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In a recent news article, Senator Ellen Bogdanoff (R) spoke against Senate Bill 234 that would allow Floridians the choice as to if they openly carry their firearms or not by saying there is a way to solve the ‘printing’ issue without allowing Open Carry. I have written her a polite email and, if you are a Floridian, I  ask that you do the same. My letter is as follows Dear Senator Bogdanoff, I am writing concerning your position on Open Carry outlined in the Sun Sentinel...
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japete is not only an anti-gun shill, she’s apparently also a cartoonist! Well, she might not be a cartoonist, but her positions are definitely cartoon worthy!
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It’s almost a cliché in the gunnie circles that “The Second protects the First”. I’m a firm believer in the saying because there’s a lot of truth to it. Dr. Suzanna Gratia Hupp once said How a politician stands on the Second Amendment tells you how he or she views you as an individual… as a trustworthy and productive citizen, or as part of an unruly crowd that needs to be lorded over, controlled, supervised, and taken care of. Unfortunately, I think this goes well beyond politicians....
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I review a single box of ammunition. And there was wine involved before the writing.
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When the world finally collapses, there will be no dry-cleaners to service my Wookie suit. So, I’ll be standing amongst the rubble saying “I told you so” while looking like I caught the mange.
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Egypt has it for their Internet At 22:34 UTC (00:34am local time), Renesys observed the virtually simultaneous withdrawal of all routes to Egyptian networks in the Internet’s global routing table. Approximately 3,500 individual BGP routes were withdrawn, leaving no valid paths by which the rest of the world could continue to exchange Internet traffic with Egypt’s service providers. Virtually all of Egypt’s Internet addresses are now unreachable, worldwide. This is why there should be...
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By training with rimfire ammunition.
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I’m getting sick and tired of every time I see that damnable Chiappa Rhino, I go crazy with lust. Can we please stop posting sexy pictures of it? Please? My willpower is weak as it is, I don’t need such temptations. I also don’t have $800 (mostly because you cheap bastards like to come here and laugh at me without hitting the tip jar).
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Studio Multitracks has audio taken from studio sessions, isolating specific items like just the vocals, drums, or guitar work. I’m digging the Alice In Chains section. This stuff is invaluable for bands who want to do covers. We didn’t have this kind of access to the music when I was playing. I’d have been able to nail down parts much better. Fascinating.
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Just intuition, nothing solid or anything I can back up with links and whatnot, but I believe we’re going to see a stealth attempt at some pretty strict gun control within the next few years. Hear me out. As much as I want to see Obama leave after one term in shame, I’m not confident it will happen. I like Palin, agree with what she says, but do not see her as President material. But, watching the GOP turn on her gives me the feeling they’re going to go with yet another Democrat-Lite like...
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Would probably be just as misleading about its true size. I’ve always giggled that my .357 can spit out .38’s. And I guess 10mm sounds much better than 10 and four twenty fifths mm. Hat tip Gun Nuts
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Poor widdle Bwadys. Did the mean ol man who you blew your collective little wad over leave a bad taste in your mouth? Maybe it’s about time to realize when the one person who, in all regards, should be calling for stringent gun control completely blows you off (but promises to call you later, when no one else is looking) that it’s time to turn off the lights and find another set of rights to crap all over.
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I review some 9mm cartridges over at One thing that sucks about reviewing ammo is that I have to show you my groupings. I see other reviewers having groups they can cover with a split pea whereas my groups require something akin to a cantaloupe. I’m not the world’s best shot, but at least I can tend to keep groupings at 10 yards within 2”. I think I’m going to have to start using Photoshop to tighten things up a bit. I decided to shoot offhand instead of the bench rest...
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Brady Campaign Response on SOTU Speech in picture form
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In the comments to another post, commenter RWC pointed out this knee-slapping article at the NYT entitled The Myth of the Hero Gunslinger. Full of so much PSH that, if covered on the evening news, would increase the stock price of Depends undergarments ten fold, this article tries to whitewash years of increased gun ownership without the correlating rise in death by firearm that they want claim should happen. The comments are just full of face-palming moments with people confusing ‘anecdote’...
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Are videos worth 1,798,200 words per minute? SWAT Magazine has video up from the SHOT show.
