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I'm back.No internet connection for the past few days (almost jumped a 19 year old college girl for her laptop and wireless connection in a coffee shop, but luckily I restrained myself).So, much like most of the Senate and several members of Congress, I have no idea what has gone on in the world. Luck would have it the only news source I had access to was USA today and I saw the Iraqi elections went through and that the newspapers had a hard time putting negative spin on it, but they did. And I...
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After the nice little Wizbanging I got from the Bonfire of the Vanities, I'm hoping my stats got enough of a boost to tide me over for the next few days.The Mrs. & I are dropping the little one off with her parents and going to Charleston, SC for a few days. I have a strange feeling I'll not be lucky enough to find an Internet connection, so blogging will be non-existent until I get back.So, I know many of you will be very distraught and might even contemplate switching to dial-up in...
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I've written my Congressman, Adam Putnam, before which must have put me on a mailing list. This is one email I don't mind getting and this one in particular was rather nice.Dear Mr. Allen:As a Floridian, I wanted to update you on positive news concerning Florida's growing and strengthening economy.Just last week, the Agency for Workforce Innovation reported that Florida added 172,300 new jobs (seasonally adjusted) from December 2003 to December 2004, making Florida first in the nation for job...
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Great. Somehow I got conned into hosting this weeks' Bonfire of the Vanities. If you're not familiar with the process, go here. In short, people email in their worst blogging works and expect lots of links and happiness. Well, not this week buster! This week the gloves come off.*This week I, Robb Allen, President & CEO of SaaM Enterprises will personally deliver my opinion of each and every entry. There will be no couth. Each entry will be met with severe, acerbic descriptions. If...
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Remember the Weatherman who got canned for the so called "racial slur" against MLK? Wizbang has the audio. Clear as a bell slip of the tongue (doesn't even pronounce the 'n' at the end of koo). The real kicker - the portion was prerecorded! There are editors who are more at fault than this poor schmuck.Now, I am not going through a bunch of hue and cry about the company's firing of this guy. From a business perspective, it probably was the quickest thing they could do to satiate the real...
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Topic Drift. Definitely going on the blogroll.I might need to put that one in its very own category so it doesn't infect the other blogs though.
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Michele has another fun 7-word game. Go play!
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Do not under any circumstances click on this link!!!!!!!!Forget NSFW, this is NSFAUAC (Not Safe For Anyone Under Any Condition). Don't do it! 
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I could be just as funny as him if I was only a more prolific writer and had a better sense of humor.Bastard. I bet he can't make his own beer though, so I've probably got that going for me.
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Look, I'm a Floridian. That means shorts during Christmas and anything below 75° is freezing weather. So, it is no big surprise that lighting a fire is something of a mystery to me.But I did one tonight. It's roaring and happy and I did it without using a blowtorch, "easy-bake" log-in-a-bag, or any sort of flammable liquid.After watching the Atlanta Chickens play a pathetic game, at least the fire went ok. Now if only the Steelers win, the night will go 2 for 3 ;)Update:Yeah, well it's looking...
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There's several websites that allow you to enter in misheard lyrics (one of the more popular ones is Just thought I'd share one that I always thought was funny.From Hey Nineteen by Steely DanActual Lyrics: The Cuervo Gold, the fine ColumbianWhat I heard: The Cuervo Gold, The pine cones run the earth.As a kid, I must have had some sort of tragic event with a conifer.Feel free to discuss your own misheard lyrics.
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From The Herald SunA SCOTTISH nightclub is to become the first in Britain to offer customers cash-free drinking by having a microchip implanted in their arm.The tiny "digital wallet" would allow entry to the club and allow revellers to buy drinks on account. The VeriChip is inserted by a medical expert and then scanned for its unique ID number as the bearer enters the bar. Owner of Glasgow's Bar Soba, Brad Stevens, said: "By the time you walk through the door, your favourite drink is waiting...
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President Bush was slapped with a $10,000 fine for pretending to pull down his trousers and moon the audience in an impromptu "victory dance" at the end of the inauguration today. House Majority Leader Tom DeLay (R-Texas) penalized Bush for unsportsmanlike conduct in a letter released by the GOP. "Your actions were based on poor judgment, did not reflect well on you or the GOP, and were insulting to many," DeLay wrote. "They have resulted in widespread criticism and needlessly detracted from...
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Buddy of mine got an email today from Road Runner saying they've increased the download speeds to 5Mb. Whooptie-fu%&in'-doo. While it makes for nice video and quicker porn educational surfing, what I crave is upload speed.And for that I'm lovingly choked at 256Kb.I run SaaM out of my house. I also use Vonage for my phone line. And because I do a lot of web work I usually keep an RDP session open to my computer so I can check how certain things look from the outside world (plus it allows me...
