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So I'm sitting at a coworker's desk when another guy walks up. Guy B is pretty "progressive" as well as a Grade-A Rabid Democrat and my buddy and I... well, we're not. Anyway, the conversation slips into magnets (I was playing with a rare earth magnet on his desk). Guy B shows off his magnetic bracelet. Coworker: Why do you have a magnetic bracelet? Guy B: It helps with blood circulation. Coworker: You believe that? Oh yeah, you vote Democrat. (you can switch parties on this joke, it's just as...
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God, that's funny.
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This post is going to tread into Jeff Goldstein's favorite area - intentionalism. I was reading TBT, a mini-newspaper similar to The Daily Planet or whatnot from the St. Pete Times. Specifically, a short in the dead-tree edition points to this story: CRYSTAL RIVER -- Rich and Chantal Dolata try to decorate their Softails Tavern bigger and better each Halloween. This year, the dim orange and black watering hole in Crystal River is full of body parts, corpses and even a coffin. But a new...
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Hateraede. As in "stop drinking the Haterade, dude"
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Talked to Mom last night. Last week she went in for a full body scan and got some good news (finally) that there didn't appear to be any detectable cancer. However, because the cancer had spread to her lymph nodes, she starts chemotherapy next week; something she's definitely not looking forwards to. It's especially rough since she lives alone. Part of me wants to take some more time off, but she didn't seem receptive to the idea. The other problem is that she needs to work to keep her...
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Ride Fast is reading The Cat Who Walks Through Walls In The Cat Who Walks Through Walls awesome Bobby is talking about a data storage device available in our future. We would now call it a data stick or thumb drive. In the book, the device stores "half a million words". Sheesh, my mid-priced data stick is a gigabyte. We're out racing the masters. Now, I admit that when I read classic Sci-Fi I can tell a lot of it was written before microchips were even invented. I found it funny when reading...
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So I was reading through my Google alerts and I ran across this steaming pile of anti-rights idiocy. It was an amazing piece of gun control, replete with plenty of Bush Derangement Syndrome, dire warnings about global warming, and even something about the Illuminati taking over the World Bank or something. In short, totally nucking futs. It was so nutty I just deleted it and went on. However, one thing stuck out at me that I wanted to bring up here. Namely the blaming of the gun industry for...
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I like what he says, how he says it, and I get the feeling he speaks a little more from the heart than any of the other politicians running for the top job (excluding Ron Paul, who I truly believe he believes in every word that comes from his mouth). Ron Paul may be THE ONLY LIVING CREATURE THAT CAN SAVE MANKIND but right now, Fred Thompson is the only living being who would get my vote*. David E. Petzal - The Gun Nut: So now the UN wants to disarm civilians? Where was the UN when the...
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From an email exchange with Greg Yeah, Oleg's a lucky dude.  Hot chicks.  Insane talent.  Access to a ridiculous array of guns.  And he gets paid.  What a life. About this Oleg I'm still trying to figure out how to start a career that pays well and allows me to shoot things.
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Greg has issued the challenge. Are you up to it? In the spirit of AC's offer, I'm sponsoring an informal competition to see how many people we can (safely) introduce to guns. My main concern is education. I'm not trying to turn card-carrying members of the Brady Campaign into NRA advocates (although, I wouldn't complain.) We have to take it upon ourselves to teach people, one at a time if need be, that guns are not what movies, politicians, and anti-rights lobbyists portray them to be. I'm...
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Took the girls to a train museum yesterday. You get to take a train ride to a "pumpkin patch" and they had a hay ride and face painting. It was cheesy, but the girls had a great time and that's what counts. I wonder if either of my girls will get my skin coloring. I was lighter as a child, but as I got older I kept getting darker and darker. The joys of being from a mixed marriage!
