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Yeah, pretty much like this. I drink Starbucks every day, but that’s because I buy their Sumatra by the bag full. However, I’ll be making a special trip on the 14th so I can get a cup ‘o joe and a scone.
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I don’t know what dictionary you’re using bub, but in my copy of Webster’s, Cliché has a link to your post. I’m so hetero, it hurts. I love a good set of breasts and a firm butt like nobody’s business. I also love guns almost as much. Technically more since I can touch someone else’s guns without the Mrs. stabbing me in the neck with a set of poultry shears. If I wanted to see both at the same time, there's definitely a place for that. And yes, sometimes there are naughty bits involved. Yet,...
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A lever action styled like an AR. For some reason, that tickles my GOTTA HAVE THAT bone.
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Very little assembly required.
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Those who know me know that I am a utilitarian person by nature, especially when it comes to guns. I don’t all misty eyed and nostalgic for classic 1911’s and wheel guns and I’m the last person you want to own something of historic nature. Because Imma gonna shoot the damned thing. That isn’t to say I don’t have… yearnings. I think we all do. However, my frugalness (read – broke ass) generally prevents me from spending money on things that would be more  akin to toys than real gear. But...
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Florida Carry is thrilled to see that CS/HB 463, a bill that allows any soldier, regardless of age to be able to obtain a concealed weapons permit in Florida, has now passed two hurdles with unanimous votes. Concealed Weapons or Firearms; Provides that otherwise qualified members & veterans of U.S. Armed Forces be issued concealed weapon or firearm license regardless of age in certain circumstances; provides additional methods for taking of fingerprints from such license applicants;...
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Got the Hornady Lock & Load completely set up last night. There are a few parts I need to go pick up in order to load .40, but I had everything I needed to load 10mm so I grabbed all my gear and got busy. Working on a progressive is a bit different than working on the Lee Turret. I don’t have the automatic case or bullet feeder, so each pull requires I grab one of each and place them in their appropriate spot. This takes a little bit of practice and needless to say I missed it a few times....
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So the other night I had a dream that Massachusetts and Florida started a war. I remember trying to call JayG to ask him what the hell was going on, but I couldn’t get through. It got me to thinking though – Who would win. I mean sure, MA has Jay and his arsenal of stabby things and Florida is overrun with blue-haired ladies driving 45 on the freeway, and yes most Massachusettsians are already angry about living there, but I’d have to give a slight edge to my home state. Seriously, have you...
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Die in a fire. Thanks.
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Near confrontation at Dick’s this morning As I approached the door I saw them watching me and assumed that they were going to hit me up for a dollar, so while keeping track of them with my peripheral vision I avoided making eye contact to reduce the opportunity get my attention. The decision was a mistake. … About 10yrds from the Jeep I spot the “youts” on the far side (drivers side) and they look surprised to see the security guard with me. At this point I felt pretty sure this...
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When the fire is one of freedom, you want it to spread. NRA is alerting members on two bills proceeding in Pennsylvania. One is a bill to give some teeth to our preemption provision, HB1523, sponsored by Daryl Metcalfe. This bill does not go nearly as far as the Florida law, but at least puts the municipality on the hook for legal fees and damages. HB45 was an amazing piece of work. Illegal gun laws dropped off the books on their own accord and even Miami folded like a cheap lawn chair...
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A few months ago, my daughters expressed interest in Nerf guns. Being a gun guy, I thought it was a cute idea and both girls purchased some Nerf revolvers. It seems that in today’s times, Nerf is primarily a weapons manufacturer. The girls love setting up their toys and knocking them over or shooting each other in the butt. For Christmas, my wonderful girls got me the same model so we can all play. I love my girls!
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On the addition to Correia 2.4. I sense, due to sleep deprivation, that the editors on the next Monster Hunter book are going to be wondering why Owen is toting around a ‘binky’ and a ‘fresh nappy’.
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He won’t be facing any charges on the whole Sandusky affair, so he has that going for him.
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This weekend, I found myself in one of those situations where I didn’t have a gun on my person and needed to go somewhere. This is a rare thing for me and yes, I could have easily taken an extra 5 to 10 minutes to go back inside, change into something that would allow me to carry, and then slap a pistol in the waistband, but I didn’t. According to the anti’s, it would be impossible for me to leave my driveway without my penis-compensator as I am too afraid to exist in the world without it. ...