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One of the major drawbacks in my life is that, while I am a tip-top programmer, I don't have the mad math skillz I wish I did. I've got some great ideas, but without a PHD in quantum algebra or something, I just don't have the mathematical knowledge to pull them off.The one thing I'd really like to see in software is an automated face detection and recognition program that would help me sort through my pictures.Here's how it would work. Much like Google's Picasa 2 (which I am very...
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Ok, I know I'm already in a foul mood but finding my lost cell phone didn't help.I was really hoping for a legitimate excuse to pick up some cool new gizmo with a camera and a built in HDTV Projector or something.Now my dreams of a phone with a ringer that doesn't sound like a digital watch from the early 80's have been dashed.
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I'm in a bad mood today. Anyone have anything to cheer me up?
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I was rather surprised at a jump in my stats yesterday. This morning they were higher than normal so I did a little digging. My CAPTCHA image is blocking attempts to post comment spam, and that's good. Whoever set up the spam used a virus to spread the hits since they came from all over and I loathe to block IP's that are home users.But the Spammers, may they rot in Hell, don't give up that easily. But the approach they're taking is odd. They're acting as referrals which means they show up in...
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Flint, Mi. - A local Taco Bell restaurant has been severely damaged after a massive explosion in the parking lot destroyed the pavement and shattered the windows of practically every building within a mile and a half radius. Officials speculate that the blast ruptured an underground gas line causing the lingering stench that has draped the entire city.Although there are no reported deaths at this time, interviews with employees of the Taco Bell indicate that the blast may...
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Is a blind man a fool for believing that stars exist?
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I decided to sign myself up at a local Tampa Bloggers Blog since, well, for all intents and purposes I live in Tampa, Florida and this could kinda be considered a blog.So all new blogs get a little one-liner treatment as they're listed. What did SaaM Get? Sharp as a Marble: Conservative in Brandon I know what Ford Prefect felt like after reading his entry for Earth in The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.I mean, I talk more about beer than politics. I talk more about my cat than politics....
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Just read this over at Michelle Malkin's place, and I'm sorry but this is going overboard.KTNV-TV, Channel 13, fired weekend weather anchor Rob Blair on Sunday, a day after he made an on-air racial slur about Martin Luther King Jr. Jim Prather, vice president and general manager of KTNV, said Blair "stumbled" during a weather update at 7:55 a.m. Saturday but added that "this kind of incident is not acceptable under any circumstances, and I'm truly sorry that this event occurred." Blair was...
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100 pound college girl eats 11-pound burgerCLEARFIELD - A 100-pound female college student is the first to meet the Denny's Beer Barrel Pub challenge: down the restaurant's 6-pound hamburger - and 5 pounds of fixings - within three hours.Kate Stelnick, 19, of Princeton, N.J., made the five-hour drive with two friends from The College of New Jersey on Wednesday, after they saw pictures of the monster burger, dubbed the Ye Old 96er, on the Internet and on TV's Food Network."I just saw it on TV,...
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The little one had two firsts over the weekend.First first, she hurled. Now, I will admit that I shouldn't complain because she's 2 years and 4 months old and this is the very first time she's actually barfed. But it's still gross.Second first - woke up screaming from a nightmare last night. 'Bout made me crap my shorts. I was watching the Star Wars Extras DVD and all of a sudden I hear her screaming "Nooooooo no no no noooooo!" In an instant I knew what dogs feel like when trying to run on...
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The Mrs. and I went to see Billy Joel's Broadway musical Movin' Out yesterday. It was fantastic!Now, I'm not a big dance person. I don't get a lot of the flowery, slow motion shit. And there's something just wrong about watching a fully grown man twirling on one leg and smiling the whole time.However, the music rocked. The piano player was simply amazing, and the rest of the band just nailed the sound of Joel (He handpicked them himself, so I guess that shouldn't come as a surprise). The...
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But who the hell reads me on the weekend anyway?
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Ladies and Gentlmen (and you too Nathan), I give you one of the greatest of all moonbats - Joe "Don't need no Cialis" Vialls, Private Investigator.Just look at some of the titles Joe has worked hard on writingDid New York Orchestrate The Asian Tsunami?Actually, I think it was the Boston Pops, myself.Russia Proves 'Peak Oil' a misleading Zionist scam When in doubt, blame the JoooooooosAmerica May be Forced to Surrender in IraqIt's true. Unfortunately all the terrorists end up dead and give us no...
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European Space Agency Hears From Titan-Bound Huygens Probe.(8:57 a.m. PST) European Space Agency mission managers for the Huygens probe confirm that data of the probe's descent to Saturn's moon Titan are being received. The data was transmitted from the probe to NASA's Cassini spacecraft and then back to Earth. The Huygens team is set to begin processing data and hope to release first images later today. Scientists are interested in Titan because its chemistry is thought to be very similar to...
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Hubris has the lowdown on a capture and new developments.
