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Deputies: Tampa Man Bites Woman, Attacks Her With Taxi
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If this is true, then McCain is going to take Florida. I hope it's not true and that he still takes Florida, but I only get one vote on it so I can't really pull it off myself. Amendment 2 is an anti-gay proposal (although the commercials against it never mention gays, only hetero-companions) meant to define marriage and one man and one woman only. I believe marriage is a spiritual thing but if two (or more...yeesh) people want to shack up, that's none of anyone else's business and the...
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Claims the NRA is lying about Obama's gun grabbing past, so I assume he is insinuating Obama is actually good on guns, which in Bryan's sad, pathetic little world, translates directly into "Obama has a small penis".
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A buddy of mine (an Obama supporter, but being that I can't find too many people to like me as it is, I can't get too picky with who I call a friend ;) works with the servers and got this email from our France office Tomorrow, we will walnut the server with coffee No matter how many times you read it, it refuses to make sense...
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Coalition of the Swilling has the picture
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So, this Sunday will see me shoot in my first IPSC competition, and literally only the 3rd time in my life that I'll be under a gun timer. The other two times I did fan-friggin'-tastic, but Todd Jarrett was holding my hand. Now I have to see if I can remember what he taught us. During dry firing & magazine change practice on Wednesday, my weak hand completely slipped off the slide while trying to rack it and the now-deburred rear sight ripped off a chunk of my index finger which isn't...
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From my inner geek, which finds this totally rocking! See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.
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But the message it brings is still apropos. Ms. Jong states "If Obama loses it will spark the second American Civil War. Blood will run in the streets, believe me." She better hope she's not right because the vast majority of people who will vote against Obama are like me, the ones with all the guns. Of course, a washed up, 70's feminist (isn't she just so cute!) doesn't exactly speak in terms of reality, but it is funny how people with that mind set turn their noses up to gun ownership but...
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Today, I had to go to my daughter's school to pick up her report card and some fundraising items. Before I could get out of the car, I had to disarm. Now, I walked into the buildings, got her fundraising stuff, met with the teacher, got back in my car and proceeded to pick up dinner. During my few minutes in the school, even had I decided to not follow the law, I would have posed no danger to any of the children. Instead, I now had an unmonitored firearm in my car which could have been stolen...
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Bryan Miller crawls out of his hole to gleefully dance in the puddles. And get this, he brings up the whole penis = gun thing. For an 8 year old.
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It reminds me of what I blogged about the day before. Update - Apparently Ry Jones reads me for the same reason.
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According to HuffPo, Dan Cooper, owner of Cooper Firearms, has given more than his allowed share of money to Obama. Gotta check that out a bit more, but if true, Dan Cooper is an idiot of the highest order for bringing this down on his and his employee's heads. Hat Tip Dave Hardy Bitter adds the numbers up and realizes it's not what David thought. So, I rescind this post.
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I have no idea who Jennifer Hudson is. Apparently some famous singer / actress or whatever. Sadly, some members of her family have been shot to death. Seems like the guy suspected of doing the killing was already not legally able to own a gun, but should have been in jail during the time these murders were committed. Balfour was paroled after serving seven years for a 1999 attempted murder and vehicular hijacking conviction. On June 19, police pulled over Balfour's car after hearing gunshots...
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So, seem's like Cooper Firearms is spinning in an attempt to protect their company from the revelation that their owner, Daniel Cooper is a rabid Obama supporter. Recently, their web site spouted several paragraphs about how much they love the 2nd Amendment and that the original contribution was to knock Hillary out of the race and that to make up for it, double that amount has been donated to the Republicans and McCain Regarding the USA Today Article. Cooper Firearms of Montana, Inc. did not...
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Imagine being an elderly woman. Imagine your husband lost both legs to diabetes and that you do not possess the strength needed to defend yourself against younger, stronger opponents and you decide to purchase a tool that will give you leverage you need to defend yourself and the one you love. You decide on a pistol. Now the phrase Shall Not Be Infringed is pretty straightforward. It doesn't say Shall Not Be Infringed After a 3 to 10 Day Waiting Period, Shall Not Be Infringed for the...