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Loader, that is. A friend of mine was looking to offload his Hornady Lock-N-Load press and I jumped at the opportunity. So now I don’t have an excuse for not loading up a bajillion rounds a week and hitting the range a lot more often. I love my Lee Turret press. It got me into reloading and did a good enough job. I will keep the press as a single stage for doing rifle loads, but the Hornylady is going to be my financial savior for competition. Then again, it could possibly be my financial...
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Freak washing machine accident boils lab monkey alive I’ve been to parties like that. Hat Tip ChrisM in #gunblogger_conspiracy
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Etta James, dead at 73
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What I say - “I think we should scale back the government” What they hear – “I want to abolish all government and let orphans and the elderly starve to death in the freezing cold”. What I say – “I think we need to get rid of the NEA and let the states handle education” What they hear – “I hate education and want to abolish schools” What I say – “There is too much regulation that is killing business” What they hear – “I want pure anarchy where we allow fat-cat CEOs to force migrant...
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Coonan .357 1911 style pistol. Because… well, just because. Update – Now with moving pictures!
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I just realized that, should I attempt to clean a firearm in an attempt to make it more reliable, some lawyer might nail me to the wall for ‘modifying’ my gun, making it more deadly. It could happen dammit!
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From commenter BobbleHead  Mike Seems to me, if you get robbed at gunpoint, shoot back, you should take the dead goblin's wallet/purse. That makes you a goblin. Then you get a candle too. Two candles! Everybody gets a candle today. That’s Brady logic for you!
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But Larry Correia says is much better As for all of the people out there on the internet having a massive freak out about the government potentially damaging something they love… WELCOME TO THE PARTY. You think this is something new or unusual? Nope. This is just about a topic that you happen to be familiar with. If you fall into that camp, I want you to take a deep breath, step back, and examine all of the other issues in the past that you didn’t know jack squat about, but your knee...
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A few weeks ago, I was approached by Ryan of Louisville Leather to see if I’d be interested in reviewing some of his holsters to help get the word out about his business. I was delighted to help and Ryan sent me this beautiful holster for my M&P 40. I am simply amazed at the quality that a small company can deliver. I’m far from a leather-smith but I can easily tell that these holsters are solid, well stitched, and designed well. It carried perfectly, sitting just right on my belt and...
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Holding your breath until your blog / website / Facebook profile goes black ain’t gonna get the job done folks. CALL your misrepresentatives. Don’t email, don’t just assuming clicking an “I agree with this petition” button is enough, call their office. Voice your displeasure, but do it in a calm, reasonable voice. Don’t threaten, don’t be passive aggressive. Let them know (if you truly believe it) that if they do not vote against these craptacular bills that they will not be receiving your...
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I’m just lazy.
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Funny thing. Paul Helinski’s name on the search engines are not trending in a way he’d be happy about. And his name is being used as a punch line in a bunch of comments. This morning I got a Guns America email blast which I immediately unsubscribed from. As a measly blogger, I’m not worthy of his company’s attention so I don’t want to bother his email server by requesting information I can get from blogs anyway.
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Took Georgia to a sushi restaurant for some Daddy / Daughter time. She loves California rolls, so I broadened her sushi-vocabulary by introducing her to Bagel (raw salmon and cream cheese), Tako (octopus), and Volcano rolls. I was trying to remember what was in volcano rolls and found… this. Remind me not to eat there!
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Although I’m still trying to figure out how she was robbed at gunpoint A University of Florida student was robbed of her purse at gunpoint early Friday morning, according to the Gainesville Police Department. No one was injured during the holdup. The mugger was thankfully safe from any sort of counter attack from his victims. When reached for comment, the Brady Campaign said they would not consider lighting a candle for the women because they were not ‘truly victims of gun violence’.
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The news. It is good. Hat tip, Tango.
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Dear Tile Manufacturers, I hope you die in a fire. Sincerely, R I mean, seriously. I can buy an 18x18 piece of tile for $2.50 but the same stuff in a 6x3” bullnose costs $4.95? WTF? It wouldn’t be that bad if I didn’t need 53’ of the shit, but JUST the threshold to my shower will cost more to tile than the interior, and that’s bullshit.
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Why is it the man preached peace and love, regardless of skin color, yet you’d not want to walk down any street named after him when it’s dark?
