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The bullets are quite simple to construct as well. Neat concept of taking used brass and making the jackets for the bullets. Hollowpoints to boot! So, you can ban pretty much everything, but humans are notorious for being ingenious and working with what they have at their disposal. Of course, law abiding citizens would follow the law, but the criminals would still have an unlimited supply of guns and ammo. Is that what you really want, anti’s? Don’t answer that, it’s rhetorical and we all...
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japete’s - AKA Joanne Peterson, board member of the Brady Campaign and author of such brilliant insights as “it happens, therefore it’s legal!” - sources show a distinct lack of reliability. But thanks for playing. Oh, and I had to add this little gem at the bottom of her latest screed I know it is difficult for some to believe that gun shows can be the source of illegal activity. Wasn’t it Joanne Peterson saying that selling guns to felons is perfectly legal at gun shows? I’ve seen...
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When I get home, I should have waiting for me a  CED Millennium 2 Chronograph System, a Shooters Ridge Steady Point Tri-Stance Rifle/Pistol Front Shooting Rest, and 1,000 beautiful pieces of Starline 10mm Brass. I need to find bulk bullets for the 10mm somewhere. It’s sad that in 2007, 500 of ‘em ran me $52, but today they run over $90. I’m sure I could get plinking bb’s cheaper, but I prefer to practice with what I carry, even at the increased expense.
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Ry doesn’t buy a newspaper. Gets a nasty note.
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Joe Huffman mentions writing a program that would emulate the anti-gunner’s arguments. Unfortunately for Joe, something like that has existed for years.
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Yeah, well stomping your opposition into the curb is being ‘that guy’. Now, there’s plenty fishy about the story as it is, but as it stands, physically assaulting your opponents is not the way to get your message across. Rumors are that one of the stompers is an Open Carry Activist. I’m not a collectivist, so his actions do not pertain to me, but alas it’s easier to use a broad brush than have to do the hard work of distinguishing between the actions of an individual and the goals of whatever...
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Here are three polls regarding Open Carry in Florida and how they are worded POLL: Guns in the open The "open carry" movement advocates are pushing legislation in Florida that would let people openly tote their guns. Do you support the move? Poll: Florida handgun owners Should Florida handgun owners be allowed to carry their weapons in the open? Should Floridians be allowed to carry weapons openly? No way. We have already given the gun lovers too much freedom...
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One of the comments to the post I just linked to regarding purchasing a first gun You’ll find, as you go deeper down this particular rabbit hole, that guns cause friends…not crime. Good going JRebel!
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Japete is at it once again, confusing “things that happen” with “being legal” As I have said over and over and over again- yes sir, it is legal to sell guns to felons in most states that have not passed a law to require background checks on all gun sales at gun shows. Private sellers are more than just people selling occasionally. Some of these private sellers sell hundreds of guns a year at gun shows. That is a fact that cannot be avoided. We have more than enough proof. I'm sorry you...
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Can you honestly believe that the Democrats sent out an ad like this? Click to embiggenate Now, from my understanding, it’s a poly to get this guy a bit more exposure to try to siphon votes away from the Republican by confusing some people, but it’s galling that the Democrats actually believe the following phrases are bad Supports deep, across-the-board spending cuts that will affect every government program Believes the government’s powers are limited to those...
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Anyone want to buy a kidney? I have one for sale or trade for one of these. Decent kidney, should have healed by now from all the abuse it took back in the 90’s. Matches the other one, which I’ll need to keep.
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Someone has decided that maybe it’s time to buy a gun. Thoughtful gun owners step in and give advice. Then suddenly, an asshole appears and shits all over the poster condemning him for being “another liberal lightweight starts to grow a pair and still doesn’t get it”. This is me, face-palming. That doesn’t help. Not everyone goes from “I hate guns” to “I can’t wait to pick up my 4th Kimber Ultra CDP!!!” overnight. And we don’t necessarily want them to to begin with. If your goal is to...
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The Unpaid Bill takes the unpaid kids shooting. More people who will not have irrational fears of inanimate objects when they grow up. And the Brady’s wept.
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Someone had a birthday. I mean, look at the smile on her face. ADORABLE. Must suck to be an anti-gun bigot’s child, getting anti-guns for your birthday.
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While my 5 year old enjoys the air rifle, Kevin’s 5 year old is prepping for USPSA. Careful, your heart might melt.
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I just realized how bigoted we are. I was needing some matches and I picked up a book I had acquired from Knight Shooting Sports, and looking at the cover I couldn’t help but notice how far out of their way they went to tell gays, women, and handicapped people that they are simply not wanted at their range. Man, us gun owners are suuuuure a bunch of racist, knuckle-dragging, Neanderthals, aren’t we? For the sarcastically challenged, this is a joke. I don’t have to agree with your lifestyle..