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I just got a search hit from Phoenix Life Insurance, looking for someone with my exact name. Are insurance policy writers now scanning the web to find out more about potential clients and their life choices, or was it someone with my name who works there doing a vanity search? Interesting to think about. I know plenty of people who try to remain anonymous on the web for similar scenarios, most of them revolve around not wanting to have issues at their current or future places of employment....
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Wyoming senate passes Constitutional Carry. Still has to go through the House, but it looks good for Wyoming. We at Florida Carry are paying close attention to these events and will be following in the footsteps as time goes on. Our first goal is to get Open Carry legalized. While Constitutional Carry is a great goal, it wasn’t something that was politically feasible. A bill to demand Constitutional Carry would not have seen the light of day whereas the bills for OC and adding teeth to...
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From Volokh Yes. For those enamored of gun control legislation, the law’s intent is often unrelated to it’s effectiveness. The discussion revolves around guns in churches, but the irony is that the religion revolves around gun control.
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But damn if I haven’t thought the same thing many times. I’m kinda struggling with the possibility that the Brady Bunch, the VPC, the CSGV, MAIG and that other group whose anus provides sustenance to Bryan Miller might actually be NRA front groups. It’s so crazy… yet…
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But Chance explains how to make it suck less with a review of the Executive pocket holster. For my pocket carry, I prefer to rely on “Oh dear God, don’t make me have to fish this abomination out of my pocket and have to actually shoot it” rather than any other thing that could make it easier.
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Joe does some simple math to show the costs of gun registration. But hey, can you really put a price tag on totalitarianism, especially when it’s for the chiiiiiiildren?
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Second Amendment or First. Pick one and only one. A Colorado radio station owner who aired an editorial denouncing the holiday honoring Martin Luther King Jr. has lost his gun permit. Nothing like airing an unpopular opinion and then having your rights taken away. From the way the article is written, the radio station owner lost his permit for allowing someone else to speak. It’s difficult for people to put aside their personal opinions for what is morally right. I didn’t hear the...
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This past week I received a beautiful Talon holster from Dennis at Dragon Leatherworks to review. It’s sad that here in Florida the best I can do with this is wear it around the house or wait for my monthly fishing event because OWB carry is amazingly comfortable and this was a really, really nice holster. The first thing I got when I opened the package was that wonderful smell of leather and dye. The holster is a beautiful black with a rough interior and smooth exterior. The holster was...
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As many people know, during the recent American Library Association national convention, the FCC released a statement declaring their intent to ban the import of specific books into the United States. The new ruling is to be similar to bans in the Weimar Republic back in the 1930’s. The law looks to target certain books based on the number of foreign words or pages in them and while not naming Manga comics directly, it has indicated that books that serve no ‘entertainment purposes’ would not be.
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And then there’s Customer Service Looks like I might have some graphics competition from Cheaper Than Dirt
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For those living under a rock, TJIC is a Massachusetts blogger who posted a fairly offensive post regarding the Giffords shooting. Now, I’ve said some pretty harsh things regarding politicians that involved ropes, trees, and various assembly methods. I’ve mentioned that I hope certain individuals ‘die in a fire’. Pretty much, it was hyperbole as I am sure TJIC’s post was as well, just without a lot of tact. Regardless of how I personally feel about the content of his post, the fact that...
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Because Go Piss Up A Rope wouldn’t fit in the little box. State Representative Kelli Stargel has filed a bill that would require teachers to grade the parents of the students. HB 255 - Parental Involvement and Accountability in the Public Schools states Parental Involvement and Accountability in the Public Schools: Specifies purpose to provide information & tools to parents of preK-12 students & to set standards for parental accountability; specifies causes for student...
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The oldest wanted to go see the Hall of Presidents. They really pay attention to detail when they design their robots. Obama’s teleprompter looked realistic as hell. (Shameless stolen from in #gunblogger_conspiracy)
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A woman defends herself with a vacuum while waiting 35 minutes for the cops to show up WILLIAMSON COUNTY, Tenn. - A Williamson County woman fought off an intruder with a vacuum cleaner. She was desperate for help, waiting for almost 35 minutes for law enforcement to arrive. … "It was really terrible, I had to beat him out the door with a vacuum cleaner," said Amber Brinkley. And all the while, no deputy at the door. Thirty. Five. Minutes. The burglar realized that he...