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Since nothing starts the week off like drama, let me brush the silky coat of the Llama and parade it around a bit. So, there’s been a bit of a disagreement on carrying the Apex FSS for self defense because some people claim it is an unsafe trigger. I don’t see it this way, so I’m going to hash out my feelings here in this post and let people battle it out in the comments. Here’s the catch, Tam herself claims to consider it unsafe, and in my world “Tam said so” is not an appeal to authority...
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Drink warning
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Too bad all the holes are in your foot. The point Guns America is making is actually valid. Many people start blogging in hopes of getting free stuff or believe that their audience is much larger than it really is. I have about a thousand readers a day, many of them regulars (and I love each and every one of you!). There are other gun bloggers who dwarf my traffic who I wouldn’t piss in their mouth if their teeth were on fire nor would I take a lick of advice about guns from but there are...
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Florida Senior Citizen shoots burglar The 82-year-old homeowner woke up at 6 a.m. after hearing someone at his backdoor, the report said. He armed himself with a .45 automatic and fired a single shot through the door, the report said. The suspected burglar was hit in the abdomen and likely died minutes later. The suspect was described as a white male in a ski mask who was carrying a hammer and screwdriver at the time of the shooting. Police have tentatively identified the suspect as the...
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My Apex Forward Set Sear & Trigger kit showed up yesterday in the mail. Through the magic known as ‘rote memory’ I was able to uninstall the suck stock trigger and get the FSS put in. I have lots of pictures and will be doing a step by step write up for the betterment of all the Interweb tubes later on this. Once installed, I was in gun-nerdvana. My GOD, it’s as close to a SA trigger as you could ever expect from a striker fired pistol. And, just as I remembered, it’s difficult to...
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Or in this case, the many knifed man This is the astonishing moment a crazed attacker stormed into a supermarket armed with an arsenal of knives including a hockey stick with a blade on the end. David Millington, 37, then launched an attack on a security guard at a Morrisons in Wolverhampton over a grudge he had held since he was seven years old. He went to the supermarket wearing a tool belt that contained kitchen knives and a makeshift shield, the city's crown court heard. The...
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If you cannot afford to pay for it right now, you cannot afford it. This is bad debt. You do not need to pay financing on a firearm. It does not benefit you in any shape, form, or fashion. Sadly, many people will chime in with “justifications” out the wazoo on why this is a good idea and how wonderful it is to have a high credit score so that you can purchase more items you don’t need on credit so you can raise your credit score so you can… well, you get the gist. You want an M&P15 for...
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The Mrs. and I are remodeling our master bathroom. Because the budgeting process works so well, we’ve managed to save up enough to go ahead and remodel the shower as well, which means retiling. After what seemed like forever, we finally found some tile we both agreed on. Talked to the guy at the tile store and he said he’d give us a call with pricing. He didn’t. So I called him back and left a message. Also sent an email. 3 days later he calls and leaves a message. I call him as soon as I got...
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Let’s say you are forced to deploy your firearm in self defense and end up shooting your attacker(s). As we’re playing worst-case scenario here, let’s assume the shots are fatal. Now what? What are your plans? Do you have a lawyer on speed dial? What do you say to the police? Do you also have plans to deal with any mental anguish you might have? Do you have clergy you can talk to (should you be of a religious bent) or a psychologist? Are your family members the type that would be supportive...
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Both my daughters are selling Girl Scout cookies, as is their wont. This year, there’s an extra field to order boxes of cookies to send to the troops overseas. I guarantee you, our men & women stationed around the world greatly appreciate getting them as care packages. If any of my wonderful readers would like to donate a box, please hit my tip jar and I will place those orders for you. Each box is $3.50 and there’s no limit to the amount of joy you can send! My girls appreciate it, and...
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“Give GIECO another chance!” Sure! As soon as GEICO gives me a quote that’s not 2x everyone else, I’ll think about it!
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There’s nothing I can say to add to this.
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A lack of pants. I can live with that.
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Got an email from AT&T talking about how I can save money on my monthly bill by purchasing a more expensive plan. I had no idea AT&T was government ran!
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This was NOT a good move, was it?
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So, because we’re experiencing a rather brutal winter here in Florida, I decided to wear slightly longer shorts yesterday and go shoot a round of sporting clays with a buddy of mine. We went to Fish Hawk Sporting Clays which was a pleasant surprise that it’s not so far away from me. Nice clay range too with sporting clays, 5 stand, and trap available. Because I have the awesome Epic HD cam I got from I figured I’d take it along for some awesome POV footage of me tackling the...