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The Mrs. voted early today, however she experienced what seems to be the norm - long lines and long waiting times. I don't get it. The last two general elections I went to on the 4th had maybe a 15 minute wait at most. Why would I go earlier to wait longer? With as many people voting early, come next week I'll probably just walk in with no line at all...
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McCain ain't no saint, and in fact is only a socialist-lite, but this is ridiculous.
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While this article is trying to help, it confuses one for the other, thoroughly confusing the issue. In the comments, you have a lawyer already trying to figure out how much money can be made off of it, someone clucking that the next mass murderer is going to use this loophole to kill lots of people, and the requisite "I don’t get the “thrill” one receives from guns." spiel as well. Lady, I don't understand the "thrill" a man gets from letting another male mount him and ride him like a cheap...
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They may make nice rifles, but the owner has sold out those who would buy them This year, Cooper has given $3,300 to the campaign of Democrat Barack Obama. That’s on top of the $1,000 check he wrote to Obama’s U.S. Senate campaign in 2004, after he was dazzled by Obama’s speech at that year’s Democratic National Convention. I'm not in the market for a custom rifle. I have been planning on getting into hunting at some point and when I do, I may look for something better matched for me and...
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As most of you know, this past weekend an 8 year old boy shot himself in the head with an Uzi at a machine gun shoot. This was a tragic accident that, like most accidents, could have been avoided, however humans don't always make the best judgements and thus life can be cruel. The boy was supervised and had an instructor behind him. Unfortunately this was not enough to keep the muzzle from jumping upwards. It's easy to look back now and say that the instructor should have held on or done this...
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I love Tears for Fears. Especially the album Elemental. Bring out the hairspray and mullets!
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So, last night I had a dream I was shooting an IDPA match where one of the stages had you shoot a hand grenade until it went off... With a .22. I can't tell how disturbed I should be over the fact I was dreaming that and haven't even shot a match yet...
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The topic of guns came up in this guy's class. He's almost there, but needs a little push. Let's show him what real Reasoned Discourse is, ok?
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How can they be there for me when I need them when they can't even seem to walk a rapist from the cell to the medical facility? TAMPA - Deputies are searching for an inmate who escaped from the Falkenburg Road Jail as he was escorted to the medical clinic. Raymond Marston, 50, ran away from deputies about 9 p.m., said Hillsborough County Sheriff's spokesman J.D. Callaway. Look, being a cop is a hard job. I'm not asking them to be perfect as I know that's an impossible task. What I'm wanting is...
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So, I'm reading the comments over at Q&O where Dale got himself some new rifles when Joe pipes up Well Hooray for Dale, he bought his wife a death machine...that says so much about you nut-jobs...I’m hoping the next POTUS will change things and bring the US more into line with the reasonable restraint on small arms tha the UN proposes. Written By: Joe Where as I proceeded to get all Gun-Righty and lay down the factoids and huffed and puffed until that house fell in. 'Cept Joe was being...
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Or, more appropriately off guard! Was trimming my beard this morning when the guard flew off. Of course the guard did so mid-stroke and I was left with a 1" wide gap on my cheek. So I had to shave it all off. Left the goatee, though so the 2nd chin I've grown over the years is still hidden.
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Dale Franks of Q&O fame resists the temptation to buy an M1 Carbine.
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Because it's classy Parkesdale prepared 150 strawberry milkshakes for the McCain entourage and they polished off 100 of them. Jim Meeks, owner of Parkesdale, said he offered them for free but the campaign insisted on paying. “What nice folks they were,” Meeks said. “I tried to give the money back and once again they said no. ‘We’re full pay.’ I heard that when Obama stopped by, his entourage asked if they could "borrow" their credit card machine for a few minutes.
