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Anyone here run a podcast that they would like a better intro / outro bumper? I’m thinking having an actual goal might be a worthy thing to pursue. Creating a full 3:00+ song stretches my abilities right now, possibly focusing on a little 30 second ditty (loopable, of course) might be a fun project. If you have a podcast that could use a good intro tune, drop me a line. If I think I can put something together that would fit the theme of the podcast, I’d do it pro bono as just a way to stretch...
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Want to take a “Learn to Code Bootcamp” in California? There’s regulation for that These bootcamps have not yet been approved by the BPPE and are therefore being classified as unlicensed postsecondary educational institutions that must seek compliance or be forcibly shut down. Got that? Any learning you do must be approved by the state. You see, you are too stupid to know if the course you are taking is working or not for you and the state is, by it’s very nature, smarter about these kinds of...
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Gibson gives the gov’t a middle finger salute Great Gibson electric guitars have long been a means of fighting the establishment, so when the powers that be confiscated stocks of tonewoods from the Gibson factory in Nashville—only to return them once there was a resolution and the investigation ended—it was an event worth celebrating. Introducing the Government Series II Les Paul, a striking new guitar from Gibson USA for 2014 that suitably marks this infamous time in Gibson’s history. Hat...
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Yesterday, I chaperoned my eldest’s 5th grade class to go swimming with manatees. My kids’ charter school partners with the local aquarium and they do many fieldtrips relating to aquatic life. It was 44° yesterday. Now, I’ve been in colder temperatures, but never soaking wet wearing nothing but a t-shirt and swim trunks. After a while, the wetsuits started acting against us and while they keep you nice and ‘not freezing’ while in the water, when you get out the wind started chilling them pretty...
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At the client’s this week. Not much time to post anything. Feel free to argue amongst yourselves.
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This weekend I took the family down to Reptile World Serpentarium. It’s like a mini-zoo for snakes with some pretty impressive specimens, plus they have a ‘milking’ twice daily that you can watch. Naturally that was the main attraction for us, so we were happy to see the show start. The guy who runs the place walks out and starts his spiel on how most snakes are misunderstood and how non-aggressive they are unless provoked. He spoke a bit on how the anti-venom is made, where they take the venom...
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Yesterday, the Big Brown Truck of Happiness dropped off my copy of Native Instruments Komplete 9. I had wanted a few of the synthesizers they offered, and it was cheaper to buy the whole set than two of them a la carte. It comes with 120gb of data. On 12 DVDs. Guess whose DVD player in his PC had not been used for so long he didn’t realize it had given up the ghost? *sigh* So, I used my work laptop and my wife’s laptop to copy the data onto the server, then copied it local to my box. Finally...
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Tam "Heck, Lowe's sells 90% Sten receivers on aisle 5." Tam is like the 1% of One-Liners while the rest of the 99% have to schlep around with jokes we cribbed from Reader’s Digest.
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Because you can’t make fully automatic weaponry with basic tools out of your garage! Or something.
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Word salad Seriously. Can you even remotely follow what this idiot is trying to say? I can understand the rhetorical trick of tossing in some random buzz-words to punctuate the content, but the content is a bunch of random words strung together to attempt to… I don’t really quite know. The only thing I get is this guy hates guns. Other than that, I’ve got nothing.
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From Caleb regarding his SHOT experience So many tactical beards. It’s like I’m surrounded by hipster-operators: My ops are so black you’ve probably never heard of them
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This is rock solid proof that civilization as we know it is through. 1984. Re-imagined as a romance. Starting Kristen Stewart. 'How many emotions can Kristen Stewart show, Winston?' None.' 'And if the party says that it is not none but two-- then how many?' 'None.' O’Brian paused. ‘You win this time, Winston. Even the party cannot doublethink her showing more than that. Let’s switch to fingers instead.’
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And when it’s their turn on the chopping block, resign themselves to “well, I’d vote for it again”
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Today I purchased Komplete 9 from Native Instruments. I’ve been learning how to do synthesis, and I’m starting to get a handle on how to do pretty basic sounds, and while I’m never going to be a legendary sound designer, I’ve got the idea on how to take an existing sound and modify it to suit my needs. Or in the case of Komplete, I’ve got something near 12,000 sounds and 120GB of samples to get me through. Anywho, just putzing around with some vocal slicing and I had this short ditty going –...
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I wonder if they make a 6.8SPC version of this? Because, nifty!
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iMac is learning guitar. We just signed Georgia up to take drum lessons. Sadly, none of us can sing worth a flip.
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This weekend I attended a memorial service for a friend of mine’s father. I had never met the man, but I needed to be there to show support for my friend and her family. While I never met him personally, I recognized the type of person he was. He was from the Philippines, and wanted to move to America. He joined the Army, before he even was a citizen, because he felt that the best way to show his support for his new home would be to protect it. When I was in Parris Island, at least 3 members of...