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Joanne Peterson, board member and mouthpiece for the Brady Campaign, has finally reached a new pinnacle in her life. She has been awarded her very own Sharp as a Marble icon! Joanne Peterson is a joke when it comes to serious discussion of firearms and their role in society. She keeps saying that because something happens - i.e. felons purchasing guns via private sales - that it means it’s legal. She has to distort reality in order to make her points because, like the rest of the Brady...
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But no, I don’t think whitey is scared by open carry. Now, caveats abound – Gun activists (like myself) find these polls easier than the non-interested, so we’re going to be a bit more likely to have a higher representation than we do in real life. However, even here in Florida where OC is illegal, you’re going to see that most people really wouldn’t care. I believe that if OC was permitted here, very few people would actually engage in it, especially in the beginning. I would, but that’s...
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When it comes to Open Carry, I’m less concerned about the Brady Campaign and their pathetic mouthpieces like japete than I am about some pro-gun people and their disdain for the practice. Take for example this “I’m a gun owner but…” gentleman discussing the possibility of Open Carry here in the Sunshine state. Read the whole article, listen to the condescension as it just drips from the article. In fact, just the closing should tell you all you need to know about this guy So those...
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I am now in the process of procuring myself a bb velocity measuring device and would like your opinions on what I should be looking for. I will be shooting outdoor primarily, but indoors under lovely fluorescent lighting is a definite ‘maybe’ as well. I’d prefer to stick to a budget of around $150. Primary use will be handgun rounds, but there will be rifle / shotgun. I don’t think I really care about a printer, but the remote display is critical. Thanks R
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Woman claims MPD wrongfully searched her house "It was three tall men with masks on and big oozie guns pointing at me like, "Get on the ground! Get on the ground!" An Oozie? Like this? Hat Tip JayG who is scratching his shiny head over this too.
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Les Jones talks about shooting the Tactilite .50 BMG Upper. Now, interestingly, I’ve never shot a .50 in rifle. When I was in the Marines, I got to shoot a Ma Duce and the thing I remember the most about it was how the air simply changed. The concussions were one after another and breathing was… interesting. I have shot Zel Custom’s .338 Lapua and the .416 Barrett but we weren’t able to shoot the 50 because there were other people present who wanted to keep their fillings. FTC / FCC / USPS /...
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I thought I’d try my hand over at Japete’s place. But, as are all anti-gunners, she’s too chickenshit to allow comments to come through without moderation, so I realize my first comment there is wasted. I don’t feel like checking back in every X-units of time to see if my comment made it, and then have to repeat the process to see if anyone responds, and then have to wonder if all comments are coming through or not. She doesn’t bring up any valid points, and is as lost as they get. She...
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Say Uncle, Glenn Reynolds , Dr. Helen, Les Jones and several others took out the Tactilite 50BMG for the weekend and turned money into overwhelming noise. People shooting a half inch wide projectile that generally weighs about 700 grains (or 1/10th of a pound) at ludicrous velocities that can travel over a mile and not one single airplane felled. It’s almost like the anti-gun forces are lying about 50s. *Sigh* One day you people will love me enough to simply start sending me large wads of...
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Dave Hardy stepped on and was bitten by a diamondback rattler. Poor snake is going to have the taste of lawyer in his mouth for weeks. (In all seriousness, get better Dave!)
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Today my youngest got her first taste of freedom. It was a beautiful day and while she’s still too small to accurately handle the air-rifle, she’s big enough to do it with Daddy’s help. We placed a target (and a soda can) near the ground, tacked to a tree so that we would generally be pointing down and not have to worry too much about letting one go into the neighbor’s new pool screen.     She liked it, and wants to do it some more. I think we’ve got a budding gunnie on our...
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I'm now one year closer to being legally allowed to wear knee high, black socks at the beach!
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I just saw the Brady's attempt to use Cheney's hunting accident as some sort of soap box. I assume there aren't any dead children they can dance in the blood of this week.
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With your official Mall Ninja wear
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A father and his 7 year old son send a video camera attached to a weather balloon into space. They put an iPhone in there for GPS tracking when it landed, a mere 30 miles away from where they launched it. It's things like this that make me sometimes have hope for the future. Hat Tip Say Uncle
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Lucky Gunner has an interview with the owner of Fiocchi ammo. Interesting read, especially the part about where Fiocchi ammo is made (hint, there's more made here in the US than a lot of people think). Lucky Gunner sent me some Fiocchi primers to review and I had excellent performance and reliability out of them.
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How about hunting for a good bargain? One of the grey areas of Open Carry here in Florida comes from 790.25 section 3h (h) A person engaged in fishing, camping, or lawful hunting or going to or returning from a fishing, camping, or lawful hunting expedition; There's a group of people who apparently set up OC fishing events. I need to find out more about that. I hate fishing, but I'm willing to walk around with some lures and a rod for a while!