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A simple question was asked of the incumbent and the challenger Urban gun violence remains a significant issue in many U.S. cities. What steps should be taken to quell this issue?” Here's how they answered Politician A “Urban gun violence is obviously a deeply troubling issue throughout much of this nation. Like most citizens, I am deeply concerned about this matter and recognize the need for a comprehensive response to the challenge. I firmly believe, however, that legal gun ownership is not...
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Basic Instructions - How to Make It Clear That You're Joking I have a tendency to skip to the last step though...
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I just yelled at my 6 year old to not run with scissors....
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Unrolling Scotch tape in a vacuum produces x-rays. From what I heard, the scientists were too afraid to try duct tape. Duct tape is made primarily out of awesomeness, something you don't want to unleash too much at a time.
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I swear, it smells like someone microwaved a pair of gym socks here at work. It's got to be someone's lunch, but I can't imagine eating anything that smells that bad.
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Breda went and got a new, sexy header. Man, everyone in the gun-sphere should hire her designer. I think it's the same guy who did the Gun Nuts Logo, the Ahab/Clawhammer '08 logo, and the redesign for Say Uncle. I bet the guy would gladly barter firearms and firearms related items for design work.
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Teen killed when his dad's gun goes off during Daggett deer hunt A Weber County family is grieving after a hunting accident claimed a 15-year-old on Sunday near Dutch John in Daggett County. Always sad news to hear of fatal accidents. This is the reason that I stress firearm safety at all times. Surprisingly, the local authorities say the exact same thing. "Muzzle control issues coupled with accidental discharges are responsible for many accidents," said Mike Fowlks, chief of law enforcement...
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I'm doing it online instead. If you've got a few bucks to spare, just drop it in the tip jar and I promise it will go to my daughter's school and not ammo. 17th annual Walk-A-Thon! We would like you to be a part of this exciting and fun event. Our goal this year is to raise $5000 to be used to purchase technology related items for our school. The students will walk laps around the school during a 45 minute period. All monied will collected will go toward the support of our technology program....
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I'm pretty sure nailing the bulls-eye with even an air rifle makes Sarah weep lightly. Click to embiggen The sight is definitely to the left a bit. This was at about 15 yards, so no great distances involved as I'm still trying to get used to the action, but it's fairly accurate to be sure.
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Tanya picks up the Ruger. Like I said, on the list of firearms that actually have some sort of reasoning behind owning them, a small .380 is definitely on it. Last, and not financially feasible unless someone wants quite a bit of web design, at least not until the girls are in college. A mouse gun makes sense in Florida, especially when you're as adverse to wearing pants as I am. I hate shooting the damnable things, though. My XXL-sized hands just aren't good at holding onto the tiny grips....
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But this is pretty much every reason I won't vote for Obama in a single place. It's missing my pet issue of gun control to boot. I'd like to see refutations of this, though, to see how much of it is colored by the authors' political perspective. This line, though, is funny In fact, if Obama wins on November 4th—and serves one full term in the Oval Office—the Presidency of the United States would be the longest consecutively held full-time job he has ever held without seeking another.
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Hunter killed when rifle discharges A Leesburg man trying to pull a loaded gun from his truck was killed when it went off and hit him in the chest. Authorities say 73-year-old Johnny G. Hurst was pronounced dead at the scene Sunday inside the Osceola National Forest. Hurst's wife and two sons were with him when the accident occurred. The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission reports that it appears the muzzleloader was already loaded when Hurst grabbed the barrel of the gun to pull...
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Tgirsch, frequent poster over at Say Uncle's place has lost a friend of his to cancer. What makes this story even more sad is that his friend was a commenter at his site, Lean Left. From the day he first showed up here, I’ve had a love/hate relationship with frequent commenter Ted. I have no idea how he found this blog, but it seemed like he came here with the sole purpose of disagreeing with pretty much everything I wrote (or so it seemed to me). In the beginning, we would get into huge,...
