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Well, the good doctors didn't let me down. After talking with all four of them, I'm feeling much better. Doctor .357 was, as usual, brash and loud and to the point. He's old school, and when I wanted to try the Super Secret Todd Jarrett Kung-Fu Grip™, he informed me he would be having none of that and promptly bit my finger. Turns out that when you extend your thumb of your off hand along the side of a revolver and you have big old man-hands like me, your thumb resides precisely at the gap...
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So simple yet it will bring tears to your eyes 1 lb. bacon (thick cut works better)3/4 cup brown sugar1 tsp. cracked pepper Preheat oven to 425°. Line a baking sheet with foil. Mix the sugar and pepper on a plate. Dredge the bacon in the sugar, shaking off the excess. Bake for 15-20 minutes, depending on how well done you like your bacon (I like mine soft). The tips of the bacon may burn and turn black. Tell your family not to eat those parts then horde them all for yourself as they are like...
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So, I've been using the iPod portion of the new phone quite a bit. I've noticed though that because my ears are clogged up, I can't use them to scan my environment. Add in the fact that I'm concentrating on the music, I find myself closer to condition white at times than my normal yellow. I still scan with my eyes. I don't like not knowing what's behind me and this has everything to do with simply being aware of my surroundings and nothing to do with paranoia. But I scan less and tend to get...
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The Mrs. is forcing me to go for a session of recoil therapy. Not being happy with my current job plus the fact she's been sick as a dog has me in a funk. Going to have to go see Doctors Ten, Threefiftyseven, and Twentytwo for an hour or so. Update - Apparently Dr. FourtyFive has called in a prescription of .45 Caliber medicine. To be taken at 1100fps
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Me, being the 80's junkie that I am, decided the intro to Pac Man was a requisite ringtone for my iPhone. If you'd like it, here it is already ready already. Just save it and drag it into your ringtones directory on iTunes and synch. Who loves ya? Update - For you Berzerk fans and by ExurbanKevin's request - The Intruder Alert! ringtone
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I'm not talking to you guys any more... I mean, you tease me with this Perfection Gets An Upgrade The Laserguard series for GLOCKTM pistols introduce an even more compact housing than traditional lasergrips, and provides instinctive grip activation while leaving the best attributes of GLOCK guns unobstructed and unaltered.  The LG-436 fits most holsters for sub-compact GLOCKs, and is our first GLOCK model to offer a master on / off switch so you can train equally with the laser on and with it...
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Had to walk my oldest to school this morning. Wore my Crimson Trace T-shirt and my Shoot Straight hat. Surprisingly, there were no 911 calls about a 'MAN WITH GUN RELATED CLOTHING!!!!'
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In that land that used to be England It seems that the cops in the UK are looking at profiles in Facebook and other popular Internet sites. If they see a picture of someone posing with a knife, a picture taken in a public place, then they go arrest the miscreant. If things really get bad here in the US, I'm moving to England and becoming a thief and a crook. It's easier to live there as one of the bad guys than it is to be a law abiding citizen. Maybe we should all put up fake Facebook...
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Ignorance is the anti gun lobby's greatest (and only) asset. Read this post and see how many factual and logical errors you can count. You might want to take off your shoes to help. If you can make it through the Byzantine commenting process, feel free to chime in. I know my readers will be courteous and respectful. UPDATE! Apparently this Harriett has fairly thin skin and instead of refuting my comment, she's pulled the entire post, effectively taking her ball and going home.
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David Codrea has been diligently writing about Gun Rights for the Examiner and there seems to be quite a surge in firearms related writers for them, indicating a strong desire to read about it. This bodes well for us. I've been remiss at highlighting this, and for that I apologize. He is a tireless advocate for our right to keep and bear arms and is a strong voice for us all. Even those who disagree with him benefit from his efforts. If you're not aware of David's writing, please give them a...
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Having a gun does not guarantee you will not be attacked. Having a gun does not guarantee you will be victorious in any confrontation. Having a gun does give you a fighting chance to defend yourself Tucson Police say two armed men entered the Grand Market on South 6th Avenue Monday evening. The suspects fired a shot at one of the employees, and the employee fired back. During the exchange, both a suspect and the employee were shot. The suspect was pronounced dead at the scene by police. The...
