gun owners, so it’s an easy sell. Rich, on the other hand, is discussing the topic in a place where generally the subject is taboo. Please head over and give him a read and a hand in the comments. Be civil, not everyone is steeped in the gun culture as we are and being...
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Irelyn’s 2nd grade teacher has a Secret Reader program she does where a parent of one of the kids can come in and read a story to them. Who the parent will be is unknown, even to their child, making it a pleasant surprise. Her teacher gives out clues about the reader, each one getting more and more detailed. The hints given yesterday were “I am tall. I drive a black car. I work with computers. I have two children.” to which iMac came home asking if I was the secret reader. I simply acted...
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That’s your word for the day. As gunnies, you’re gonna probably start using it a lot adj noting or pertaining to a person who criticizes, judges, or gives advice outside the area of his or her expertise I found this word in the comment section to this steaming pile of “journalism” bemoaning the fact that people are innocent until proven guilty, and the word could not be better applied as  Slate’s Emily Bazelon is so far out of her league it’s almost sad yet she doesn’t let that niggling...
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And there is plenty of it to go around Rep. Rubén Hinojosa (D-Texas) on Wednesday forgot what the Second Amendment was when asked about it during a debate in McAllen, Texas. "I'm drawing a blank on the Second Amendment, but I think it's the weapons, isn't it? The NRA?" he said, according to The Monitor. After placing his foot squarely in his mouth, Rep. Hinojosa (which my spellchecker recognizes? Odd) then proceeds to vigorously chew "Why in the hell do we have to have machine guns? And don't...
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In Common Use. I was reading this post by Joe Huffman and in the article he talks about the phrase “in common use” and how it’s been applied to cases like Heller. The phrase bugs the shit out of me because it means absolutely nothing when it comes to protecting rights. Either the right to self defense against tyrants big and small exists or it doesn’t – why does it revolve around whether or not a lot of people use the same tool or not? Now, I am not a lawyer, and I realize lawyers make a...
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Done that
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Another voice message transcribed "I'm calling from Ronnie for president. This is Christy. She is a real daughter. And in 2008. She voted for Barack Obama will have a moment I haven't got anything to help you personally we don't have any of the legislation really helped you. I heard anything pain is Diana calling from promises. Everything's gonna be wonderful and and make all the changes. We haven't done anything wrong. All has changed and all these wonderful radio and and none of it a fire...
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Remember – The Constitution does not grant rights. SysAdmins, on the other hand… (courtesy of yours’ truly)
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Someone put this on my Facebook page. I chuckled  
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It’s illegal to carry a gun into a church in Georgia. How is it then that I’m reading there was a shooting in a church in Georgia? Authorities in Georgia say at least one person was injured Wednesday morning when a man dressed in a suit opened fire inside a church in Fulton County, Ga., My reported. The shooting occurred inside World Changers International Park and the victim was rushed to a nearby hospital, the report said. Maybe Georgia needs to make Guns In Churches even more...
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This does not mean you have a duty to stay and fight Although the law in her state (Florida) did not require her to retreat from her own home, she made a smart survival choice when she did her best to leave danger behind her. She acted decisively and immediately in her move toward safety, and she was smart enough to take a weapon with her just in case retreat did not work. When it became obvious that her retreat had failed, she used the weapon to defend her life. At the time she fired, she had...
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Vonage has “Visual Voicemail” which transcribes your voicemails, generally to humorous effect. For example, this lovely gem was in my inbox today "I'm calling from Robin for president. This is Laura. She is a real butter and in 2008. She voted for Barack Obama, this is John. I was elected to be the leader. I haven't seen any kind trouble at least me. I haven't frustrated watching the video. You still in the bank. Just spending spending spending and on I can't go home. We will be sure your back...
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Sadly, as much as I pay attention to both local and national politics, there are many local items I have no clue about come voting time. Mostly that revolves around justices. I have no idea if I should let Judge Killemall Dead continue to sit on the bench or not. I barely have time to look at who’s running for state senate and their stances, there’s no way I can pour through case decisions. So, what to do? Just leave them blank? Assume since I’ve not heard their names before that they’ve not...