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But a drive in my computer decided to not look like a drive in my computer, which then the computer decided it’d try to help me and repair said drive, and something corrupted in my account. So now I’m rebuilding my user directory and trying to figure out why my server refuses to let me log in via mapped drives. This is why I am a developer and stay away from Sys Admin stuff.
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A guy pens a letter to the paper calling gun owners “Irrational”. Then, without the slightest bit of irony or self-humility says this And, although I don’t have documented evidence to prove this, it seems that the more guns a person owns, the more irrational he/she becomes. So, we now understand how really perilous owning a gun is and we have decided not to get one. Our intellect is too important to us to take the chance of corrupting it through gun ownership. Duane Colwell, Keystone Heights...
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Somewhere, sadly I can’t remember or I’d link to it, some schmuck was complaining that us gun nuts are dishonest because we hide behind ‘rights’ when really, what we want is to just be allowed to play with our guns and that we’re afraid to admit it’s more about having fun than anything else. Well, confusion over the ability to do two things at the same time aside (you can enjoy shooting AND protect rights!), I’ve always admitted guns are fun. There’s something enjoyable about hitting your...
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Over at Say Uncle’s, Mac has decided that I have gotten a bit too uppity for my own good and has taken the necessary steps of reminding me that I am, in fact, a vaginal cleansing agent More OC douchery from Robb, a guy who lives in a CC only state and gets he attention whoring on by organizing little fishing trips so his minion can stomp around with gats out in the open. Wow, all this time I thought that my admonishments to our group that we were to remain as non-confrontational and as...
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Or in this case, hate voice mail. As you know, Florida Carry has sued the University of Florida over their illegal rules regarding firearms on campus. This has lead to some interesting posts on Facebook, and most of them can be summed up with the transcript of the following voicemail (transcription error marked with bold) I just wanna know what the hell is wrong with you, my son goes. UCF. Why would you wanna give 18 year olds gun?  They can barely do their own laundry. You're a...
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Notice how we have some pretty differing opinions on open carry? Notice how we’re commenting to each other? Notice how I don’t erase comments that go against what I might believe? Notice how you all generally try to calmly explain your views because your goal is to change minds with logic rather than emotions? This is why we do better as a group than the anti’s. And I love you all for it.
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But I’ll try again. Hell, I’m trying to think of a way to prevent commenting until a reader can pass a test indicating they actually made it through the entire post before hammering the Fire Away button on the comments. I think I see the disconnect in my questions regarding the phrase “I prefer Concealed Carry because I like having the element of surprise.” When I think of ‘surprising’ someone in a combat situation, I think of ‘Ambush’. I walk down a street, looking meek and timid, trying to...
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My previous post was 100% misunderstood and instead of discussing a single aspect given as a reason for concealed carry that is logically unsound to me it turned into “OC v CC”. To be expected. People have such a hard-wired response to defend their choices that I figured as much would happen, but hey, hope springs eternal and all. In that vein, here I go again (because I’m a slow learner). Let’s take a simple, common example (and negative 100 points to the first person who has to tinker with...
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I’m not there, so I can’t see shit. And that sucks.
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I cannot, for the life of me, comprehend the argument against Open Carry that states “I prefer the element of surprise”. Nnot against it being legal, mind you, just the argument about the act of openly carrying. I get the fear about having your gun taken from you or that you’d be targeted by criminals. I disagree that this is statistically relevant, but I understand the natural inclination to avoid risk when possible. I also get the social stigma and the desire to avoid police encounters. I’m...
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It’s the person, not the tool DUBLIN — An Italian man allegedly cut open his Dublin landlord’s chest and tried to eat his heart following a fight over a chess match … Pathologists said the 39-year-old victim suffered dozens of severe knife wounds to his head and chest, which had been cut fully open. Ireland’s senior pathologist determined that the heart remained, but a lung was missing. Police offered no explanation for what happened to the lung. Evidence suggested that O’Gorman’s prone head...
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So, there was a shooting yesterday here in the Florida that was all over the radar in the AM on Twitter, and suddenly, when the shooter’s profile was ‘the wrong kind’, went dark. It would be a mistake to sweep this under the rug or to not admit the ugly truth. This is a situation that is often decried as the primary reason to ban guns that is so rare as to be statistical noise, but unfortunately is what it is – someone had a gun and in an emotionally charged situation, used it to kill another...
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Probably going to be a little lower than normal in the posting department as I’m starting a new contract with a company I worked at for 11.5 years prior. Totally new technology stack as well – rather than my normal gig of front end .Net work, it’ll be service level Java. It is my understanding a few of my readers are at this company, so if you see me, feel free to say ‘hi’. Anyway, it’s important I apply my time accurately so I’ll have to leave blogging to evenings & put it in the hopper...