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What happens to a neutered society when just the thought of someone possibly having the means to defend themselves arises? You shut down an entire mall That was one scene from a tense but ultimately incident-free afternoon at one of the nation's biggest malls. At about 11:20 a.m., a shopper in the parking lot called police to report two suspicious men heading inside. One of them, the caller said, appeared to have a pistol tucked under his jacket. Every single time I go to the local mall, I...
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So true... so true
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9PM IM conversations with a well inebriated Caleb.
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  Imagine if you will a law that was passed that no longer made it required that parents force their children to wear helmets when riding wheeled conveyances. If you wish, you can protect your child, but it is no longer mandatory and instead, you had the freedom to choose to ensure your child's safety as you saw fit. Would this lead make any sense? Lawmakers passed a bill that would force parents to discontinue efforts to protect their children from bicycle accidents was passed today... No....
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Got an email alert about allowing guns on campuses. Look at this brilliant piece of trickery According to a study done by the Harvard School of Public Health, "The public believes that increased gun carrying by others reduces rather than increases their safety. Overwhelmingly, the public believes that in many venues gun carrying should be prohibited." Notice the study didn't say "Increased gun carrying reduces safety", it said the public believes. Doesn't make it so, and this is a sly job of...
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A good buddy just emailed me with the following statement Don't you feel like a dork for griping, when so many people don't have jobs at all? I do. But it sucks to have a job that you used to love, that isn't fun and interesting anymore. I have an interesting way of dealing with difficult situations. One, I pout like a three year old denied a lollipop. Two, I tend to tell myself that what I'm trying to do is impossible. Once I've got it in my head that there is no way to get something done,...
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Someone called (someone I don't know). I assumed I had to swipe to unlock the phone. Turns out, during an incoming phone call, that area is reserved for the "End Call" button. Sorry dude! Must not have been that important since they didn't leave a message.
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Well, day one of the demotion reassignment has me not working on the SUPER CRITICAL EMERGENCY THAT REQUIRES PULLING ME FROM MY OLD POSITION but rather in training to learn how to use support software. All week. So, it's pretty much confirmed I got royally screwed. However, this royal screwing is going to trickle down to you folks as well. Being in training, I won't have access to my PC nor my RSS reads or emails, so blogging this week will probably not exist. Which sucks because lately my...
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On Second Opinion is now up and running. David is one of the greats and has done more for the furtherance of the Second Amendment than 12 of me put together. Go thee hence. Glad to see him online. Gotta put that in my RSS reader right away as well as my blogroll.
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Mad Rocket Scientist sent me this little nugget last night MIAMI, Florida (CNN) -- Miami police issued a plea for information Saturday after at least one person with an assault rifle opened fire on a crowd of people on a streetcorner Friday night, killing two teens and wounding seven other people. "We need the community to come together, someone come forward and give us a tip," Miami Police Officer Kenia Alfonso told CNN. "There are a lot of people in that area. Someone must have seen...
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Just sitting here at the park, soaking up the wonderful sunshine and watching my girls play. Seems like all the world's problems are a million miles away, and that's a good thing. That, and I'm in shorts. Makes thinking about leaving Florida much harder.
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So, I've been moved around where I work into a position I'm not to happy to have. The pay's the same, the job title is the same, but I won't be doing any development and instead be stuck in a support role. Not exactly what I want to do with my career. I'm creative, I need to have a creative outlet or else I'll get bored stiff. While I've been told it's not 'permanent', I doubt that's true. There is a big emergency that I'm supposed to hop in and fix as soon as I can, yet I was told that my...
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The more I blog in a day, the more hits I receive. Hell, that's almost work...
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Martinra over at Daily Pundit on the media's sudden realization that it has been used like a 20 dollar whore and dumped to the curb You so-called reporters were so desperate to elect America’s First Black President, that you set a precedent of total complaisance, even obesiance, towards Obama. You questioned nothing, challenged nothing, investigated nothing if it might possibly besmirch your Messiah. Now you expect him to have a normal relationship with you, after you gave him everything he...
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And that word is 'profit' Speed cameras given the boot - He reported Wednesday that the two cameras were activated 11,416 times from September 2007 through last month. Of those activations, 7,290 resulted in citations, but only 3,711 were paid. Babeu said most of the total $134,199.43 in fines and fees from the paid citations covered administrative and operational costs, leaving the county with a net profit of $12,391.58 that Babeu dismissed as paltry. Emphasis mine. Profit is exactly what...
