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I don't know what type of political points you plan on scoring by putting blackface on Anthony Hopkins. If you're not careful, he'll eat your kidneys with a side of fava beans...
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Just upgraded to Subtext My normal skin broke. So for the time, enjoy Key West - designed by me anyway so I don't feel that guilty. UPDATE: Take that!
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Phil Haack recently released Subtext 1.9.2 codename "Shields Up". I didn't get it in time for the original release, but thankfully the updated version has some updates to my Key West skin. However, I know a lot of people might not want to do the full upgrade to yet. If you simply want the skin, you can get it right here. Just unzip these files directly over the Skins > KeyWest directory and you should be up and running. I'm very thrilled that my skin seems to be very...
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So, last night I finally started my quixotic task to catch up with Battlestar Galactica. I had ordered Season 1 Disc 1 from Netflix, but the bastards shipped me Disc 2. The problem is that, out of the box set, Disc 1 is actually the miniseries that started the whole shebang and Disc 2 is actually the beginning of the actual "season". So, it's a wee bit confusing. But I finally got things settled out and watched all 3 hours of the miniseries last night so I'm ready to start watching the real...
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Those bright red, octagonal signs that say "Stop"? They're not really a suggestion. Cops are picky about those kinds of details, it seems.
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YouTube withdrawal sucks. How am I supposed to stay productive at work without videos of drunken college students trying to juggle flaming lab equipment? Can't wait to get home...
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The kids on the ground are the ones paying for diplomacy where none is warranted. From Tree Hugging Sister, who sums up my frustrations with Iraq and the way the administration has handled and is handling it.
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They just started blocking YouTube from work. That frees up at least 3 hours a day for me to do other things. I wonder how much productivity loss YouTube has been responsible for?
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This was part of the fun I got to see at the concert last week. I will never be able to hear John Mayer's sing "Daughters" without picturing Sheryl Crow twirling a baton in a bikini. And diapered men walking around in animal heads. Makes me wish I had done acid in my youth so it would make some sort of sense.
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President Bush said that if illegal immigrants want citizenship they’d have to do three things: pay taxes, hold meaningful jobs, and learn English. Bush doesn’t meet those qualifications. PJ O’Rourke
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Off to see John Mayer and Sheryl Crow. You guys and girls behave yourself while I'm gone.
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My wife told me this story earlier today. My oldest daughter, Georgia, goes to preschool at our church. Wednesday's are 'Chapel' days where they go to the chapel and listen to the pastor. Today's topic was forgiveness. Georgia: I jumped on my bed this morning and cracked my head. Pastor: Well, I'm sure your mommy gave you forgiveness. Georgia: No, my mommy gave me Motrin! If you read that in Reader's Digest some day, just remember you saw it here first.
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So, NK popped a nuke? Let's assume for a minute that it was an actual nuclear device (there is some doubt, but not much), now what? First, the Republicans will point out how Clinton sold them the technology failing to point out how their current president failed to correct that mistake. At the same time, Democrats will point to Bush as failing to stop them failing to point out it was their president who gave them the technology. Both sides will argue ad nauseam about how it's the other's fault....
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In a poopy mood today. But I get to code. I mean, actually write the code, run the unit tests, fail, fix, rinse and repeat. Plus listening to a little Depeche Mode makes the time fly by. I forget how much fun the coding part of my job can be.
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Today's email is from Josue Hamlin Subject: always demand qualityHave you ever wondered how it would feel to wear a $10,000 watch or a $9,000 necklace. Well now is you chance. We have a complete line of high quailty replicated products. No one will ever notice the difference. Only you will know. So why w ait. Come visit us online and see for your self. [urlremoved].com If you do like the quiality of the product in the first 30 days Return it for a full re fund minus the shiipng...
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Click for larger She loves them. And she barely even flinched when they were done.
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I've said this before, but it bears repeating ... George Bush (and nor Bill Clinton) is no more to be blamed for, or given credit for, the great economic tides that govern our destiny, and it is sheer happenstance that GWB occupies the White House at a time when the first curling waves of a vast economic tsunami begin to wash up on our shores The president has minimal control over the economy. To blame or credit him with anything is just an easy way to "score points for your team" with no...
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So, at work I'm always on new development projects. I always assumed it was because I'm creative, can solve problems quickly, and have a great ability to learn new technologies in a flash. I'm starting to think now that it's because they don't trust me anywhere near production environments and guess I can't screw up the business working on new things.
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And hopefully I won't read about it in the news. Yesterday, on my way home from work, what appeared to be a homeless man was crossing the street. Normally, this isn't that big of a deal, homeless people cross streets all the time, but this one was different. "How was he different?" you ask? Well, for one, he was on a bicycle. This generally doesn't pop up on my radar of "hmm... something is fishy here" but the large, yellow pickaxe he was waving straight above his head at the cars did strike me...
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Latest Polling Shows: Only Forty-three percent of all Americans say that illegal immigration is a serious problem!! 6% of the respondents said "Unsure" while the other 51% replied "La inmigración no es una amenaza a mi manera de la vida."
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If there really is a hell, I'm probably going there for creating this... click to enlarge It was that or create an ad for the New Steve Irwin Stingray Experience at SeaWorld which was just as tasteless. 
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Just got this email chain at work From: PaulSubject:        Yankee candles The next marching band fundraising thing is here, and it's Yankee Candles. If you are interested I have some brochures and order forms at my desk. From: LavoniaSubject:        RE: Yankee candles What if you don't like the Yankees? ;) From: PaulSubject:        RE: Yankee candles The Confederate candles will be later in the month.  From: LavoniaSubject:        RE: Yankee candles Given those choices,Yankees have my...
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Senators get paid an annual salary of $165,200. That's chump change for most of them. No wonder they're out of touch with mainstream America. I'm all for someone making as much money as they can. I'm a die hard capitalist and believe that capitalism, while not perfect, makes the most sense. Capitalism takes a human fault (greed) and turns it into a positive force. So, I bear no grudge against these people having their money. I do, however, think they are not competent enough in reality to...
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At least pictures in my head. My Jeep's muffler took a dirt nap and it's at the shop getting repaired right now, so I'm having to work at home. The only place that's comfortable to sit for a long period of time on my laptop is the kitchen table. The desk in my office is already littered with keyboards and computers and there's no good surface to sit at in the bedroom. That means I get interrupted every 2.7 seconds by a wife or child. Georgia was just sitting here at the table with me, drawing...
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Just not much. Woke up this morning with White Lion's "When the Children Cry" stuck in my head. At least my incessant humming and pseudo-falsetto singing of it got it crammed in the Mrs' noggin too so I wasn't the only one suffering.
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