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Hat tip to…well, pretty much everyone!
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Howard Nemerov points to this interesting statistic Since 1984 there have been over 122,000,000 firearms purchased by civilians, and yet somehow the accidental firearms death rate has plummeted 71.4%. How can that be? The Brady Campaign and their ilk constantly tell us that more firearms means more accidental deaths. They fight at every turn to prevent programs like Eddie Eagle from being taught in schools. Which makes sense in a way. People like Dennis Henigan and Paul Hemlke can't really...
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Twitter can do this?
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To buy Caleb one of these UPDATE: Never mind, Caleb's wife made this one, for the win.
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Anyone here (besides Alan) pick up the black Vicious Circle t-shirts? Could you drop me a line. Alan got his and it looked very, very bad. I didn't have any issues with my other shirts and I want to see if this is a problem or just Alan getting a bad shirt. Pictures would be fantastic, if you got 'em.
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Caleb got mugged over the weekend. A cup of coffee and a .25 changed the entire outcome. I'm glad to hear he is ok. No shots fired (unless you consider the ballistic application of coffee a 'shot'), and the bad guy got the message. I'm glad Caleb kept his head about him and didn't put two in the chest followed by a headshot (then show clear, hammer down, reholster). As much as I hate the criminal element in our society, I do not wish to see death dealt if it can be avoided. I too have had to...
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That's the only explanation for this. I saw that while waiting for Zombieland to start this weekend and kept thinking to myself that I was on camera somehow, just to check my reaction.
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Alan takes his daughter to the range for the first outing with her new Crickett. Some day, I hope my girls show the same level of interest.
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Rick Ector was suggested as someone I might want to befriend on Facebook. Boy am I glad I took that advice. Rick runs Legally Armed in Detroit and is a firearms instructor. He's got plenty of videos and advice on his blog as well as Facebook. It's good to see someone with such a passion in teaching others about firearms. Welcome aboard, Rick!
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Jeff Soyer enjoys another circle around Sol. Jeff was the first gun blog I read regularly. Glad to see he's still kicking!
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Noel over at Cold Fury brings us this LOL moment I’m even beginning to think that yelling at Obama for failing to protect America is like yelling at a six-year old for failing to make a dentist appointment, open a 401k and install vinyl siding on the house.
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Many people scoff over 'plastic' firearms. Little do they realize how devastating the correct application of plastic can be A woman surprised by a man in the front room of her home near Council Bluffs grabbed a plastic toy bat and hit him repeatedly until he ran out the front door. The Pottawattamie County sheriff’s office says the 26-year-old woman was taking a bath Wednesday night with her 3-year-old child when she noticed a cat who normally stays outside had entered the bathroom....
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I was always under the impression that the easiest way to obtain fully automatic weaponry was to go to gun shows and simply pick one up (look for the "Free Stinger Missile with Every Grenade Launcher" sign). We are told over and over and over how easy military grade weaponry is  to obtain. Seems like some wannabe terrorists didn't get that memo Mehanna had “multiple conversations about obtaining automatic weapons and randomly shooting people in shopping malls,” Acting U.S....
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She's not going to do it gently Kevin regales us with tales from across the pond in Gun Free England where they now are having to use military like squads with fully automatic weaponry to patrol certain areas due to the amazingly high gun crime. Unfortunately, even with mounds of proof that disarming the citizenry does nothing to curb crime, the anti-gunners here in the states are still chomping at the bit to push for more useless laws. They are immune to logic, apparently. Of course, we...
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Pull out a random number out of your ass and speak of it as a fact And owning a gun won't help you. In fact, according to the latest FBI statistics . just owning a gun can actually get you killed. Because, while 75% of cops who get shot in the line of duty get shot with their own gun, over 95% of civilians who get shot get shot with their own gun! Of course, there's no link to back that assertion up. Not a surprise. It's hard to hyperlink one's nether-regions.
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Mad Duck got the Para TTR. My thoughts on the weapon can be found here. Had I the money, I'd pick one up. I don't, so I'll live vicariously through the Duck.
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But I think the caption for the photograph in this article says A really sexy pair of hands holding a Para .45 Photograph by Joe Huffman
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Another heartwarming story about a senior citizen defending his life and property It took one shot for an East Texas senior to put an end to a would-be robber's crime spree. The story began around 2am Monday morning at Southside Bank in Hawkins. The branch is located inside Brookshire's, right off Highway 14. That is where police say 19-year-old David McWhorter was spotted, first. We spoke to the homeowner whose one shot landed the alleged burglar in the ER. … One shot through the...
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Maxim, the magazine geared to young, trendy, metrosexual males is advertising Evil Black Rifles. The fifth of Jack Daniels and the 30 count bottle of Ambien on the nightstands of anti-gunners everywhere just started looking even more attractive.
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Can you answer 4 quick questions? You'd be a real peach if you could! Thanks!
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81-Year-Old Man Hits Bull’s-Eye On Intruder An 81-year-old man shot and killed a masked gunman during a home invasion early this morning at a residence north of Brewton, Escambia County Sheriff Grover Smith said. The sheriff said the robber had been released from a Nebraska jail just two days before he was killed. Smith declined to identify the homeowner, but said the man and his wife were in bed in their home along U.S. 31 north of town about 3 a.m. when the intruder kicked in the...
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So, recently I've been seeing these crappy ads for Broadview Security on TV. They're taking over the Brinks company I guess. Each commercial shows a woman at home alone and some guy smashing down the door and invariably, hightailing it once the beeping of the alarm starts. See here for an example. These commercials are utter crap. The threats are real (although probably not as cliché as the ads make them appear), but the sense of security of a beeping alarm and a reassuring phone call are,...