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Happy Birthday Jennifer!
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And into the sprained wrist fire. How I managed to sprain my wrist is beyond me. It’s wrapped in an Ace bandage right now trying to immobilize it a bit to see if I can get it to heal up a bit faster. At this rate, I should be able to go shooting sometime early 2018… Can’t even practice the guitar.
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We have ultra-slow-motion videos of cars being shot by cannonballs. Anti-gunners can only point to their slow motion decline into irrelevance for entertainment.
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What is the most important part of a handgun when it comes to accuracy? Barrel? A good trigger? Grip angle? There is no right answer (because you’re not me and thus, wrong) and I realize it’s a cumulative affect but for the sake of argument what is the one component, in your opinion, that holds the most sway over getting the bb on target?
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Interesting. Ayn Rand was no fan of Libertarians. I mean, really not a fan. Hat tip to Say Uncle who is now regretting that Dagny Taggart tattoo.
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Neither do I. I’m going back to bed.
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In my previous post, I spoke of “rust” and how it pertains to not practicing shooting. Turns out, the same thing happens if you don’t practice your guitar. Now that I have the Paul Reed Smith, I realized that I had gotten away from the boring, repetitive practice of doing the 1st position, pentatonic scale all the way up and down the fret board, moving only as fast as I could without making a single mistake, which is now like 8 bpm. Go figure. Another parallel with guns is that the minute...
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Since my tendonitis is still healing I haven’t made it to the range in months and I was mortified the other day when I pulled out my M&P for some dry firing practice and discovered rust. I mean a lot of rust. Oh, there’s none on the gun itself; I keep that cleaned and lightly oiled so the metal is fine. No, the rust was all in my fingers and between my ears. Months of simply not handling a gun on a regular basis saw me jerking the trigger and not being able to get on target in a timely...
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16 miles to work and it took over an hour to get here this morning. I’m stuck in traffic, constantly cursing the fact that I only moved one or two car lengths every few minutes. Eventually I was detoured by police and the back roads were just as full with people not knowing where they were going and thus driving 6 or 7 MPH. Add onto this that I forgot my coffee and that I was awoken by my daughter 30 minutes before the alarm went off and couldn’t get back to sleep, and I was cranky. I shouldn’t...
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This is where I’d like to be in my guitar playing That’s a sound I really, really like and the style is one I’d love to be able to emulate. Skilled, tightly controlled, but not “shredding”. I prefer melody over “wow, he can play fast”. There’s sheet music for this song online so eventually when I think I’m ready, I’ll download it and start picking it apart.
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Last night iMac and I sat down for a guitar lesson. Sadly, I had been slacking in this arena so now I’ve started scheduling lessons rather than just thinking we’d get to them when we had time. iMac is a tiny thing, hence why we had to buy her a half sized guitar and even that is a bit big for her. I also started her off with an electric because she doesn’t have enough finger strength to even get the low action of a electric right most of the time. Anyway, last night she managed to learn Mary...
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Goes to Ms. Breda commenting to Ann Althouse who complains that a joke site from the DNC poking fun at Romney is deceiving and dishonest because it might fool stupid people into voting for Obama. breda said...           I don't see why they think it's good for them to be fake and deceptiveWell, you fell for it in 2008, didn't you, Ann? That had to hurt. Look, I enjoy reading Althouse from time to time, but she got snookered. She sang the praises of...
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The Captain’s Journal You see, it isn’t the caliber of the weapon that one is holding that’s the problem.  It’s the caliber of the one holding the weapon. I am so stealing that line and using it every chance I get.