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Check out this site. They want to make a database of "impure" sites and expunge the Internet of them all. My favorite? The definition of bestiality include "Interracial Marriages". Guess what, fuckwads? I'm the product of an interracial marriage.  You think I'm impure? I don't know what god you claim to worship, but it's a worthless and stupid god. The God I worship loves his children, regardless of the color of their skin. You seem to think there's an all powerful being who, well, honestly...
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Bill Clinton giving it to a "Troofer". "How dare you". That's the way to handle these idiots. Even Bill Clinton, who knows his wife needs every bit of support she can get, is willing to shame one of these idiots on TV. Good for him. I didn't like Bill Clinton nor his policies. I fear his wife. Seriously fear her. Bill never worried me the way she does.
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No matter how much Hillary! and her merry band of presidential wannabes claim to support the second amendment, the Democrats are actively pushing for the banning of firearms. When these types of laws get passed, the ability for you and I to get firearms gets caught up in red tape and useless definitions ("no, you can't buy that because it has a barrel shroud"). So, this is a perfect place to post in the comments the letter you sent to your representatives. I'll post mine later. And if you don't...
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I could easily argue the anti-gun idiots positions better than them. I could do it without appeals to emotion. I don't think I could convince many people because it would still be based on lies and misconceptions, but I could definitely do a better job than anything the Joyce Foundation is paying gobs of money for, that's for sure.
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Breda continues her "Chicks with Guns" project, taking a coworker to the range. Said coworker sounds like she's going to go back. Definitely worth some points in Greg's contest. In a follow up post, Breda talks about someone at the range appreciating her accuracy While I was at the range yesterday, the Ruger Mark II got jammed and I had to call in Jim, the guy on staff, to come fix it for me. I was griping about the jam because I was totally in the zone and shooting fairly well. Jim looked...
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Have I mentioned that sometimes I hate the corporate environemnt?
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When I read shit like this, it truly makes me fear for the path our country has taken I think it's worth acknowledging the primary functions of the law as it's used by prosecutors in DC: the gun ban is both a preventive detention statute and an intelligence-gathering tool. At one time when I was a prosecutor, we were prohibited from extending a plea offer in gun cases unless the defendant agreed to come into the office (with his attorney, of course) and be "debriefed" about his knowledge of...
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Not one, but TWO people confuse your little .357 Magnum for a .44. I lowered the powder charge to 13.8gr of Blue Dot, but still got some flattened primers. I'm going to drop even more because the shells were a little hard to get out, so I'm still showing signs of over pressure. Oddly, the primers only flattened on one side, so that's something I need to research. But let me say - DAMN! What a total blast to shoot (pun very much intended). I still cannot believe with that much noise and fireball...
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That, and a much larger "No Weapons Allowed" sign Tang was armed with three knives when she sneaked into her former boyfriend's dorm room at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, climbed on top of him and stabbed him in the back as he slept, Assistant District Attorney Suzanne Kontz said during Tang's arraignment Tuesday in Cambridge District Court. This is why I'm planning on voting for Mitt Romney. He knows that knives in the hands of licensed chefs are fine, it's the extreme assault knives...
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You'd send them to Japan so they could run through Pikachu's vagina.
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Reporter Jailed for Having Gun at School "Kindly go across the street now," an officer is shown telling Weinsier during the videotaped encounter. "I'm not," Weinsier replied. The officer then handcuffed him. Weinsier, 40, was charged with possession of a firearm on school grounds, trespassing on school property with a weapon and resisting officers without violence. You see, a gun on school grounds automatically turns the holder into a blood crazed killer who won't abide by the "No Guns" policy...
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From a comment I left over at The Bitch Girls concerning a link about Ron Paul And the very 2nd comment was about how Ron Paul is The Only Man Who Can Save America! If Jesus came back today, he would ask Ron Paul for tips on getting such devoted disciples.
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When will we elect people who will finally put an end to this travesty? That, and 80° weather is simply wrong for deer hunting. I'm not sure I could even shoot at a deer with hands that aren't shaking from the cold.