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Jan 1. 2008 had me posting this It's going to be a shitty year. The Mrs. has decreed that I shan't be buying any firearms this year since I bought 3 last year. It's going to be hard to figure out how to get around that one. Today, gun #3 arrived at my doorstep. I have to admit, this ain't a bad haul for having the above declaration hanging over my head.   Click to embiggen From bottom to top, that's the Gun Blog .45 from Para USA, the EBR in 6.8 Rem SPC, and on top my newest addition, a...
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McCain buys ad-space in some video games. Of course, he's a little behind the times.
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Florida sucks. This November we have not 1, but 6 Constitutional Amendments to vote on. Lucky us, there was originally 9 to ponder over, but we've managed to whittle it down a few. Only one actually removes power from the state government but is worded in such a way that even I had misread it and was planning on ticking off No. We've got deleting provisions that allow the Legislature to regulate private property of illegal aliens, preventing gays from being as miserable as heterosexuals, wind...
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I honestly thought I'd see the headline "Brady Campaign Spokesman Paul Helmke Involved in Shootout - Agrees Concealed Carry Works" before I saw this one Tampa Bay Rays Reach World Series
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Six Breaking News!!! feeds from my local rag about Joe The Plumber today. All of them referring to a single guy who was picked by Barack Fucking Obama himself to talk to, the very type of person the leftists say they want to support, and doing everything in their power to smear him so that the question he asked Obama isn't repeated ever again. Obama makes the Bush presidency with all the Patriot Act and wire tapping look like an extremist Libertarian / Anarchist group.
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Can you believe that Fumbletongue himself has lowered the price of oil so much recently? I never considered it his ability, but when oil was expensive, the lefties were screaming about how it was his fault so now I assume they're going to be giving him credit, right? Stupid people. Thinking the POTUS is actually an office with magical powers.
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This was funny And prophetic. If you leave a comment on YouTube, there's an audio preview button so you can have your comment read back to you so that you can get the full measure of your moronity.
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Is this really what the left has become? So much for freedom of speech. When I disagree with others on gun issues, I do so by laying out the facts, not by digging in my opponent's past trying to find anything to smear them with. But apparently, stand up to Barack Bend Over and Spread Your Legs While I Spread Your Wealth Obama and you'll have every last bit of dirty laundry aired from liens to signed confessions from ex-girlfriends that you were a cheap tipper on dates. Instead of laying out...
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Roberta X asks How about you? Why do you shoot? Why do you carry, if you carry at all? I shoot because I find the action of shooting to be relaxing. There's a Zen-like state one can achieve when target practicing. All the variables come into play - trigger control, breathing, stance, grip - and you can find that thinking of any of them will throw you off. You have to almost go on automatic pilot to get them all to play well together. When one of the variables is off, you concentrate on that...
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Stupid Scientologists. Had a big dump truck full of gunk ahead of me yesterday on the way home which sprayed the GTI with stuff the wipers just couldn't get off. This morning before I left for work, I grabbed some Windex and the only bits of newspaper I could find in the recycling bin which just happened to be this stupid mailing from the whack-job Scientologists trying to sell Dianetics by disguising Hubbard's pabulum as "novels" worthy of reading. Hence why it was in the recycling bin,...
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Today's my birthday. How old am I? Well, when I was young The phrase "Worst President Ever" was being used in the present tense on Carter Pong was considered a technological marvel MTV only played music videos and I even remember when Michael Jackson was black. Now, I actually DO want a birthday gift from you, my readers. Your gift to me is simple - I want you to have a great day. Seriously. Call up an old friend and chat. Go to the range and practice. Hug your children and let them know how...
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The AFL-CIO has mailed 80,000 flyers to try to paint over Obama's horrific record on Second Amendment support by showing a tough guy who supposedly likes his guns and thinks Obama is the cat's meow. Personally, I'm not sure this mailer is going to have the intended effect, but that's just me
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This quote by Barack Haaaaaaands Across the Water Obama is disgusting "It's not that I want to punish your success. I just want to make sure that everybody that is behind you, that they have a chance for success too." ... I think that when you spread the wealth around, it's good for everybody. Socialist. Pure, unadulterated wealth redistribution. First off, you fucksicle, success comes to those who take the risks. Hard work is generally involved, but not always. I'm successful because I busted...