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Miguel is reading through the MAIG emails so you don’t have to. My favorite part is someone asking Mark Glaze if he read an article in the NYT and he replied “I gave them the memo”. For all the effort, for all the money, for all the celebrity endorsements and man hours they put into this, they have very, very, very little to show. Meanwhile, we continue the real grassroots effort and are still moving the ball forward.
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Friday, January 10, 2014For Immediate Release Gainesville FL - Florida Carry, Inc. has today filed a lawsuit against the University Florida (UF), seeking a permanent injunction to protect the rights of students, faculty, and the public from the university’s illegal and unconstitutional regulations prohibiting firearms and weapons on all university property. Since 1987 the Florida Legislature has preempted firearms law and issued state-wide licenses to carry for self-defense.  In December...
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Something want is probably sitting in someone else’s house, just getting in their way and they’ll sell it to you dirt cheap. If any guitarists out there would like a Zoom G3 effects pedal, I’m selling mine.
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Got a call from the Mrs. yesterday as I was leaving work to pick up the kids from school regarding a raccoon in our yard. My initial reaction was “aaaaaand?” because raccoons are wild animals and do things like walk into your yard at their leisure. I then had to (jokingly) tell her “I can’t shoot the damned thing from here.” The sad part is I couldn’t shoot it when I got home either. Mostly because we have a particular neighbor who has the cops on speed-dial for the slightest annoyance (only...
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And already, the “Best Headline of 2014” has already been claimed. Cormac McCarthy’s Ex-Wife Pulls Gun From Vagina During Argument Over Aliens
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Related. Complete with Titty Sprinkles When you read something on the interweb tubes, you’re bound to assign a voice to it. Many times it’s probably your voice, but often people assume a tone and timbre for a particular person, especially if they’ve read them for a while. There’s another phenomenon I’ve noticed – if you are politically misaligned with that person, suddenly you find their tone hostile and angry. I don’t have any particular links because this happens everywhere there are...
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Chicago’s ban on purchasing handguns goes against it.
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Trying to save up some cash for some new toys. Anyone need any logo / blog-banner work?
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ISSUE: Law abiding gun owners have been prosecuted for simply drawing their firearms to deter an assailant, drawing jail time, and in some cases, a felony conviction which bars them from possessing a firearm indefinitely.  BACKGROUND: The passage of Florida's 10-20-Life law was a blessing to the law-abiding citizens of the state...and simultaneously became a curse when abused by overzealous prosecutors. There are some gun-hating states attorney whose blind hatred for firearms cause them to...
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Dick Metcalf whines to the NYT about his treatment by us nasty gun owners and wonders if he’ll ever work in the industry again. $5 says he eventually becomes a Brady board member.
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Can’t stand the pot sub-culture – Still glad CO legalized it and hope the rest of the world soon follows. Key point I think pot laws and most drug laws are paternalistic. They are a vehicle for the majority of society expressing their distaste for a certain lifestyle, in the guise of helping the wayward find a better way of living. But we really ought to respect other citizens as adult, free human beings. And freedom means the freedom to make mistakes, or, if not mistakes, to make choices the...
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Ends in confiscation just the same.
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Even raging stoners can understand it In a historic swirl of commerce and cannabis, the world's first stores licensed to sell marijuana legally to anyone 21 or older opened in Colorado on Wednesday. From Telluride to Denver, thousands of people cheerfully stood in lines for hours to buy legal marijuana after presenting nothing more than identification. … Stores were charging $30 to $50 — and sometimes more — for an eighth of an ounce of marijuana, which is slightly to significantly higher...
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Demystifying FL Gun Laws for FL Lawyers Nobody should expect an attorney to be an expert in every area of the law.  There are just too many laws, which each and every one of us must follow to the letter, for any attorney to fully understand them.  There are all kinds of resources out there for lawyers who want to get up to speed on an area of the law but, as you may expect, few resources on Florida gun and weapon laws. And Florida Carry is remedying that.
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One thing that has completely absorbed my interest over the holiday has been this simple item right here Yes Ladies & Gentlemen, a simple sine wav. Sounds like this & if you’re interested and a great tutorial on the whole concept here. What makes it fascinating is that practically all synthesizers use that very basic waveform to create every imaginable sound under the sun. There are a million ways to approach synthesis, be it FM, Ring modulation, wave table, sample-based, additive...
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3360x1050 Unless I get another monitor or two, that should suffice for the next three hundred and sixty five.
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Fill in the blank with whatever expletive you’d like. I like to keep the blog interactive to my readers.
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