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I have a hard enough time thinking about firing my 10mm without hearing protection, I can't imagine shooting a 50BMG without it.
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The fool went and open carried for the first time. Doesn't he know that his trip to Wal-Mart was a risky piece of political theater that sets us back decades? There's a time and place for open carry, and a simple shopping trip isn't one of them. You should only open carry where nobody will notice in order to avoid scaring anyone or getting negative media attention. Period. Because you may think you're helping the cause, but you're not. Or so I've been told.
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Four thousand and seventy six days ago today I started working at my job. Today is the last of those days. It's kind of weird.
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Yeah, I've been at this point in our path around it 37 times today.
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Gotta finish up this final project at my job before I leave. Thought I had it yesterday, but the parameters changed, so I'm going to be cutting it real close. Blogging should be light today unless through some miracle I can get this thing working.
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Yes, you can have it in Black on White or White on Black Either way, it's probably racist.
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Tired of the infighting. At least we can all agree that the LDA is the best trigger possible for a 1911.
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When your own side is firmly against you? My earlier post had nothing to do with Sebastian directly. He just happened to, like clockwork, chime in about open carrying in his usual manner. You see, to Sebastian, everything is political and a PR stunt. There is a time and place to open carry, to exercise your rights, but so far, Sebastian has yet to find a single instance where he thinks it is OK to do so. And trust me, he believes his view on the matter is the final word. For example I am...
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Greg both makes me laugh and makes my mouth water at the same time. I gotta try this.
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That's the gist of many gunnies I read, and it pisses me the hell off. I can't OC because even though I live in a place that has some of the least restrictive carry laws, OC is still verboten. However, if it was allowed tomorrow, I'd OC most of the time. One, I don't buy into the whole Super Mall Ninja "I'll keep it hidden so I can surprise my attacker" shit, nor do I think the chances of me not being able to keep my gun out of the fight are worth weighing (how many of you have ever..
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So, I finally used up my free ticket to Universal Studios yesterday. Rode a few coasters but had to be extra careful with my neck, which made them not quite as fun as they used to be (holding you head really, really still while riding makes one a bit dizzier than if you just bobbled around). However, in order to walk into the joint, the 'security' has to use a stick to look through baggage. I was in cargo shorts which I could have easily packed in 6 magazines, a 1911, and a P3AT and no one...
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Man, whoever this guy is who does all the gunblogosphere's work is amazing.
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I was on Vicious Circle last night and even though I was using the same equipment as Breda, I sounded like I was talking through a wet sweater. I only killed the conversation a few times and I didn't have the Secret Service knocking on my door, so I'm going to consider this a semi-success. We'll see if they have me on again. Fun was had by all!
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Slow motion ballistics! Hat tip – The Firearm Blog
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As is probably noticeable by my faithful readers, I've not been very active this week when it comes to posting. Life has intruded and I've just not had the time needed to get anything worthwhile up and running here. Last Friday, I accepted an offer for a new job and as of Monday this week, I resigned from my current position. With my remaining 2 weeks, I am trying desperately to finish up my final project. Sure, I could just leave them with a half-assed chunk of code, but alas I have ethics...
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Will each post at The Brady Campaign / The Gun Guys have a disclaimer at the bottom indicating it was bought and paid for by the Joyce Foundation? Will the NYT be forced to disclose under each editorial "The proceeding article was provided as an In-Kind donation to the DNC"?
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{whisper}You can win a free Suppressor from Gemtech if you're a Facebook user. Plus, as a Facebook member, you get access to my amazing high school mullet!{/whisper}
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Florida to speed up CCW process. Mine took so long I had to write the Governor. I got a call from Charles Bronson's office immediately after. Apparently, Mr. Bronson is very pro-2A and was working hard to get my CCW out (amazingly, it showed up in 2 days). Seems like they're trying to get them out even faster. My idea is still solid – I apply for the permit. I get the card immediately. They run the background check. If I'm a criminal, they now have a reason to come arrest my ass. Delaying the...
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Listening to Vicious Circle #21 the other day and something Law Dog brought up (besides the Sapper Lizards) really made me think. Law Dog mentioned (and I'm paraphrasing) how people tend to consider "center mass" as "torso" and if the torso is hidden behind a pickup truck, officers will try like hell to shoot through the engine block. Center mass means the center of the largest part of the target you can see. If only the dude's melon is visible, shoot for the center of...
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Top of the Chain gets his tattoo on with a little inspiration from yours truly. Money is tight, but I keep thinking a half sleeve in a Second Amendment theme would be a great idea.
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I woke up this morning without a headache, nausea, or a detached limb, so at this point I'm good to go for IPSC. Had a little breakfast, got my gear together, and will be taking off in an hour or so. After not shooting for so long, my goal is simply to not get thrown out.
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Link from here, but I don't know the story it came from. So.. USA Today
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We all know Paul Helmke et al are sad pandas over the recent advances in gun rights. Heller went our way, and now Chicago vs. Nordyke is going before the SCOTUS. Already, the anti-gun forces are spinning their inevitable loss as 'no big deal'. The thing is, I've written off the Brady Campaign as practically irrelevant these days. They've got nothing new, their arguments are tired and pretty much are self-defeating, and even at the gun range, very few people get the reference on my targets....
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So, I'm reading on Facebook a series of posts from an old high school buddy on how his wife was attacked in their neighborhood yesterday. They got the perp, but lo and behold, he happens to live in the same hood. So, he's going to have to worry about this eventually when the thug gets out / off / escapes or whatever. Someone suggested in comments that he get a shotgun, and while I'd love to chime in and agree, I can't. Now, I've not spoken with this guy since I was in school and I cannot tell...
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