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Just got a call from a neutron star. It wants it’s title of “Densest Object in the Known Universe” back. Alas, japete has that award sewn up. japete argued that MLK was a complete pacifist and would never have approved of guns. When showed proof of the Deacons of Defense, her response is I am just amazed that you guys are trying to rewrite commonly held American views on what happened during the awful period with the KKK and civil rights. It is disconcerting that you actually believe...
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Dear Journalists, This is a 30 round clip of ammunition Got it? Thanks! Love, Annoyed Gun People Everywhere Hat tip to Weer'd Beard  for the images of clips.
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Until a news crew is on their way to interview you. Wish me luck. Update The interview was quick. They’re looking for sound bites regarding the Open Carry bill (SB234) that’s gaining steam here in Florida. I am a board member for Florida Carry, I’m also the coordinator for the Tampa area Open Carry Fishing Events, and being that this was a Tampa area station, it was my turn to sit in front of the camera. I’ll keep you up to date on when it airs. I don’t get the TV station on my...
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MJ Mollenhour tries out the Chippendale’s ChiaPet Chiappa Rhino I got to fire the Chiappa Rhino revolvers today at the SHOT show’s Media Day at the Range.  This review is short because what I wanted most to experience was Chiappa’s claim of “drastically” reduced recoil.  I mean, really, to refer to a .357 magnum revolver as “tamed” is quiet an assertion. I’ve seen the videos. Muzzle flip seemed .38 Special more than .357 Magnum. But was it hype and selective editing? Read MJ to...
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Seems like the gun banners you argued with last week are the ‘pro-gun bloggers’ you debate against today. It’s the same people over and over and over. No wonder they’re practically irrelevant.
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Say Uncle brought my attention to this interesting way to purchase a magazine repair kit There are currently no federal restrictions on the sale of high capacity magazines, but several states do have their own restrictions. High capacity magazines can be disassembled into repair kits for shipment to states with high capacity magazine bans. This allows customers to repair magazines that they already legally own. There is a per magazine service charge for disassembling a magazine into a...
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I saw somewhere that somebody of the left-leaning persuasion was aghast that in modern times people could believe in such nonsense. You would think that with all the evidence at one’s disposal, the belief that somehow the stars determine the events of your life would be impossible to buy into to. Yet we still have newspapers prints columns on it every day and the shifting of the Zodiac calendar is considered newsworthy. Funny, I feel the same thing about those (both left and right) who...
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Unfortunately, the article I had the link to is pay only, but suffice it to say the push to get Open Carry in Florida is still on and lawmakers realize that the actions of an insane person have no bearing on the right to keep and bear arms. “I have no reservations about pushing the bill, we are one of four states that doesn’t have open carry. It’s the right thing to do,” said Senate Criminal Justice Chairman Greg Evers, R-Baker. “The only way to stop a perpetrator is with equal force.” ...
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40 Super? Are you kidding me?
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Two guys, one with a “hi-cap” and one with an 8 rounder. Total time difference between hitting all the targets? 2 seconds.
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The Samsung Captivate. I was waffling between the two (Captivate and iPhone 4). The Captivate was $50 cheaper, but I was thinking I could keep everything as it was with the iPhone. I was discussing my dilemma with the AT&T assistant, and he was saying if I could wait two months, there was a new Android that would have a million more features that I probably would never use. Alas, not being able to make calls now was an issue and I really was already tired of trying to decide what I wanted....
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Well, my iPhone 3G has gone from ‘slow, and damn near useless’ to ‘completely $#^&ing useless’. The home button simply does not work and every time I upgrade the software, something else breaks. I didn’t find out until after I upgraded to iOS4 that you shouldn’t do that to a 3G, and there’s no real way to get it back without going all sorts of ape-shit with hacks. So, I need to get a new phone being that if I need to make a phone call tout de suite, it’s quite possibly I’ll actually have...
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Unlike some organizations who attempt to airbrush any story that doesn’t benefit them, I prefer to remain intellectually consistent, even if autocorrect stepped in to tell me I misspelled intellectually. In this case, Robert Levy, a key player in Heller has thrown us under the bus with this little bag of flaming poo Robert A. Levy, who served as co-counsel in the landmark Supreme Court case that established a Second Amendment right to bear arms, said there was no reason the court's...
