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(Posted on Virgil’s site as well) Ever since I started playing guitar back in the late 80s, I’ve always eyed the high-end customs. Eyed from a distance, well beyond the roped off areas because I never could afford one. But I’ve always wanted to go to a Gibson, Paul Reed Smith or Carvin and say “I want a guitar with this paint job, these pickups, and this neck” and have it made my way. Not because I’m a guitar god (I’m not. I’m not even a minor guitar deity) but a guitar can be a work of art...
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And he loves us.
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Until, you know, they actually can Police said the two officers were confronted by Eric Provost, 28, who wouldn’t drop his weapon, so the officers opened fire. … "These things happen in the blink of an eye," Mina said. "Our officers have to make split-second decisions." Mina said after the shooting, Mina said [sic] a military veteran who lives at the complex came outside with a gun. But he immediately complied with orders to drop his weapon. “Our officers, after just being involved in a...
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I’m offering free shipping on all blog posts.
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But I kind of want a Tavor SAR in .300 Blackout. $499 seems quite reasonable too. Anyone have any experience with Tavor?
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I suck as a blogger these days.
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