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I was very pleased with a gift I got yesterday – The news that The Brady Bunch is busy rewriting history to ignore the fact that Dennis Hennigan ever worked for them and that Denny has moved on to try to get kids to stop smoking rather than shitting all over American’s rights (although I seriously doubt ‘Halftruth Hennigan’ will be able to avoid shitting on people’s rights when it comes to tobacco any more than he did when the inanimate-object-to-fear-of-the-day was guns). The thing is, the gun...
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When it comes to gun reviews, I’ve started to shy away from them. With the Wrath-Of-Tam hanging over my head, it’s difficult to avoid phrases like “combat acceptable accuracy” and honestly, there are people out there much better suited to understand the important details of a firearm so that people can argue over full length guide rods and whatnot. However, when I was approached to T&E the Colt Delta Elite, I couldn’t say no and now my write up is finally online. Let me say that the only...
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The Paul Reed Smith SE245 Oh LORD the sound this thing has. I’ve been missing out for years.
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HUNTERSVILLE, North Carolina – October 15, 2012 – When the Balloon Goes Up! (, one of the most popular firearms blogs focused on training and gear for concealed carry, pistol competition and 72 hour preparedness, has launched a new online store to further serve that market. The When the Balloon Goes Up! store is organized into Gun Gear, EDC Gear, Preparedness and Range Gear sections, features select items from manufacturers including Comp-Tac Victory Gear, Crimson...
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Yup, it’s the big Four Oh for me today. 14,610 days I have spent on this spinning ball of mud and so far, not one of them has been spent listening to “Call Me Maybe”. At this point I’m calling that a win. From now on, every morning where I wake up not looking at the underside of a casket lid is a bonus! However, you’re not off the hook. I still want a birthday gift from you. Do something nice for a complete stranger. Pay for someone else’s meal. Leave a huge tip. Give the homeless looking...
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(Made it myself from my own idea!)
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Just got back from a grueling day of guitar shopping. One thing about guitar shopping is that the salesmen don’t tend to be dicks (they just happen to be very busy). I was able to discuss my desires and found the types of gear I was looking for quickly. First and foremost, there will be no Stratocaster or Telecaster in my future. I simply do not like the feel of them. I tried many types, including the $1500+ models to see if maybe the American made, high end babies were better suited, and… no....
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Interestingly, I did not watch the debates last night (my wife, however did). There was nothing Biden or Ryan was going to say in 90 minutes that would surprise me or change my views on the politician or their cohorts. Instead, I spent my time on Twitter watching all three sides go at it. On the rightish side, everyone was pretty much in alignment that Biden was being condescending, smirky, and just plain annoying. Lots of mention of how the CNN dials went flat when Biden spoke and spiked when...
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Looks like they had issues with the company they wanted to manufacture them To our valued customers: As the inventor of the DoubleTap™ pistol and owner of the design and utility patents, along with other intellectual property including the DoubleTap™ name, I am issuing this press release to inform our loyal customers of the current status of the production of this new innovative pistol. Since we introduced the DoubleTap™ Tactical Pocket Pistol in November of last year, we have been...
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I’ve written an application to help you determine who won the debate last night. Who do you support more, Biden or Ryan? CONGRATULATIONS! Your guy won!
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From ImgUR
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Absolutely not. I do not care if my speech offends you. I do not care if you find my lifestyle to go against your religious beliefs. Hell, I don’t care if your lifestyle goes against my religious beliefs (I’m pretty confident that the God I worship isn’t a fragile little flower who wilts over a crappy Internet video). In a submission to forthcoming international talks on internet governance, the Gulf state said “there is a crying need for international collaboration to address ‘freedom of...
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Sometimes they’re pretty girls Ripple was shot and wounded around 3:30 a.m. May 23 after she wandered into a couple's bedroom at 425 College Ave. The homeowners, Timothy Justice and Doreen Orion, told police that Ripple approached their bed holding a light and never said a word. They said they demanded repeatedly that she leave and even warned they had a gun. Justice fired a single shot at Ripple once she was within 6 feet of him, according to court records. Now, this girl probably posed...