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JayG reviews the rimfire offerings from Sig Sauer. If he’s lucky, maybe Tam will apply some of her snark on him too! ;)
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Since I’ve been active in discussions lately, this one has popped up numerous times If we make X illegal, criminals will have to consider the consequences and thus will limit the number of crimes committed I’ll give you a brief moment to compose yourself after laughing so hard. OK, I’m going to gloss over the whole “If they’re willing to kill you over the contents of your wallet / cash register, I highly doubt they’re going to concern themselves about the extra 5 years they’ll get on top...
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Man commits murder… with a snowplow. The other day I posted about a woman, enraged over ice cream, used her vehicle to attempt to kill two people. Now, 99.9% of sane people won’t blame the NSPA (National Snow Plow Association), Henke Manufacturing, The Snow Party, or the lax laws on who can get a snowplow. No, normal, rational people will realize the murderer was at fault. As with Ms. Baskinrobbinsrage, nobody would blame Honda or AAA for making vehicles too easy to purchase or having too...
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Joe Huffman has a video of him shooting, doing reload practices. Joes a pretty damned good shot, but his skill in reloading isn’t anything anyone couldn’t do with just a bit of practice. Now, in my discussion yesterday, there was a lot of talk that the AZ incident wouldn’t have happened or the body count would have been much lower had the killer not had easy access to high capacity magazines. It appeared to me that these people really believe that the time it takes to reload is plenty for...
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You get to read about it. My latest review for the Taurus 709 SLIM is up at Gun Holsters and Gear. Bottom line – the pistol was better than I expected, fairly darn accurate, and the slimness wasn’t as much of a problem as I assumed it would be.
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Jumpin’ Jimminy, did someone screw up and pump stupid-juice into the water supply? I don’t think I have ever seen a bigger display of hypocrisy than the hundreds of people saying “We know for absolute certain that the crazed whacko who did the shooting in Tucson  is not affiliated with any party but the Right / Tea Party / Palin / Limbaugh is totally responsible”. W.T.F.?????? How deluded do you have to be to say “I know, without a doubt that this glass in front of me contains nary a...
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Another lefty, railing on a topic he does not understand, complete with the “Forefathers couldn’t have seen semiautos” shtick. Be nice. Remember that a kind word sometimes goes further than an insult. Your comment will be moderated so we’ll see how it goes. My comment for posterity Sorry, but your information is so far off base it’s scary. The whole “The founding fathers couldn’t have foreseen semiautomatic handguns” is a strawman. They couldn’t foresee the Internet, does that render...
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Penn Jillette, from his Twitter account Fuck Civility. Hyperbole, passion, and metaphor are beautiful parts of rhetoric. Marketplace of ideas can not be toned down for the insane. But that’s exactly what our political ‘masters’ are planning – Limits on free speech to the point of anything they deem might make an insane person do something insane will find you in the pokey. How nice it will be to be able to arrest your opponents rather than have to debate them. Right or left, this should...
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JeffG As a rough estimate, about 51,999,999 million [corrected in original - ed.] households, responsible for the legal care of 259,999,999 guns, did not shoot up a political meetup at a Safeway this weekend — despite the climate of overheated political rhetoric and conservative hate that practically compels them to do so. You’re welcome.
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Reading through the NY Daily News’ coverage of the ‘shrine’ of the Tuscan shooter, they had a poll regarding if people thought gun laws were too strict or not. The results show why we win You want to know why the Brady’s are a fringe group? That’s a pretty good indicator. We win because most people are smart enough to know the difference between a killer and his tools. Update – Looks like I spoke too soon. Being a NY Poll, the results have swung the other way. Can’t win ‘em all ;)
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Must Credit Sharp as a Marble Bayard WY – Using recent advances in imaging technology, researchers have claimed that new data indicates measurements of time may exist below the Planck Time. The Planck Length (ℓP) is the scale at which classical ideas about gravity and space-time break down and the distance a photon can travel 1ℓP in a complete vacuum is considered the smallest unit of time that has any meaning. Research Scientist Ken Uheerme who lead the project said in a prepared statement...
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One thing that always bugged me about my photography when I first started is that I’d take a shot, put it on the computer, and be disappointed that I had to use Photoshop to correct the image. Why couldn’t I take a great shot that didn’t require any post-editing work? I learned later that even the greats had to edit out dust, scratches, and fix the lighting issues on their shots. I wish I could lend OIeg a hand, but alas I’m out of free time currently with my work with Florida Carry and...