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Parents of boy who shot himself plead not guilty The parents of a 2-year-old boy who died after accidentally shooting himself with a gun he found at home pleaded not guilty to charges related to the death. Jason Matteau, 27, and Rebecca Matteau, 24, of Jewett City, were arraigned Tuesday in Norwich Superior Court on charges of negligent storage of a firearm and risk of injury to a minor. If convicted of both felonies, they face up to 15 years in prison. Stupid people. Very stupid people....
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This email just showed up from my Google watch   The gun did the killin' - Luckily, there was no human being that pulled the trigger. The gun itself did all the dirty work. And that's why we need to ban them.
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They plan on holding legislators accountable for voting No on their unconstitutional plans. Poor Petey Hamm - even the biggest gun banning group is for the most part, irrelevant. That and he has to share the limelight with Paul Helmke. I love this part Brian Malte of the Brady Campaign was joined by Chicago 2nd Ward Alderman Bob Fioretti, 33rd Ward Alderman Richard F. Mell, gun violence survivor Willie Williams and Cook County State's Attorney Richard A. Devine at Crane High School in Chicago...
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Apparently, quite a bit more than 5'7" and 267lbs. For the record, I support the death penalty as a punishment but have little faith in our government to mete it out correctly.
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Greg hits another funny one Her Glock will function properly upside-down, packed with sand, loaded with the wrong caliber, and being held by Stephen Hawking. Outside of the jokes, he has a legitimate request. He wants to upgrade his carry gun. Go give him a hand in making the choice even more confusing than it needs to be.
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Man Tapes Woman's Mouth Shut To Make Her Listen PORT ST. LUCIE - Authorities say a Port St. Lucie man bound a woman's hands and taped her mouth shut, claiming he only wanted to make her listen. My wife probably feels like that guy sometimes.
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Again, from Greg during a conversation discussing taking Irelyn with us to the gun show Although an elk-jerkey and candied-pecan fueled three-year-old tearing through a gun show with purloined Nazi paraphernalia would certainly be a sight to see.
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I may have given J.D. a little bit of a hard time in my previous post, but now that I've read a little more of him, I think he's a kindred spirit The real outrage isn't that a few percentage points are shifted one way or another in these regular popularity contests, it's that the contests have come to matter so damned much. Red and blue tribal loyalists shriek about each other's perfidy because they have conspired to intrude the state into virtually every area of human life. Having created a...
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Mine's Wednesday. I'll take one of these,  or if you're feeling extra generous, one of these. I won't even complain if you fail to get me a card or extra magazines. Because, I'm like that.
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J.D. Tuccille writes a post entitled President Obama won't take your guns (even if he wants to) which follows a pretty standard fallacy - mainly that Barack Häagen-Dazs Obama isn't actually going to walk into your house and take your guns, so really - no harm no foul The inevitable rise of President-for-Life Barack Obama will soon unleash his Stalinist hordes to ransack the gun cabinets of the nation and ravish Red America's newly disarmed womenfolk (and menfolk too, I guess, since Obama gets...
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Fond du Lac police investigate gun show shooting Fond du Lac police Lt. Aaron Goldstein says a man looking at the handgun Sunday morning didn't know how to check whether it was loaded. He says the man pulled the trigger and the gun went off. The bullet hit another man who was part of the same group in the foot. Goldstein says both the shooter and vendor could face charges. He says police will make a recommendation to the county prosecutor when the investigation ends. The vendor is totally...
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Hustler tries to cash in on the fact that Sarah Palin is attractive by dolling up some tramp with the same hairstyle and some librarian glasses. Total fail ensues (link SFW unless you click on the images). She looks NOTHING like Sarah. Hustler, not that you should expect anything more from them, cannot capture what makes Sarah Palin attractive because their warped view of women is nothing more than any slut who'll show her fun-bags for a few bucks. Thank God Playgirl isn't trying the same thing...