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But every time I look at this picture I bust out laughing And I love cats.
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The homeowner will simply take it away from you and use it against you Homicide detectives are still investigating an overnight shooting in which a resident of a north Houston apartment said he disarmed a burglar and killed him with his own gun. Justice + Irony = AWESOME!!!!
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Being that I've not done any catblogging in ages, here's a shot of Bueller from last night To me, he's still a kitten, but I forget he's over 9 years old. He spends the vast majority of his day just sleeping, however it's usually in the same room that someone else is in. He'll nod off in your lap if you let him, especially if you're trying to read a book. There's something comforting about a purring cat in your lap, though, that makes all the loose fur worth it.
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Not bad if you add sugar.
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From Jeff, we get a little insight on the "Ammunition Accountability Act" from Alan Scholl Reloading (re-using cartridge cases multiple times) would be abolished. There would be no way to correspond serial numbers on cartridge cases, and different sets and quantities of bullets. Sorry, won't do it. I'll continue to manufacture my own ammunition, even if some group declares it a no-no. Even if it means learning the difficult process to manufacture smokeless powder. In a way, I'm hoping they...
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 You and me? Not so much TOPEKA, Kan. (AP) -- Wyandotte County District Attorney Jerome Gorman thinks allowing prosecutors to carry concealed guns in county courthouses could give them an added measure of protection if they ever needed it. So, what super-human powers do prosecutors have that us ordinary humans don't that will allow them to not turn into homicidal maniacs that end up shooting the judge because they lost the case or members of the jury for not declaring "GUILTY!!!!" with enough...
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DoubleTapper is back from duty, safe and sound. Glad to hear it!
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I'm cool with Obama's first few steps in office to actually limit the power of the presidency. If he continues to go down that path, I'd not only change my mind about him but could see myself voting for him come 2012. However, I don't see it happening. I think he's more interested in removing things that Bush did. Being the Anti-Bush means more to people. In my opinion, it won't be long before he starts pushing Universal Health Care and tax increases on the productive, both of which require...
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Set DVR to record
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There's no way you can give me this kind of information and not expect me to take full advantage of it.
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I've easily provided Say Uncle with one or two dozen hits over the years. So, while he's celebrating 3,000,000, he needs to keep in mind that if it weren't for the Sharp as a Marble Hit Generating Machine™, he'd still be hovering around 2,999,976.
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For example, I used to have to lug a laptop to the bathroom if I wanted to blog while doing my business but now I can do it with only my cell phone. Oh, look. We're low on toilet paper.
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The Sound Grenade Sound Grenade generates a really, really annoying, nauseating and headache producing high pitched sound. I installed it today and tried it out on my coworkers. Absolutely stunning in how it works. Instantly people start looking around to see what in the heck is causing that annoying sound. Best part? I can't hear a damned thing. Not unless I point the speakers at my head. Apparently it's that frequency that you lose as you get older but kids can seem to still hear. Oddly,...
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I keep reading PSH over the iPhone BulletFlight 1.0 app. If something that simple is going to cause embolisms in the gun fearing wussies, I need to get into that action. Read this panty-waist's freak-out So as an aspiring iPhone developer, what's a good way to cash in on all this hoopla? Of course -- it's to release your uber-realistic sniper app on the day of Obama's inauguration. Poor taste, indeed. This app is not a game -- it's a fully functional app that a real sniper could attach to...
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'Cept with revolvers and shotguns. Shotgun takes revolver The two men who live in the ground-floor apartment told officers they were preparing to watch a movie when they heard a loud noise. Their front door was suddenly kicked open and two men burst into the apartment, one of them holding a revolver, police were told. Both residents grabbed shotguns and one of them fired, killing one of the intruders while the other ran away. I try to tell anyone who'll listen, for home defense, nothing beats...
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Three shooters, one target. No innocents harmed. It's almost like the Brady Campaign lies about this stuff.
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Went to look at my blog from work (something I rarely do) and I'm treated to this lovely screen   So, I'm now pretty much a weapons guy! Good to know that corporate America finds me to be a threat to productivity. Say Uncle? Not so much a threat ;) I can see him just fine!