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Last night, I did something I normally do which is put my daughters on my back and run around the house. With Georgia topping 80lbs now, that’s not going to be something I’ll be doing as much as I used to, and a sad thought hit me – One day, I’ll give her a piggy back ride and it will be the last one ever. I won’t know this. It won’t be ceremonious, there won’t be discussion that this shall be the last time I take her around the house with her grabbing onto my shoulders. She’ll just go for a...
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My daughters are both in Girl Scouts and are selling nuts and candies (it’s preparation for the Big Beg – Aka Girl Scout Cookies in Feb). I can’t sell them online for them because we can’t do shipping but one thing they are doing this year is letting people sign up to send a box of treats to our men and women stationed overseas. If you’d like to send our soldiers some goodies from home, each box is $5. Just leave a tip in the tip jar and I’ll add it into our personal order for them. Thanks (and...
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Last night, the Tb drive on the server started randomly clicking. Not the normal sound of the read head scanning, but a loud, painful sounding click. That drive holds all my photos, mp3s, and the VM files that are running the server you’re reading this on (all of which are backed up on separate, external drives). If this drive takes a dirt nap…. well, I’ll be rebuilding the server toute suite. Speaking of dirt naps, the inside of that server looks like it could support planting a garden it’s so...
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Oh yeah baby They are sweeeeeeeet. I’d like to thank Crooked Stitch Creations for doing such a wonderful job on these. To those of you who ordered these, I’ll be putting them in the mail tomorrow or Thursday.
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Have some Infected Mushroom instead of content
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To get Caleb some time at a tanning booth for his legs. I guess that’s one way to get in your competition’s head.
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There was an empty-holster protest recently that I couldn’t join in on. The main reason is that I’m not going to go without a pistol for a protest and all my holsters are right handed so there was no good way for me to carry one without getting in the way of the concealed holster. I support the movement, mind you, just couldn’t do it myself
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Now I’m no longer allowed to stay at a hotel ever again, lest I do this.
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Because today I’ve left mine at home. First day in months I’ve gone without the brace for my tendonitis. It’s a bit painful, but not terrible. Dry firing hasn’t been agonizing lately, so here’s hoping I’m on the mend and can shoot in November. Pretty sure my C class rating is going to take a beating after being out of practice for months on end.
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That’s all fine and dandy until you realize your cordless phone requires electricity The elderly homeowner told police he fired at the suspect as he tried to enter the home through a window. The homeowner awoke after hearing a pop and realizing his power had been cut off. Now, my entire phone system relies on electricity. We don’t even have copper to the house, so without power we rely on our cell phones and even then, we need to conserve their usage to emergencies during a power outage. As...
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At least according to Florida AG Pam Bondi you are [A]n overwhelming majority of Floridians are not licensed to carry concealed weapons. As of August 31, 2012, the number of concealed weapon or firearm permits issued in Florida is 971,263. Where Florida had an estimated population of 19,057,542 in 2011, the percentage of the population that is licensed to carry a concealed weapon is only five percent (5%). Given the small percentage of the population that is licensed to carry a concealed...
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It would seem that if you want to get statists’ panties in a wad, threaten Big Bird (why the Count gets shafted, I don’t know). Not only will you get lefties into a frothing tizzy, you’ll also expose how little they comprehend the most basic of economics. One thing I saw was a boneheaded remark (by a presumably brilliant person) that ‘Cutting PBS support (0.012% of budget) to help balance the Federal budget is like deleting text files to make room on your 500Gig hard drive’. He’s right, you...
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That she’s going to get a bill from the tooth fairy rather than money
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From The Chive
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On Saturday, upon leaving the GRPC, I had misplaced my parking validation which was going to be a $17 chunk out of my own pocket. Luckily, the parking lot attendant was able to call it in and get me validated. However, it took a good 10 minutes to do, and that was a good thing. You see, when I told him I was at the Gun Rights Policy Conference, he got all excited to talk about guns. He was a younger, Hispanic kid, and was saying he never really shot guns until he started playing video games and...