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Ask yourself this – Will a thug stop because he thinks his intended victim lit a candle the night before or because his intended victim might be armed with a  gun?
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Weer’d Beard came up with a great idea for a counter protest to the Brady’s “Light a candle to prevent gun violence” and I thought it was a great idea. Here is my offering. What makes this particular picture special is that what you see is an actual firearm that was used to prevent violence. As a ‘gun violence survivor’, I am alive today because I had that particular Dan Wesson .357 in my car while driving up to reserve duty. Had I not had that pistol in my front seat, I would have surely...
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New PC at work 12 cores (24 if hyperthreading is turned on). 24 Gigs of memory. 512Gb of SSD for the main drive and a Terabyte thrown in for good measure. This is a DESKTOP, not a server!
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Planning on upgrading my reloading gear. I have a Lee Turret press right now which is too slow for really cranking out rounds and, honestly, the tolerances of the press aren’t that hot and consistency is an issue. So, it’s down to the Hornady Lock & Load or a Dillon 550. Reading this, (where I picked up from Lyle as he’s thinking about the same thing) I’m leaning toward the Hornylady. Cost is important, and I’m not really going to be loading thousands of rounds a week where the Dillon 650...
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From the City of Miami Commission meeting minutes from 11/17/11 George Wysong: Thank you. George Wysong, assistant City attorney, City of Miami. We're respectfully asking you to approve SR.2 for no other reason than to protect my Commissioners here because the statute essentially goes after the Commissioners. It says that you're subject to a $5,000 fine. The City cannot expend public funds to defend you. And ultimately, it could be removal from office. Commissioner Suarez: Move it. ...
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From spike in #gunblogger_conspiracy <spike> Michelle Obama Jokes: 'I Kind Of Like' Being Called Your Excellency'... <spike> I like calling her "former first lady"
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Here’s the thing - I love the way the Apex AEK feels in my M&amp;P40. It’s a glass-break and the lighter spring is smooth and easy. However, I didn’t realize that what I really wanted was the Forward Set Sear and Trigger Kit. I was under the impression that the difference between the two was the physical trigger, but that’s not the case. The sear is totally different. So, what I’m thinking is that I don’t want to eat $95 and then turn around and spend another $150+. I’d be willing to sell my...
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Or is this a facepalm moment? The anti’s truly believe that, had guns not been allowed in National Parks, the shooting in Mt. Rainier would not have happened. You see, crazy people do not care about taking human lives nor are they concerned with any punishment for their actions, unless of course that punishment revolves around getting busted for carrying a gun. Then they’re all like “Whoa! The death penalty for murder I can deal with, but 5 extra years for carrying a gun across an imaginary...
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I’m going to brag for a second. You know how after Christmas you’ve got credit card bills out the wazoo? I don’t. In fact, we had left over money this year that we didn’t spend, and it’s not like we were chintzy on the gifts. What the Mrs. and I did was budget how much we were going to spend for Christmas or birthday gifts, divide that amount by the number of months left in the year (we didn’t start this until midway through the year in 2011), and then put that money away each month. Come...
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Each year, millions of people come up with silly resolutions for the new year that never seem to come to fruition. Lose 10 pounds, get that gym membership, thaw the bodies from the deep freezer, etc. but somehow, the months slide by and the weight stays on, the gym only sees you once, and every time you try to toss in a bag of frozen peas, you curse yourself under your breath as there is no more room. I’m not going to bore you with my personal resolutions. Nosireebob. I’m going to bore you...
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Yesterday, to start off the new year, I smoked a Boston Butt (note to self, make sure you get BONELESS next time!). I received some Mango BBQ sauce from Say Uncle for Christmas and I was dying to try it out, so I used Uncle’s dry rub as well and… damn… That cracker knows something about BBQ!   This was a 4 1/2 lb. shoulder, so this is the quantities I used for the rub 1 c. Brown sugar 5 tbsp. Kosher salt 5 tbsp. Garlic powder 5 tbsp. Mustard powder 2 tbsp. Cumin ...
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Happy new year folks! For the 3 of you paying attention, you’ve probably noticed a distinct lack of blogging over the past few weeks (although you gotta admit, the quality of the silence has been amazing!). The end of the year is a busy time and blogging had to take a back seat for a while, but no more. It’s a new year and there’s plenty to do and talk about here. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and a safe new year and is as excited as I am about the next 365 days we’ve got ahead....
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