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Better make DAMN sure the pistol you're using isn't loaded At the end of the play, Kellerman’s character takes a fatal gunshot to the head. Just after 5 p.m., Kellerman got on his knees and his co-star, William Bordy, 78, pulled the trigger on a .32-caliber revolver. To everyone’s shock the gun was anything but a prop, instead later found to be fully loaded. Yeesh. I mean, I understand that in plays, sometimes there will be guns involved and therein lies a catch-22. If the firearm is...
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Cap'n Bob shows how it's done.
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Finally got to watch BSG. Kick ass way to start the new season. Holy crap was that a ride. Is who Tigh said was the fifth Cylon really the fifth Cylon? What the hell is up with Starbuck? Please tell me there's no time travel shenanigans going on here. Were the Cylons really first? Is everyone going to go apeshit? Will Madam President get her act back together? Hated to see what happened to Dee. It was a long wait, but that was definitely worth it.
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I was proud to be an American when being proud wasn't cool. Still am, come to think about it. Apparently, there's a lot of new Americans today who weren't Americans before the inauguration. So, now do I get to voice dissent and show my patriotism or is that passé? It's hard for me. I mean, I'm tragically unhip as it is even though I just picked up an iPhone. I thought maybe that would help. Apparently not much.
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Love the iPhone. Hate the iEarbuds. They're fine for 30 minutes of use, but after that they start to hurt. At work, I've got big, fluffy wireless earphones. So, I plugged the iPhone into the wireless system (using the i8th inch iJack) and now have access to all my great tunes without annoying chunks of plastic pushing against cartilage trying to find purchase. Granted, if someone calls I won't be able to use the nifty little microphone, but oh well.
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I don't think Obama is the antichrist. I don't think he is an evil man insofar as he knows right from wrong and wishes to do wrong. I think the man wants power because he thinks he knows what's best for everyone. The end result, however, is not something I wish to see. I don't wish Obama luck or good will or any such platitudes because I don't want to see what he wants for us to come true. I fear what he thinks is best for us because it removes my say so in the matters that pertain to my life....
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You'd almost think it was something from the Onion, but you'd be wrong iPhone helping snipers at inauguration? Could a new iPod touch application help snipers at the inauguration? BulletFlight, an application that can be downloaded from the iTunes store, turns an iPod touch or iPhone into an external ballistics computer. Hat Tip Greg
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Obama takes the reins today. If it were just him, it wouldn't bother me, but the sycophantic Obamabots scare the living shit out of me. This man could declare that free-speech should be controlled since it would benefit everyone and the Hopenchangers would genuflect at the suggestion. Watching football this weekend was painful as they would use time-outs to talk about the coronation inauguration. It's like we've forgotten about being a republic and decided to have a king rule us yet again....
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Took the family to the Florida Aquarium today. Georgia seemed more excited to see 'food' than 'fish'. She'd see a crab and go "Yum! Crab legs!" The shrimp didn't fare much better, and the grouper had her drooling. It's heartwarming to hear her point out cattle as we drive by a farm and instead of going "Mooooo" she goes "Mmmmm.. Hamburgers!"
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'Cuz I want want want want want. Me and my stupid love of the 10mm cartridge will be the end of me. Update - A 10mm offering I don't want!
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Details are sketchy, but at this time what we know is there was a man with a gun in the non-sterile portions of TIA. The man was not a police officer nor was he with the TIA and was described as mid-30's, dark skinned, and carrying a semi automatic Glock pistol hidden beneath his shirt. The man picked up a passenger who had just flown in, grabbed her luggage, and proceeded to drive home. Thousands of onlookers were apparently not slaughtered during this incident and apparently were unaware they...
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Because, yes, I'd want this.
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Yet another gun in a gun free zone (Memphis, TN 1/15/2009) LeMoyne-Owen College is on lockdown after a robbery during class. A student tells us a man with a wig walked into a class on campus with a gun and demanded purses and wallets. 18 students were in class at the time. I'm at a loss. Being a school, I'm sure the threat of increased punishment and the force-field should keep guns out. Maybe criminals aren't affected by supernatural gun-free forces. Thank Gaia nobody was armed, the...