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But I was too lazy to make tutorials about. Here. Best I've seen yet. Hat Tip Joe Healy who, as of the last time I heard, was still the man.
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My Mosin didn't come with a naked chick. Damn Oleg and his camera skills...
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Via Joe Huffman, we get this little juicy tidbit from the Educational Fund to Stop Gun Violence. This is their Objectives for Fiscal Year Beginning 2007 Our analysis of the current stalemate in the national debate over gun control has led the Ed Fund to believe that activists must challenge the idea that guns protect freedom and democracy. And while you're at it, you should challenge the idea that babies don't really come from storks or that Santa Claus isn't real, because all of them have the...
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In a month, they may be standing by your side defending our rights. I am glad to be a small part of this story. Greg & I went to the range for the first time together with his wife and a friend who is a teacher and had never shot before. Now look at this email to Greg from her: "Thought you might find this interesting... there is a student who wants to do her senior project on gun safety... she wants to do a video of herself demonstrating proper procedures... she has her father's...
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From Boing Boing of all places, on a story about Italy regulating blogs #5 posted by flamingphonebook , October 22, 2007 4:59 AM: Just as with guns, the pattern is registration -> regulation -> confiscation.
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It's good to see a story where adults who are in charge of our youth have such a firm grasp on reality that they can differentiate between real threats and imaginary play time. Seven-year-old Kyle Walker was suspended for one day last week by school officials in Cape May County for drawing a stick figure shooting a gun. Or not... The case is not the first in New Jersey in which students were suspended for depictions of weapons. Four kindergarten boys were suspended in 2000 for playing cops...
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Just doing my part to keep America the most armed country in the world. Meet my new friend, Ugly Betty Betty is a Mossberg 500A 12-gauge shotgun. I bought her used, so there's a few small scratches here and there, but let me tell you, she's damned effective I'm not going to lie to you. The last shotgun I fired years ago was a 20 gauge. I forgot how much kick a 12 gauge has. My shoulder was already sore from shooing Sasha the other day, but 5 shells was all I could do to test her out. And...
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Alas, there's been nothing but bad news for Mom. Her second surgery was more painful than the first, and they found more cancer in her lymph nodes. Out of the 9 they pulled out (originally we thought they pulled 15, but there was a miscommunication somewhere), one of them was positive. Unfortunately, that's all we know. We don't have percentages, rates, possibilities, or anything. Just that one lymph node contained cancer. An appointment has been set up with both the surgeon and an oncologist...
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Greg refers to me as Gun-Wielding Madman Scares Children Works for me.
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From MSNBC The man had already clubbed Penneau with the butt of the rifle, cursing at him to hurry up. He had held the barrel of the gun against Penneau’s head. So, when the gun didn’t fire and the would-be robber pulled back to reload, Penneau sprang into action. “When he stepped back — I was watching out of the corner of my eye — I could see him pulling back the bolt to chamber a round,” Penneau said. “That split second where he wasn’t completely focused on me, I figured, ‘That’s it. I gotta...
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Let me just say that 110 grain, .357, semi-jacketed hollow points pushed by 14+ grains of Blue Dot powder produces a fireball the size of Nantucket and the concussion not only causes the range master to see who the hell is shooting a rifle on the gun range, but forces small children to leave. Seriously, there was a ~6 year old kid shooting with his dad and he left the range and just watched until I was done. There were also some little girls (probably 13 and 10) who went outside as well. Now,...
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Someone stole his "Here's Your Sign" routine  "Gun-free zone" signs soon will go up around Richmond schools, the city's latest effort to curb violence. Sign or no, it's already illegal to possess or fire guns within 1,000 feet of a school, and critics say the plan won't stop the shootings. But supporters and the City Council contend the signs are a tool in the ongoing battle to reduce homicides and will remind people toting guns that they face tougher penalties if caught. Yeah, I guess that...
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I worked in the acronym PSH (with definition) into a meeting yesterday. Uncle would be proud.