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Didn't know my design work extended to delicious birthday pastries, did you? And Happy Birthday Phlegmmy!
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Cops are busy shooting their partner through their own hand and will probably be more than a few minutes away.
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IMHO, any caliber works, but go for broke. Jeff, I hope you have at least a 12g shotgun handy in your house. At some point, Deb Frisch is going to act on her impulses. I want you anti's who read me to pay close attention to that posting. I will give you a little background. Deb Frisch is insane and an alcoholic to boot. She latched on to Jeff Goldstein's blog and threatened his son. Death threats, if I recall correctly.  Jeff sought out legal action against her and got a permanent...
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More like mild displeasure coupled with a stunted version of John Gabriel's Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory Mail from Sharp as a Marble Sender Bernry Barker Email Bernry Barker Ip Address Subject: GUNS!!! your dumb My dumb what??? Don't keep me in suspense Bernry!!! It amazes me that someone could expend the amount of effort it takes in finding my blog, reading enough to know I'm a gun blogger, finding the contact page, and attempting to...
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Ignorance exposed This is why we win folks. Because the other side is composed of people who don't know the difference between a trigger guard and a firing pin yet they want to make laws based on what they saw on Die Hard XIV. Excellent work Sean.
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Last night, someone came and picked up the rusted, beat up deep freezer I had sitting in my garage that was left over from my brewing days. The Mrs. had put it on free-cycle, and a church that ran a food pantry said they'd be more than happy to fix it up to get it ready to use. I had no use for it, it wasn't worth money to anyone, and it was too large to shove in the back of either of my vehicles to take to the dump. It found a great home for a good use, and it did so via both the free-market...
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From #Gunblogger_Conspiracy <caleb_3Ninjas> I saw 10mm defensive ammo in a gun store today <RobbAllen> Yeah, scary ain't it <montieth> 10mm? <montieth> really? <montieth> wow <RobbAllen> How much? $50 for 25? <caleb_3Ninjas> You could get it for 0 down, with 5.9% APR after 6 months
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Banning guns will make them disappear since it's impossible to make one out of things like a staple gun.
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One of the characters here seems awfully familiar… Just saying.
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Unfortunately, Tam, you might just be needing it.
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Shortened Tactilite .50BMG Upper on a pistol AR lower… I'll take my Tactilite upper full size and on a regular AR with a stock, thankyouverymuch ;)
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John from No Lawyers - Only Guns and Money sends me this wonderful news The Bonidys live in a rural area of Colorado that doesn't have home mail delivery. Because of that, the local post office in Avon, Colorado provides the residents of the area with a post office box at no charge. While they both have Colorado concealed carry permits and regularly carry, the Bonidys cannot carry concealed or openly when picking up their mail. They even can't leave their firearms locked in their car as...
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From Failblog
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I marked this story to comment upon but it got lost in the noise that is known as life. From Jay Reading the story, we find out that the choirboy that was killed was 32 years old. 32 and 45 and they double-team a 79 year old man after choking, pummeling and pepper-spraying him. What do you think that 79 year old's chances were without a handgun? What's the likelihood that he would have lived through the encounter without the gun? What are the odds that a near-octogenarian could fight off...
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Because the people who argue against guns are idiots My favorite rejoinder In the twenty-first century, people still believe that they need to stock up guns and buy as many as they can, in case the government tries to come and take them away. The United States Government has a limited amount of trucks, so if you have too many guns you may be able to get away with keeping some of them. He dissects the rest of the screed quite handily.
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No. No you should not hire this guy. Hat Tip Say Uncle
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Last night I dreamed Patrick Stewart was the Pope and a Jedi Knight and that I tried to clean a coffee pot using lemon juice, ice, salt, and a pound of ground beef*. *Drop the ground beef and that's actually a fantastic cleaning method.
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Just make the licensing fees for a right so high they can't afford it! Glad to see this in the article What's more, Nobles points out, is that gun ownership and concealed handgun licenses don't necessarily go hand-in-hand. Texans can legally keep guns in their homes and cars without a license. And then there are those who don't care what's legal and just carry a gun anyway. NO WAY! That's unpossible!!! I thought stringent licensing requirements with their associated fees prevented this...
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One thing that really rubs me the wrong way is a belt sander for a bicycle seat. Another is the constant call to only play it safe when it comes to furthering our gun rights. It's as if some 2A supporters exist on a half-bent knee, ready to compromise before anyone could possibly do something they consider stupid and ruining it for the rest of us. Sometimes, they ain't quite as stupid as one would think. Now, I'm not saying everyone should start walking around with a pink tipped AK-47, but I...
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People who prefer freedom outnumber those who prefer slavery. And while the leftists tend to have the strongest affinity for 'saving the planet, they sure as hell don't mind leaving trash everywhere.
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But seeing Jar-Jar Binks encased in carbonite while playing The Force Unleashed does make me smile
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