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23 year old Brenda Brown decided to murder someone over ice cream. Her weapon of choice? Her vehicle The husband told police that he and his wife were crossing the street to go back home when he saw a silver PT Cruiser careening down the road. Going north, the crazed driver made a fast turn over to the southbound lane and barreled the silver bullet toward the couple, striking the wife 10 feet in the air. The car also smashed into the man's shopping cart, but he jumped out of the way and...
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RobertaX  Bad things happen. The only part of it you have effective control over is your reaction to them.
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Today we had the Open Carry Fishing event. This time around, I was the event coordinator so it was my responsibility to contact the city attorney’s office and ensure the police were informed of our group meeting. The CA was thankful that our group was considerate enough to always call his office and he was more than happy to help us out. The event started at 10, and it was a nice day to fish. A bit of a chill in the air, but my jacket wound up on the ground (you can see it in the pic) because...
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Representative Gabrielle Giffords has been shot at a public speaking event. Unfortunately, nothing is known at this time for sure. Reports vary from the number of deaths, the number of shots fired, etc. From reports, it was people standing around that tackled the shooter and he was taken into custody. While some reports have the shooter as white, early 20’s, with close cropped hair, we all know how eye witness accounts are unreliable. Already, the left leaning blogs are blaming Palin, Bush,...
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Don’t abuse it
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My RSS reader crapped out again, only reading a handful of blog feeds while failing to update on others. Somehow, the list of links to keep stretched to “Months” instead of days. So, I had like a bajillion records in memory. I cut everything down to 7 or 14 days (depending on the type of feed). Now everything seems to be working. This explains why I missed JayG’s link to a story that I credited to Say Uncle.
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JeffG Very sporting of them. And sadly, too many of us let them get away with it — a little smoking ban here, and little soda tax there…. To borrow a formulation, pretty soon we’re talking about real moneyliberty. Ayup.
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And I quote japete It just isn't a school year without a few shootings. So far 2011 has not disappointed in that regard. Lovely. From #Gunblogger_Conspiracy  <Xman> Ah, the inspirational and captivating Sacred Blood Dance of the Antis
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Just got off the phone with the City Attorney who is the liaison for the Police Department. He was more than happy to help coordinate with the local patrols to let them know we would have our Open Carry fishing event tomorrow. We spoke for a few minutes about the events. He was curious to know people’s reactions were which I explained were generally curious to borderline nonexistent. If you’re in Tampa, please feel free to drop by Ballast Point pier. We should be there from 10-Noon.
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From the news story in my last post, I was presented with this on the side bar Why do I hear Howard Dean’s scream every time I look at that picture?
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In  Orland Park, IL a man without a firearms license shoots and kills a robber. IIRC, it’s illegal to have a gun in IL without proper licensure, so how can the man, who only had the gun for a moment after he took it off the robber, not face jail time? MJ Mollenhour asks the question too and it’s a damned fine question. If this man is let go because he acted in self defense, then what is the legal amount of time you’re allowed to physically hold a gun without a license in IL and how does...
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It’s a new year and I’ve got some new things on my plate which are chewing into any free time I might have had. First and foremost, I am now a board member to Florida Carry, Inc. I’ve spent a lot of time behind this keyboard railing on about gun rights and it was time I stepped up my game a little. While my primary role for Florida Carry is managing the web & media aspects, I fully expect to end up in front of a camera at some point. I’m also the Tampa coordinator for the Open Carry...
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When they utter this phrase That's the last thing we want to do, but … So, my lovely town is considering violation of your civil rights to be peachy keen all in the name of DUI prevention. It means if you refuse a breath test during a traffic stop, a judge is on site, and issues a warrant that allows police to perform a mandatory blood test. On the spot. At least the violations are convenient. All in the name of being able to pad the county checkbook DUI prevention. Won’t be long...
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The Armed Citizen is back online! Makes you wonder if the Brady’s are considering putting up
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When will we stop hearing this same story over and over? Once again, here’s another breathless article talking about how increases in concealed weapons permits simply did not increase crime. I’m tired of all these “No blood in the streets” stories showing up. I was promised death and mayhem by the anti-gun forces. Shootouts over parking spots would be common place, people murdered for the last Oreo cookie would be a story you hear daily, things like that. Interestingly… it just never comes...