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From Slashdot Statistically, less than half the humans who have been born have died. So chances are you'll live forever. This message brought to you by the Society for the Brutal Abuse of Misleading Statistics. So that's where the Brady Bunch gets their data!
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I'm heading to the range this evening to test out my Sound & Fury rounds in the .357 Magnum. Can't find anyone who wants to go.
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and homoerotic messages on construction vehicles Click to embiggen I wonder if they do a lot of work with this company?
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I just picked up 500, 110 grain, .357 semi-jacketed hollow points. I'm so used to 155 grain that the 110's feel like air. Since the costs of bullets skyrocketed, I went ahead and picked up 500 because it was a lot cheaper than buying them by the 100 ($8 per 100 vs. $14). Of course, I'm hoping these fulfill their destiny of being really, really loud when pushed by 14.6gr of Blue Dot powder.
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You ain't seen nothin' Bruce handles himself well waaaaaay past the point where I'd be using phrases that would violate decency laws in 37 other countries. The willful ignorance of these people is simply astonishing. They actually believe that people who own guns walk around shooting crap left and right, putting everyone else in danger. They choose the "worst case scenario" as their rallying point and dry hump cherry picked statistics to death. I wanted to dive in, but Bruce made most of the...
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The bloodmobile is parked outside in our parking lot today. I give every chance I can since, well, being a cold-hearted killer, I want to make sure everyone has lots of blood for me to spill. At least that's what the Brady Bunch would have you think. Anyway, I'm working on like the 8th or 9th cup of coffee. I want whoever gets my blood to be wide awake.
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"Sweater Yams"
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So far I have not received a nice 12-gauge shotgun with a pretty bow. Nor a 50 BMG. You people suck. Update: The Kimber Ultra Carry Pro II I've had my eye on? Yup, still not mine.
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Birthdays. Bah. Who needs 'em?
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So, at work our phones all have caller ID on it. When I get "Unknown External Number", it is 100% of the time someone trying to sell me something. So I don't answer those calls and instead screen them via voicemail. If it's a legitimate call (which has never happened), I'd call right back. So, this assmuncher calls today. I have a screaming monkey for a ring tone, so I can't miss the call, but I let it go to VM. Said assmunch doesn't want to talk to VM, so he calls right back, literally within...
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I disagree with Ron Paul's stance on foreign policy and his belief that we "caused" 9/11 because of our policies but practically everything else about the guy I like. However, he has a snowball's chance in Miami at taking the office even if he were the only one running. I'm not saying he's incompetent, but most people fear the responsibility that freedom requires you take upon yourself. They'd rather Uncle Sam come by and take care of everything for them, so a candidate that espouses...
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One of the most ridiculous things I hear about reloading my own ammunition is that it is too dangerous. I'm told over and over that manufactured ammo is safer due to the levels of Q&A each manufacturer has. Ahab begs to differ. That's not to say that reloading doesn't carry risks. Inattentive reloaders realize their folly rather quickly, sometimes painfully. However, by carefully cultivating good reloading habits, you can reduce the risk significantly to the point of being on par with...
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The Brother-In-Law gave me some Blonde Ale he made in February. I had forgotten about it until I was cleaning out my closet yesterday. So I put them in the fridge and had one tonight. Delicious! Try that with a mass produced beer and see how skunky it tastes. Oh, did I mention it was made in February. 2006??? Born-on-dates are for carbonated horse piss.
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Granted, it's expected from the UK The NRA has managed to brainwash a nation that it needs something, that literally, it needs like a hole in the head. But maybe the point of no return has been reached in that there are now so many guns that to ban innocent purchasers will be to leave them helpless against criminals who will have no difficulty in acquiring any number of those over 200 million guns already available in the USA. 270 million, Skippy. And that's a low estimate. Glad to know I'm...
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What consensus? Too many variables, too many "ifs", too much to gain from the paranoia. The right has their terrorism to scare them into submission, the left has a 1° increase in average temperature.