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Would anyone even read the Brady's blog? Seems like as soon as I see something stupid come out of their digital pie-hole, all of us gunnies are right there.
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Then why is the worst gun control group offering their endorsement to him?
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Yuri's mother passed away last night. My deepest condolences.
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In all the forums and all the places I've looked regarding loading of 45 ACP, a common theme is 4.6-5.5 grains of TiteGroup powder using CCI #300 primers. Incidentally, for the 10mm I use TiteGroup powder and CCI #300 primers. How lucky is that?
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First things first, thanks to many emails and comments, I am planning on just waiting out the repairs on the Para Gun Blog 45. It's a great pistol, it just needs to get fixed, that is all. However, feeding it is always going to be expensive. Prohibitively if I do nothing but buy factory ammo, tolerable if I reload myself, and even then I could lower the pain level if I use lead cast bullets rather than FMJ or hollow points. Now, I've contacted Para USA, and like every other manufacturer they...
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At least I hope you do 'cuz I ain't got a f*&#ing clue.
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1840s Colt auctions for $920,000 An anonymous bidder paid a record $920,000 for a historic .44-caliber revolver owned by a Libby man. And the buyer got a bargain, said auctioneer James Julia. The Colt Walker pistol made for U.S. marshals in the 1840s belonged to University of Maine graduate John McBride's great-great-uncle. That must be one hell of a revolver.
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Sorry. It's my funk and I'll keep it around as long as I want. Harumph!
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Endorses McCain/Palin Not sure their perfect record is going to stay in tact here. I can understand why though, it's probably the same reason I support McCain. Not because I want to, but the other option is so God awful that I'm not left with much of a choice.
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I've been saying the same thing for a long time But at the end of the day it will still, basically, be a gun. Lumps of metal driven by expanding gas will fly out of the end at high speed, and make holes in things or people which they hit. Again, a firearm is a simple device. It is a tube, enclosed at one end with a projectile that is expelled out the other by means of pressure. You can use PVC for the tube, a sack of nails for the projectile, and lighter fluid for the propellant and create a...
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OK. I think I've calmed down enough to write a better blog post that doesn't use foul language every third word. Here's the story - When I received my Gun Blog 45 from Para USA, I was ecstatic. I only had a few glitches with the pistol at Blackwater and I primarily assumed it was just being a newbie when it came to the 1911 platform. However, when I first took it to the range, I discovered there was actually something physically wrong with the pistol itself. With the (superfluous IMHO) safety...
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I just realized I made a post considering something in bad taste. Me. Mr "Bad taste is my middle name".
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I'm not thrilled about this The Cheerleaders at Nacogdoches High School have sparked gun violence protesting after their skit last month, in which they fake kill cheerleaders dressed as the opposing team. Executions are not something lighthearted and trivial. It's one thing to use a euphemism such as "Kill the other team", it's quite another to actually act it out, especially in something as gruesome as a shot to the back of the head. I'd have been equally disdainful had the cheerleaders...
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Speaking with Greg about the IDPA match on Sunday and if he'd like to come along Greg - I wish these matches weren't on Sundays. Its really hard for me to decide whether I want to cling to my guns, or my religion.
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That I realize I did well by not watching the debates last night. Reaction from the 'sphere seems to be nothing new was learned, that McCain failed miserably to go on the offense, and that basically it's going to be President Obama come early next year. Again, I wouldn't care if people wouldn't put such stock in the presidency, but they do. If only the GOP hadn't chosen such a shitty candidate, I might feel compelled to help sell him, but it's hard to push someone when his biggest redeeming...
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Bullet shaped ice cubes The tray is even shaped like an AK magazine!