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I would jump at the chance to be a member of The Church of the Holy Snark When I go all L. Ron Hubbard nut fudge insane and start my own religion, Picanha will be a sacrament. Further, John Moses Browning will be a saint, and the liturgy will be punctuated by gunfire, rather than "Amen". There will be a clearing barrel by the baptismal font.
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From Greg, in IM Greg: yeah. dude, caleb is like a dozen over-caffienated squirrels in a pillowcase.
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Let's play a game, shall we? I'm going to show you a sign, and I want you to make your best guess at what happened based solely on just a fragment of the picture. Ready? Ok, here's a crop of the picture What do you think happened at this place? That's right, there was a shooting! The magic sign apparently had run out of fairy dust and unicorn dander thus somehow failing to prevent a goblin from ignoring the sign, entering with a handgun, and shooting the clerk to death. While empty on fairy...
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Yesterday, as I was getting ready to go somewhere, something happened to me for the very first time and I thought I'd share. This story reminded me of it The toilet at Centerville’s Carl’s Jr. restaurant never knew what hit it, but police say it was a slug from a 26-year-old Salt Lake City man’s .40-caliber handgun. As the man hitched up his pants, the pistol fell from the holster, hit the tile floor and fired — shattering the toilet and sending porcelain into the man’s arm. See, I had placed...
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SHOT bloggers are starting to arrive. Barely an hour from my domicile and yet I shan't have a chance to mingle with any of them. Alas, family comes first.
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Ricardo Montalban - Rest in peace Ricardo Montalban, the velvet voiced Mexican born actor who greeted the plane as Mr. Roarke on Fantasy Island, died in his Beverly Hills home Wednesday. He was 88.
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Over at The Liberty Sphere.
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Here's a heartwarming tale of SWAT being called out to harass provide safety for law abiding citizens who have the temerity to practice being free men and women At the board meeting today, Orange County deputies searched gun-rights supporters, especially those wearing CCW buttons, according to those who attended the meeting. Although Sheriff Sandra Hutchens said she would let the permits expire rather than revoke them, her real disdain for freedom is shown by the presence of the SWAT team and...
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Congrats to Laurel from Politics, Guns, and Beer.
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Nope... still nothing. Of course, the year is young.
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I think just a few bites of this would kill me, but I'd die very, very happy.
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I've heard other gun bloggers claim that you can't buy back something that was never yours to begin with. Since this kind of story seems to be commonplace, maybe they are trying to buy back their own weapons FRUITLAND PARK - Lake County Sheriff investigators said they are looking for a man who stole a detective's gun from the trunk of his unmarked patrol car early Sunday morning. According to the sheriff's office, a woman and her husband awoke at about 4 a.m. to the sounds of a car alarm and...
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It's still funny   Had the midget been on fire and riding a tricycle, it would have been perfect.
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Because that's some loud silence Look, I'm not going to defend the NRA and say they're perfect. In fact, there's a ton of stuff I disagree with them on, but they're huge as far as an organization is concerned and the more people you have the more diluted your aims are going to be to meet the needs and desires of your constituents. I do believe that overall, the NRA is a positive force. Sure, they've done plenty of boneheaded things but the funny thing is that many of the times, they've done so...
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I drove to lunch with some coworkers. Upon reaching the restaurant, one of the guys in the back seat got out and exclaimed "Oh, that's what that was". He'd been sitting on a shotgun shell. The funny thing was everyone just kind of thought "Well, that's Robb".
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The sweet, sweet, sweet sound of some hippy chick happily fellating the regulatory meat stick right up to the point where she realizes it's going in her hair Poor Tiffany. She thinks that people should be required to live the lifestyle she finds "the best" (by agreeing that things should be regulated by the government) and when the law of unintended consequences comes whacking her against her wallet, she all of a sudden is not so sure it's a good idea. The irony of the situation is that I'm...
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I used to think that Mandatory Minimum Sentences were A Good Thing™ but Jon Gutmacher illustrates why they are a terrible idea. It's a sad state of affairs when going to court is riskier than betting it all on Black in Vegas. One shouldn't have to consider odds and weigh risks when attempting to get justice served. If you're a complete thug, your sentencing should be harsher than some schmuck who just lost it. Mandatory sentences isn't justice, it's a cop out from having to do any of the hard...