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My prayers to you and your family.
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Evil mastermind swaps pants Not everyone is born with the talent to make up plausible alibis on a moment's notice. Take the gang member walking down an L.A. street with a handgun visible in his waistband. Before he donned a pair of handcuffs, he told officers John Banuelos and Manny Sierra that "the pants he was wearing were actually not his and he hadn't noticed that it [the gun] was in there," said the Thin Blue Line, an LAPD newspaper. Further proof of the complications that can ensue if...
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No, just a typo
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So here's a little visual that's supposed to tell you if you're right brained or left brained. You watch a silhouette of a dancer spinning, and the direction you perceive is an indicator. Me? The first thing I noticed was "Look! Nipples!"
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Why is it that this kind of thinking is considered normal? When these weapons fall into the hands of criminals and terrorists, they have the capacity to kill dozens and even hundreds of innocent civilians. The prevalent shoulder fired surface to air missile or RPG which can be purchased on the black market for as few as a thousand dollars is capable of destroying a commercial airliner on the ground or as it descends or ascends. A couple of AK-47 or other type assault rifles are capable of...
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How come when I play Mr. Mom, that's all I get. The wife didn't tell me about that part...
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This is the main reason. Don't get me wrong. I dislike Hannity with a passion, but what he says here is true and truth is truth, regardless of who speaks it. Those who cry the loudest about anthropomorphic global warming do the least to stop it. It is scare tactics used against the weak minded to force you to give them money, power, or both. My biggest gripe with the AGW crowd is that there are true environmental issues that we need to address, but global warming isn't one of them. It's...
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There comes a time when even the most computer literate of us make dumb mistakes. For example, when I installed Vista I repartitioned my hard drive so I could dual boot. But I only gave it 20 gigs of space. Which I ran out of real quick like. Silly me thought I could just move my user data somewhere else. I'm sure you can do it, but I didn't do it right. So I reinstalled. Pretty easy. I think I'm one of only 7 people in the world who's install of Vista is actually nice and pain free. Since I...
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So I stumble across this post by a young man named Chris, and as us gunnies are wont to do, I'm trying to start a conversation. Later in this segment Beck said "guns are not bad". It is really remarkable that Beck would be allowed to go on TV and use Columbine and Virginia Tech to argue that we need MORE guns, instead of less guns. Guns have only one purpose, and that is to shoot things and kill or injure them. In Beck's twisted mind more guns would equal less violence, but Beck should tell...
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And from a guy who's picture online is of him holding an axe Then I realized the cop had a sidearm. There was a gun in the children's department of Barnes and Noble in Park Slope. A gun within mere yards of my son. I had one of those sudden really creepy feelings when you realize something is deeply, deeply wrong. There was a the children's department...of Barnes and Noble in Park Slope. I realized almost to my surprise that that was just NOT okay with me. I decided it was time to...
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And the tribe keeps growing and growing. And Leon is getting larrrrrger.
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Even the most docile of cavia porcellus will poop on your shirt.
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That, and this just lends itself to so many applications
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The temptation to do something this stupid is now too high The man, who regularly banks with Chase, stopped by the branch at 200 S. Dirksen Parkway about 11:15 a.m., picked up a blank withdrawal slip from a kiosk, filled it out and went to the counter, where he handed the slip to the teller. What he didn’t realize was that someone — possibly a practical joker — had scribbled, “This is a stickup,” on the back of the withdrawal slip he picked up. It is probably a good thing that I've never even...
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Ahab and I discuss open carry. My take? It should be more common. Not to "scare whitey" as Uncle puts it, but to simply show that just because someone carries a gun it doesn't make them violent. Remember, only .01% of guns in the US are ever involved in crime. Why are we hiding them? Don't know if it's possible to pass here in Florida, which is surprising given our status as the Gunshine state, but I'd love to try. IWB holsters can be uncomfortable and my wardrobe isn't super friendly to any...
