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Why I should have less rights than this city councilman? Why should I be banned from carrying a gun into [imaginary gun-free zone] while he isn’t? What “training” has he had that overrides my right to self defense?
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      To say I’m floored is an understatement. My GOD it’s beautiful.
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Well, they’re not together yet, but they will be. There's something amazing about seeing artwork you've done cut into pieces that will be inlaid into your custom guitar. What's really cool is that I recognize each shape as something I did in Illustrator, but rather than .25pt thick paths, they're actual, physical objects. If you’re on the bookface thing, don’t forget to check out the group for the build.
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But I’m not saying I didn’t either. Got a SpyderCo Sharpmaker over the weekend. Spent an ungodly amount of time sharpening everything I could get my hands on. Our kitchen knives were unbelievable dull so it took quite a bit of work to get them back into shape, but holy moly are they sharp now. I actually cut my thumb while drying the santoku, and it managed to do that through the dishtowel. Very, very fine cut too! I sharpened my Leatherman to razor-level. It shaves paper into tiny threads. My...
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Now everyone is getting into the game.
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Kevin Baker is stalking me… hmmm…
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On the Twitter machine this weekend, I saw some idjit getting retweeted about how under a free market, young children were forced into labor and that the state was the only thing stopping child labor. Then it hit me – they don’t really care about child labor unless it’s a labor they find distasteful. Child actors? That’s labor. Models for baby wipes? Labor. Selling Girl Scout cookies? Labor. So, if we really believed child labor was offensive, wouldn’t we say ALL of it is? Just a random...
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But need desperately. *Sigh* The worst part is I know the 10mm is boutique and not necessary and that a 9 will serve me just as well with more capacity, less recoil, and good enough performance for the .0000001% chance I’d need to pull my gun but I still can’t help but love the 10 in ways illegal in most Southern states.
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On Sunday I spent some time over at Virgil’s as we started work on my carved top. As you may or may not remember, my top was a big chunk of amazing flamed maple. Virgil sanded & trimmed the edges so that he could cut the board in half. The reason for this is to get a bookmatch, or mirroring of the grain. During the sanding, the smell was similar to pancakes – the sawdust had an almost sweet smell since maple syrup comes fr… uh, you get this, I’m sure I don’t need to explain. My board was a...
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Because we’ve got SLOTS! Tomorrow, he’s going to radius the fretboard (mine is on the bottom, the one on the top is for a build called ‘Steampunk’). Virgil has a neat machine for this – basically a giant belt of sandpaper and a swingset that the fretboard is taped to. He ‘swings’ the wood over the moving belt and magically creates an arc on the wood. If you’re of the bookface thing, you can see it in a photo gallery here. Once the radius has been put on, he can start inlay. And let me tell...
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Today's build specs revolve around the body of the guitar. I'm doing an X-15 with a carved top of flamed maple. Just like the Volcano, I will have a natural 'reveal' strip around the top to separate it from the body that will be made out of Sapele, often called African Mahogany. Originally I was going to just use alder wood for the body & paint it, but the more I looked around at the color scheme I want (that's another day!) the more I realized the wood itself would provide the contrast I...
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Virgil started work on my fretboard today. This makes the first physical work on it so I’ll mark today as its first day.  Bocote wood (top) Look at that gorgeous grain. One thing that was neat was looking at some of the fretboards that were sitting around. When they’re not glued down to a guitar, they look more like ukulele material than actual guitars.
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Met up with Virgil today and we went over the 'shopping' list. Over the next few days I'll go over each item and how my build is going to be and what I'm putting in it. Don't want to spill it all now and ruin it, so today, let's talk fretboard! I'm not a fan of ebony, and rosewood has a tendency to be too plain for me. Florida Rosewood is gorgeous, but with the color I've chosen for the body, I don't think the reddish hues would work, nor do I think the lighter strips in the wood would work. ...
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Man decapitates his mother with an ax The woman found murdered in Oldsmar on New Year's Eve was decapitated by her son with an ax, authorities said Thursday. Maria Suarez-Cassagne, 48, was found dead by another son Wednesday night and called authorities. Pinellas County Sheriff Bob Gualtieri said Christian Gomez attacked Cassagne after becoming upset when she asked him to put away some boxes. "He was upset because his mother for the last couple of days had been trying to get him to put these...
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