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Definitely a good firearm to own. Unless, of course, you're a shoulder.
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My good blog-buddy DoubleTapper is there in Israel. He's a great resource for all things gun related over there and has been keeping up during this whole conflict.
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Guess who's in the #1 slot
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From everyone's favorite Uncle, a list of the 10 manliest firearms. #10: SMLE - No. Want one, though #9: Mosin-Nagant M44 - Duh! Took it out this weekend! #8: GLOCK - Tis my carry piece #7: Swiss K31 Carbine - Nope. #6: AK47 - Nope. #5: Smith & Wesson Model 29 - I'm going to say that my Dan Wesson Model 15 works here #4: AR15 - Don't Panic! #3: Remington 870 - The Mossberg 500 makes this one a yes #2: Colt Model 1911A1 .45 ACP - Again, I gotta...
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Ok, so this post has a few people scratching their head for two reasons - One, why did my blog show up on a search for "where are the female whale tits" and two... well, where are the female whale tits? Good questions, both. First, I have a fairly popular post entitled "Show me your tits" Until they started putting videos up on Google searches, it used to be on the first page of results (now on the second). It's not what you think. Well, then again maybe it is. Just read it. Second, I did some...
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Imagine someone finding a crème brûlée torch. Now, imagine that person realized the torch was filled to the top with lighter fluid. Now, imagine that person is a reporter and writes up an article and screams there was a "fully loaded flame thrower" found. This is just as bad In a city where there are too many illegal guns comes the story of one weapon that's truly frightening - and it was apparently ready to be used. Toronto Police have recovered what they at first believed to be a fully...
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For Christmas my parents bought my family passes to our local aquarium. We got the pass in the mail yesterday with this letter I'm generous like that.
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I mean.... seriously?
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I read this Mozambique: Policemen Injured in Maputo Gun Battle and instantly thought the story would include how all the policemen had two bullet holes in their chests and one in their heads.
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If I were a politician and heard about the massive, unheard of increase in gun sales, I'd take that as a clear cut sign that touching the gun issue was a great way to get some practice on looking for a new job. However, it's not like anyone ever accused politicians of being bright. Seems like we're hearing a lot of noise about every possible chance at restricting gun rights in any shape, form, or fashion from renewing the AWB to ammunition encoding. A lot of it is just that, noise,...
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During my vacation I developed a 'dysfunctional Eustachian tube' which hurt like hell. Got proscribed some Flonase and told to take 120mg of Pseudophed to reduce the swelling in my sinuses and alleviate the pressure difference. Well, mix the Pseudophed (I'm only take the normal dose of 60mg) with a metric shit load of coffee and sit back and wonder where all the pretty colors are coming from. Geez. Really, why do people go through all that hassle of mixing pseudoephedrine with match sticks and...
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Thirty more to go
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Sebastian turns two! Ah, the pitter patter of tiny fingers on keyboards.
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Georgia's Lieutenant Governor is a little unclear of a concept Lt. Gov. Casey Cagle on Monday shot down plans one lawmaker has to expand the places gun owners in Georgia may legally carry concealed weapons. Cagle, speaking with reporters at his Capitol office, said he had “no appetite” to revisit the concealed carry law. Sen. Mitch Seabaugh (R-Sharpsburg) has been considering a bill that would expand the places where guns would be allowed. The current law bans weapons at places the public...
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Apparently in Florida it is a felony to Own the pelt of a cat Molest floral arrangements on a headstone Intentionally trip a horse Introduce into or upon the grounds of any facility that provides mental health services an intoxicating beverage or beverage which causes or may cause an intoxicating effect Well shit... Now what am I going to do for entertainment?
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I have a feeling this guy and I wouldn't see eye to eye on many things, but he speaks such an obvious truth here that it's worth pointing out The Violence Policy Center in its report a year ago said that the answer is to get the guns off the streets. And while there are way too many guns on America's streets, the truth is that there are already tough gun laws on the books in most big cities and that hasn't done much to reduce the killings. Emphasis mine. If people really cared about saving...
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Cap'n Bob snaps a cool panorama. The fact that his wife moved during the picture makes it even more cool!
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And to think there's 3.5 more hours to go, plus a drive home is kind of scary....