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That wasn’t. Luckily, no adults were armed or the shooter may have had to think twice. Questions to the anti’s – Why didn’t this man obey the “no guns” rule? Would you say that gun free zones have lowered the number of shootings? If so, can you provide statistical data to back up your assertion? Finally, why should I, as a law abiding citizen, be stripped of my right of self defense simply because I’ve crossed an imaginary boundary? I’m armed around children all the time at parks,...
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But it is an indisputable fact that Stevie Ray Vaughn’s rendition of Jimi Hendrix’s Little Wing is by far the best. Period.
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I had thought the gunnie-blogosphere had been a bit quiet over the past week or so. I had plenty of stories show up in my RSS reader, but when I started seeing incoming links from blogs I read that I didn’t see elsewhere, something made me go ‘hmmm’. Turns out, RSS Bandit had partially crapped out. It was refreshing some feeds, but not all. So, looks like I missed several hundred posts over the course of a week. That kind of sucked. Sorry guys and gals if I’ve appeared to ignore you!
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The Kool-Aid is delicious Had cause to celebrate and what better way than a new handgun? Picked up a Smith and Wesson M&P9 at Coal Creek Armory. Been wanting one for a while, even though I’ve never shot one. Snagged a CrimsonTrace Lasergrip to go along with it (damn you CCA for having them in stock!). A couple boxes of ammo, since I was currently sans 9mm of any kind. No luck finding extra mags. First gun purchase I’ve made in a while and I remembered something: guns are expensive. ...
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I had forgotten who had originally wrote it. Gerry Rafferty has passed away Foo Fighters Michael Mind Sad tip of the hat to Jeff Goldstein
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But some parts, when put close together, are illegal. This is the fabled “common sense” the Brady’s like to talk about. Instead of stopping crime, they end up making more criminals because following the stupid labyrinth of legal issues regarding firearms is damn near impossible. Hat Tip Say Uncle who I hear had to register his hands as destructive devices.
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But yes, Open Carry is coming to Florida. Now, already I’m seeing the pushback from people complaining that SB-234 still requires licensure and that we shouldn’t license a right. I agree, but what exactly should we do? Unlicensed Open Carry was a dead issue. It would not  see the light of day, period. It appears there are people who seem to be under the impression that you can just type of a list of your demands, hand it to a senator, and he or she will sign it and it becomes law pretty...
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At 2:00, Ruger plans on announcing their newest line of KelTec Clones. But what makes this revolutionary is not the pistol, but their patented “Precall” system. 5 minutes before the official release, Ruger will be recalling the LC9, signaling an unprecedented commitment to customer support. I for one am amazed!
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So far, I’ve loved my CED M2 chronograph. However, yesterday, no matter how hard I tried, I simply couldn’t get it to read 9mm bb’s. Hell, I’ve measured .380 with no problems. It was overcast, so I tried with both the sky-screens on and off. I managed to get some of them to read, but in one set , out of 45 bullets, I read 2. Most of the time, it simply didn’t see jack squat. The others, I’d get an E0 error. The chrony was set 7 feet behind the pistol, which should be far enough away so the...
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To be less impatient with my children. They’re both smart as a whip and I tend to forget they’re only 8 & 5 (of course that will change to 9 & 6 this year). I tend to jump into Stern Daddy Mode a bit too quickly. Oh, and to play with them even more. If that means I gotta be the Donny Osmand Barbie, so be it.
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Short story – College big shot makes all sorts of erroneous statements about the shooting at Luby’s in Tx. Gunnies pretty much nail him to the wall. Blogger Popgun decides to be cordial and invites Dr. Holda and his wife to go shooting. Good things become of it. I think that’s why we tend to, as a group, occasionally try to  engage the anti’s from time to time. Sometimes good things happen. We need to be slightly cautious and statistically this is an anomaly, but we do ourselves and...
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A few weeks ago I was approached by about a link in the Industry section of my blogroll*. I bartered with them for a set of ESS ICE Safety Glasses as I had been needing a better pair over the generally cheap ones I normally purchase. Today, I finally was able to take them out for a spin and I can say I’m very glad I got this set. It comes with three interchangeable eyeshields – Clear, Smoke, and Hi-Def Yellow. First, I ordered the larger set because my grape is a few...
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Meh. Two pistols, one new rifle upper, but one pistol and one upper sold, so technically only 1 addition this year. Going to need to work harder on that this trip around the sun.
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