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But I've been reading in several places that some people's boxes are "defaulting" to the new Obama Channel. Anyone able to confirm this? Mike,I live in Alabama and have noticed the same thing happening with my Dish Network reciever.When I turn it on, it comes on set to channel 73(Obama channel) no matter what channel it was on when it was turned off.It used to come back on to the channel it was on when it was turned off.Strange, truely strange.Oct 6, 2008 - 7:58 am
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From a blog post discussing electric cars and their place in NASCAR - If NASCAR goes electric, CNN wonders, will fans stick around? Do they love the roar or the engines or the speed at which the cars move? Will they be satisfied with one but not the other? One commenter has his finger on the pulse of humanity I am 100% sure that as soon as the first crash happens and all you can hear is the car being shred to pieces accompanied by the death cry of the driver that fans will not want to go...
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The headline says it all Machine gun used in Columbus robbery BY LARRY GIERER - -- Two men, one armed with a pistol and the other with what was described as a machine gun, robbed a Papa John's pizza restaurant late Monday evening. Emphasis mine. Described as doesn't mean it was. If the victim had "described" one of the perps as "the guy with the funny middle name running for president", you wouldn't write the headline as "Barack NMN Obama involved in Columbus...
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I don't follow the "Stars" and I've actually only heard a few songs from Amy Winehouse, but I have to admit that watching this woman completely disintegrate in the public eye has been fascinating, in a very morbid way. I cannot comprehend how the amount of drugs this girl does isn't lethal. In my mind, I don't think she's going to survive the end of this year. Look what she started off like (very, VERY curvy and hot in my mind) and what she looks like today And trust me, the picture on the...
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If an Obama win wasn't a big deal. I mean, he's just the president. If you're not too familiar with everything that the president is responsible for, here's Article II of the the US Constitution Article II Section 1. The executive power shall be vested in a President of the United States of America. He shall hold his office during the term of four years, and, together with the Vice President, chosen for the same term, be elected, as follows: Each state shall appoint, in such manner as the...
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Guy goes into road rage and points a gun at a lady and her child. Definitely someone who doesn't need to be carrying around a pistol and should spend a good amount of time behind bars, of that you will get no argument from me. However, that's not the part of this article I want to highlight, but rather the hysterics behind what the man had instead of what the man did "He started yelling and cursing many expletives, calling her a b--. He pointed a weapon at her. The gun he pulled out had a...
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Watching the IDPA and IPSC matches, I've realized there's a shirt that many of us need. And, being the entrepreneurial kind of guy I am, I've made it for everyone to enjoy! I call this one The Ahab Special I'm going to have to get one for the matches. Just a hint - Dark colors work the best on this design. For some odd reason, Zazzle can't print white on light colored shirts, so the target becomes the color of the shirt you pick if it's not considered "dark". Enjoy!
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At the local rally (which I wish I'd have been able to attend) The speech quickly turned fierce, as Palin repeated her criticism of Democratic candidate Barack Obama for his Chicago ties to Bill Ayers. Ayers was a founder of the violent Weather Underground group during the Vietnam War era and now is an education professor who has advised Chicago Mayor Richard Daley. Palin referred to a New York Times article that called Ayers as a domestic terrorist. "His own top advisor said they were, quote,...
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The NRA is opening up their front against Obama and his insistence that he's pro-gun Fairfax, VA-Today the National Rifle Association Political Victory Fund (NRA-PVF) expanded its advertising campaign with the release of additional commercials further detailing Sen. Barack Obama’s long anti-gun record in battleground states across the country. The NRA-PVF commercials began airing Monday in Virginia, North Carolina, Florida, Ohio, Minnesota and Michigan. You can view the commercials here at...
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It's easy. I'll show you a story that involves violating several of the 4 rules A police weapons specialist who shot himself in the hand is suing the PSNI. Peter Woods, 50, was dismantling a gun at a police facility in February last year when the accident happened. It is understood that he removed the magazine from a pistol, but a bullet in the chamber fired into his hand. He recovered from his injury. Lawyers for Mr Woods claimed in the High Court that proper safety procedures were not in...