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Jim Shepherd at The Shooting Wire Despite the new administration's insistence that jobs and the economy will be the top priority beginning January 20, insiders say payback to the NRA and other pro-Second Amendment groups is high on the agenda. Democratic advisors say the Republican party is "disorganized, disheartened, and dissolving" and it's a good time for the incoming administration to take them on in a core issue - the assault weapons ban is one of three topics they're evaluating. Last...
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Well, vacation is over so it's time to get back to work. Both the work that pays my bills and the work on the blog to keep pissing off all the right people. Hopefully I'll be able to get some meaningful stuff up soon enough. I've got 2 weeks of missed work to make up for although it does appear they made it through without me just fine (most of the projects I'm working on are new development and not in production yet). It is a new year however I think my wife has caught on. Instead of telling...
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Some highlights from all the fun. Didn't get video of any of the shotgun fun nor me lighting off the muzzle loader (I managed to hit the bull's eye), but still a great time caught on 1's and 0's for the whole world to see
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That if I'm ever attacked by brightly painted, clay pigeons, I should be able to successfully defend myself at least 50% of the time. So, Greg and I hit Tenoroc range today, and unfortunately for my wife, I've found a new love in the world of things that go boom - clays. I can't tell you the difference between skeet, trap, and "Hey Leroy, hold my beer and throw this plate above your head and see if I can hit it with my eyes closed" but whatever it's called that we did today, I'm hooked. You...
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Gonna actually go shoot rifle and shotgun outdoors tomorrow which will be a change. I don't get to shoot outside much, mostly because I live "in the city" so-to-speak and all the ranges are indoors. There's a small outdoor range where they hold the IPSC and IDPA matches, but it's not much more than a few mounds of dirt. Tomorrow, I'm heading to Tenoroc with Greg to do something a bit more than 25 yards, plus maybe some trap / skeet. I'm taking the Mossberg, the EBR, and the M-44. And the video...
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So, today I had to drop by the post office to pick up some certified mail that I had missed yesterday. Going to the post office generally gets my blood pressure up. You see, if I were to be pissy about my rights and fail to disarm before stepping across the threshold, I turn into a felon. No crime. No harm against another. No added danger to anyone. Still, Post Offices are places where you are not allowed to protect yourself using the most efficient tools and if you carry your gun in there, you...
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So the oldest just walked in the office, carrying a Lego lid full of her little sister's toy Tinkerbell set and asked Who ordered the plate of fried fairies?
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A while back I posted about my new PC and the kick ass video card I bought, namely the EVGA GeForce GTX 260. Turns out, one of my readers works for nVidia and he bought me a copy of a rather cool application, Badaboom. Using the GPU of the video card, it converts videos to other formats blazingly fast. I really appreciated the gesture and have already been able to crank HD video to YouTube ready MP4 formats in literally second. Second, fellow Tampa area blogger and my good friend Greg of West...
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Hmmm... Seems like every time I plug in my terabyte backup drive into the new PC using firewire, every 20 minutes I get the BSOD about some sort of Power Management Failure. Which sucks because the transfer rate over FW is much better than USB 2.0. Plus, this morning I woke up to find that Vista had failed to activate because this serial number had already been installed on another PC, namely the one before the current one. So I had to call Microsoft to get it activated properly. I didn't...
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Greg and Beth dropped by today for an impromptu hand-loading class which was all well and good as I've pretty much ran out of most of my ammo yet had plenty of components to build it with. So, I loaded up several boxes of 10mm and even some of my world famous Sound & Fury loads for the .357 My closet is looking a bit better now Granted, I need to buy a whole crap-load (standard, not metric) more .22lr as I have a paltry 3 boxes (two there in the picture and 50 in the Ultimate Cliploader)....
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My 3 year old, while trying to get her dressed and teaching her a new word at the same time I'm not modest, I'm cute!
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OK, I run my own blog engine here, so I don't get all the fancy tools that all the cool bloggers get to use to chart their success, so I have to roll my own. So, with that being said, here is the year in review. Percentage of posts that sucked vs. posts that didn't suck   Number of Instalanches per month Number of times I made fun of Caleb for shooting hostages per month Firearm purchase percentage for the year of "No More #^$*& Firearms!" And finally, the percentage of enjoyment I...
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Happy new year!
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