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In 10 days, I turn 40. This is a big deal to a lot of people, and yes, it’s a big deal to me as well. I would like to do something I’ve never done here on this blog and that is to ask you, my readers, to get me a gift. It’s a simple gift. It costs as much or as little as you want. On Monday, October 15th, I want you to buy me a gift, but give it to someone else. It doesn’t matter what it is. Heck, it doesn’t even have to be something you buy, maybe just something you do. Here are some ideas to...
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At the GRPC, I learned that the total costs for being allowed to own and carry a gun is over $1500 in Puerto Rico. I also heard you are allowed 50 rounds total per year for practice and self defense, and there are only ‘allowed’ places you can carry vs. those off limits. The Brady’s would consider that effective. How’s Puerto Rico’s crime rate?
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What happens when you get hammer bite from shooting a WWI Colt and a Hi-Power? This (Hat Tip to Brendan Lahey, who owns la mano pictured)
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I’m going to agree with most of Miguel’s point here and that is the ‘conference’ system is dying off. I enjoyed many of the speakers at the Gun Rights Policy Conference, but on the other end, there were some I could have done without. For the most part, it wasn’t a personal thing, but honestly I’m already an engaged gun rights activist, there’s no need for Rah Rah speeches that require me to shout back at you. And, while I’m a God fearing man myself, sometimes the reliance on religious views...
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But I bet if I did, the Monster Hunter International one would kick ass. Larry’s got a kickstarter going for it an is at 65% in just 2 days. If you’d like to see this happen, why not kick in a few bucks to make it a reality?
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Sorry folks. I had several blog posts ready to go, but I’m up to my nose hairs at work and unless someone is willing to shell out 6 figures a year for me to blog, my current employer’s time takes the front seat. Hopefully your withdrawal isn’t too severe.
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One thing I want to say before the week wears on is that I was humbled by the sheer number of you guys who recognized me at the Gun Rights Policy Conference. Out of a crowd of several hundred people, it was amazing to run into those of you who recognized me and read my blog. Sure, I watch my numbers on Sitemeter, but it becomes so much more important to me when I meet you awesome people in real life. I don’t blog for fame and fortune. I primarily do it for my own entertainment, but the fact...
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One of the recurring themes in many of the speeches given at the Gun Rights Policy Conference was how many bad gun laws were products of poorly informed legislators and their aids. Sure there are some stubborn, anti gun idiots that get in office and don’t care what the numbers say, they’re bannin’ them guns dagnabbit! However, there are many, many more who are just ignorant on the whole affair who go along with whoever shows up at their offices and gives them their information. This is one of...
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This was in my daughter’s weekly notebook yesterday
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Anti-gun math. Look, I realize it’s poor wording, but for Pete’s sake, if you say “the number of children killed by guns has doubled every year since 1960” and only one child was killed in 1960, you are saying there would be 9,007,199,254,740,992 kids dead in 2012 (2^53). Thank goodness only one child died in 1960 otherwise we’d have over 18 quadrillion children die this year.
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Recently, I’ve been seeing articles written saying that Americans overvalue the freedom of speech, that somehow, speech that offends someone is somehow unworthy of the amount of protection we apply to it. Worst, many of these articles come from American Journalists whose entire lives revolve around being able to say what they want, when they want. You see, if we knowingly offend someone’s religion (and only if that religion is Islam it would seem) then speech should be curtailed because of the...
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Making America a better place by suing the government -Alan Gura
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Got back from the 2012 Gun Rights Policy Conference put on by the Second Amendment Foundation and the Citizens Committee Right to Keep and Bear Arms yesterday. To say I’m beyond exhausted would be an understatement. I got to hang out with Joe Huffman, met Miguel from Gun Free Zone, John Richardson from No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money and quite a few others. I also got to meet, for the first time face to face, the other board members for Florida Carry. There was a lot packed into 2 days and...
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