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I've been dangerously low on ammo. With all my money going into buying actual firearms, I've neglected to do what I need to when it comes to feeding them. Tonight, I loaded up all my 6.8 SPC. I enjoy loading rifle much more than handgun, even though it takes me an hour to only get 75 rounds finished. Tomorrow, I'm going to try to crank out as much 10mm as I have components for. I might even try to load up some .357 Magnum Sound and Fury loads for poops and grins. With trying to shoot...
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There's a lucrative business in selling bulletproof clothing. Because nobody has guns in Mexico But tucked on a leafy side street in the Polanco neighborhood is a shop unlike the others, one whose bustling business says much about the dire state of security in this country. At Miguel Caballero, named after its Colombian owner, all the garments are bulletproof. There are bulletproof leather jackets and bulletproof polo shirts. Armored guayabera shirts hang next to protective windbreakers,...
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At the match, this little fellow decided to make himself acquainted with my shirt at high velocity. I was at least 30 yards from the steel plate as well. Just goes to show you how important safety is on the range.
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Watching the USPSA match today, I got hyper-pumped. I'm dying to shoot now. I think I could handle myself ok in competition, I'll do fine in motion and feel confident I could knock down the steel pretty well. My biggest concern with IPSC is that I have 4, 8-round magazines giving me a total of 32 (33 if I feed one first) shots. Some of the rounds required 32 minimum, and I'm not that good yet, so there'll need to be backups. Para USA sells some 10 round, single stack 45 ACP magazines, but...
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Since I went to watch an IDPA match, I'm heading over to watch a USPSA match tomorrow. I'd partake in the activities, but alas, my pistol is in the shop. Some rod isn't connecting with some pin correctly and the trigger is able to be pulled with the safety engaged. Para USA is taking care of it as we speak. Not that I'm a fan of the safety, but if it's there, I'm going to use it and train with it as the last thing you want to do is freak out because the trigger won't move (in my case, it would...
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I was talking to Patrick Harlan over at Crimson Trace due to a comment left here the other day from Homer And, Robb, thanks for you and the other bloggers at Summer Camp. After reading all your reports I bought a couple Crimson Trace grips, one for my 1911 and one for my student CZ75. It's taking some time to learn, but with the laser as a learning tool I'm teaching myself to get the muzzle on target right out of the holster. Now I need to get one for the USP in the shoulder rig. While I'm...
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I find the best way to start a nice Saturday is to wash my car. With the Wrangler, I simply didn't care since the dirt added character. However, with a black hatchback, washing weekly is a requirement. Luckily it's something I enjoy. I have to start early on Saturday because even though it's starting to cool off a little, by 10:00 the sun is out and the water will dry before I get to the other side. This is a problem, washing your car in Florida, because the water is extremely hard and if you...
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Mad Rocket Scientist's mother passed away from her cancer.
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To my eyes, I look like a dork, but the videos are online now and man, do they bring back memories. Of course, my favorite video is Lasers in the Shoot House, and you can watch as Todd Jarrett has to restrain me from running into another room and getting my shoot on. You also see my reaction as I'm told I have the fastest time. Who cares what they say about me so long as they spell my name right, right? Oh...damn... Two B's guys, two B's :)
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Get them all. Because the best choice is the one you don't have to make.
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This was the earliest one I could find And Happy Blogger-versary to Breda as well!
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Dry firing practice is a great way to help with trigger control and preventing flinching. It's something everyone should do from time to time and in fact, when I find myself flinching during range time, I'll unload and do some dry firings until I feel I've overcome the flinch again. However, last night I realized that if I am to start shooting IDPA like I plan, it's going to take a few more skills that I don't get to practice on the range - Namely drawing from the holster and reloading rapidly....
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OMG - You can watch all the old Buck Rogers episodes online! Holy crap were those cheesy! But they bring back such memories. I'd love to see this show brought back with the same, dark treatment like Battlestar Galactica. Hopefully with less gratuitous chest hair shots of Buck, too.
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