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Something is up at Day by Day. Whatever it is, Chris, you're in my thoughts and prayers.
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But you will not, and I repeat NOT put my ashes in this. If there is an afterlife, I want to enjoy it in dignity.
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I think I'm going to have some of these made up and put them on a few cars Idea unabashedly stolen from Tam.
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Forget the S&W Model 500. Screw getting a 50 BMG. 577 T-Rex? Wimpy. Real men shoot a 20mm rifle. Now, pardon me while I go clean up. Hat Tip Tam, who probably won't appreciate the trackback with that title.
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So, I get back to work today and find that the past year and a half of my life at work is now purchasable through a third-party piece of software. Which is fine with me. This is something I preach to everyone. No matter how good you are, you are replaceable. But at least I've learned a tremendous amount and can apply that knowledge to other projects and with the hard stuff out of the way (if this product works as advertised) it will allow us to really polish our application to add some "wow"...
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Just kidding. I remained as motionless as possible. I was almost too scared to wipe. Time to board the airplane. See you all when I land.
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This is rich... “So wait,” he said sarcastically, “I’m not that kind of guy, but as soon as we get a gun I might just think, ‘Gosh, she made the omelets a little dry today, I think I’ll shoot her?” “Well,” I shrugged, “You never know.” I managed to put him off like this until we had kids -- then he finally gave up. He said now that we had kids in the house it wouldn’t make sense to have one anyway. He says we’d have to say to an intruder, “We weren’t expecting you tonight – could you give us...
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I've tried desperately to get my picture on People of the Gun but apparently either my emails aren't getting through or I pissed of the right person at the wrong time. I HAZ GUNZ AND LIKES TO SHOW DEM OFF
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Mom's been doing wonderful as far as getting around. Her and my aunt when out today for a while just to do some shopping and get out of the house. She's not needed to take any pain medication today at all which is wonderful. Unfortunately, though, the doctor called yesterday and upon further inspection, there did appear to be cancer in some of the lymph nodes. Needless to say this has depressed my mother tremendously. The doctor is still confident that they caught the cancer in time (early),...
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A percoset every few hours and she's running around almost like nothing happened. She's sore and can't move her arm much, but she's had no problems whatsoever. This morning she got up on her own, took a "bird bath", and even saw herself in the mirror and didn't seem to bother her at all. Either she's tough as nails or is hiding it perfectly. I'm voting for option one. Right now, I'm trying to fix her computer. It got hit by lightning a few months ago, and I figured it was the power supply. So I...
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So, I'm on the way home with my mother and my aunt using the wireless card I borrowed from work. Nothing interesting to say, I just thought it was kind of cool to blog from the backseat of a vehicle.
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Let me just say that this morning has been a little... rough. I only got 4 hours of sleep last night and none of it went uninterrupted. We (my aunt, mom, & I) made it to the hospital at 6:30 this morning. They have free coffee in the waiting room, and I loaded up on a little more than is probably healthy. They took my mom around 8 o'clock to pre-op and her surgery was scheduled for 9, but we saw her surgeon come in around 9:30 which meant she wasn't in yet. She probably went in around 10...
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While it is not a very well understood phenomenon (bordering on supernatural), airplanes that are completely full will attract many people who smell like urine.
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Just because you can shove everything you're taking into one bag doesn't mean you should. $50 for a 2 pound overage sucks. Oh, and declare a firearm. You get the absolute best looks from the TSA idjits.
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Mom goes in for surgery tomorrow to remove the cancer. I'm flying up to Atlanta today to provide moral support (as well as handyman services to her house). My aunt is a nurse and will be staying with us to help with bandages and the such since that's simply not something I can do. I don't like flying that much and with my mother going in for major surgery, I'm a little on the anxious side. My carry on will consist of an MP3 player, my wallet, and my keys. I'm checking my Glock, so I hope that...
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