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John Cole seems to have benefited from a sleep test. This is very heartening for me since I've got an appointment in Feb. with a doctor to look at my sleeping problem.My problem is that I can't get enough sleep. I can sleep 12 hours and feel like shit. I get 8+ hours every night and I can barely function sometimes. I've often fallen asleep driving home from work. If I don't constantly move, it's likely that I'll fall asleep.I also get headaches. Constantly. 2 or 3 a week, most often on...
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Just when you thought it couldn't get any sillier.THE Pentagon considered developing a host of non-lethal chemical weapons that would disrupt discipline and morale among enemy troops, newly declassified documents reveal.Most bizarre among the plans was one for the development of an "aphrodisiac" chemical weapon that would make enemy soldiers sexually irresistible to each other. Provoking widespread homosexual behaviour among troops would cause a "distasteful but completely non-lethal" blow to...
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I've had to choke down the bandwidth a wee bit for a while. Pardon the site if it moves a little slower than normal.Sincerely,The SaaM Maintenance Department
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Houston, we have beer!Smooth. Full flavored. A little light on the body for an IPA. No after taste whatsoever. Easy drinkability. Low alcohol due to the low original / final gravities. Still, not bad at all for a first try!I'm chalking this one up as a success.
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I am perfectly ok with whoring myself out for cash. Hit that tip jar hard enough and I'd even pen a glowing review of Ishtar - The Director's Edition DVD.
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Anyone out there using Thunderbird know how to change the behavior of When I delete an email, I want the application to open up the next newest mail?Right now, when I delete, it moves to the last email I read. Not real helpful for me. I want it to move up, not down. Can't seem to locate any settings that would help.
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Why is it that the hair on top of my head will continue to grow while hair in areas such as my eyebrows and various other body locations stop at a certain point?Think about it. If you could transplant arm hair to your head, you'd never really need to get a haircut again.
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Be wary of a proctologist who has a fingernail chewing habit.
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Today is the day. The beer is in the fridge just waiting for me to come home.I'm actually a bit nervous. Talking with some of the other beer guys here it's amazing the number of 'bad batches' that pop up from time to time. Makes me worry a little that somewhere in all my beer academia I missed some vital point or didn't sanitize something enough and my beer will end up tasting like some sort of fungal sorbet.We'll see.... We'll see soon enough.
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I'm telecommuting today. I seem to blog less when I'm at home. This is probably due to the fact that my wife automatically considers me as a built in babysitter so any spare seconds are spent doing that.Anyway, I had a dentist appointment at 11:30 this morning. I had broken off a tooth and needed to get it fixed and this was my first visit to this dentist so I showed up early knowing I'd have to fill out 2,376 forms (all of which ask for the same information).So, at 12:45 PM, I finally get to...
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Took Georgia to get her hair cut for the first time yesterday. Didn't want to remove much, just get it trimmed so it wasn't all uneven. She did really well and didn't complain at all. Then again, they shoved Dora the Explorer in the TV and she didn't even notice she was getting her hair cut.I got some cute shots, but my flash died so the lighting was a speck dark and it was over so fast that I didn't get to change batteries.$13 for 7 minutes of work. I gotta learn to cut hair.
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On Sunday I went to the Tampa Bay Brewing Company with a buddy of mine. I tried their Heffe-Weizen which was yummmmmmmy and also had a glass of their Double Red Ale which was not as yummy. The more I get into this whole beer thing, the more I'm able to discern what it is about certain beers that I do or do not like.I love Heffe-Weizen (wheat beer). Good stuff. Nice and yeasty and I really like a twist of lemon in it. I plan on making my own soon and might even go for a Dunkel-Weizen...
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I still think spammers should be executed. I had to install an HIP-CAPTCHA system to stop all the @!$%* spam I've been getting in the comments. So you have to type what you see in the little box before it will go through.Sorry for the inconvenience. And sorry to those who need cheap Viagra or want to try their hand at casino type poker.
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As soon as I see the following words in a blog title today, I shall skip it:CBS, Rathergate, Memogate, Mapes, Thornburgh-Boccardi, and Nursing Home Wet T-Shirt Contest Photos.None of that do I wish to bother myself with any more. I've had my fill, thank you.
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An anchor man is like Tide Soap. He is a brand. His value is as a brand - it's not like Dan Rather has an special talent that couldn't be found in some significant percentage of the population.The next time you see anyone whose value is as a brand (and that includes lots of actors and singers), and they are making political statements, just visualize - it's Tide Detergent talking to you.John Moore (Useful Fools)From this post over at Roger Simon's place.
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Bag O' Popcorn in the microwave. 45 Minutes should suffice.
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Not that I'm counting or anything.Update:74:30:15
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I didn't need a months late report to tell me anything. I never watched CBS news in the first place, I shall never watch them again.Who really cares what an internal investigation 'revealed'? We were blatantly lied to and still millions of people turn to 60 Minutes for the honest-to-God truth.Suckers.Update:Dean gets it
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Mommy found 'Pink Bear'. The little one apparently has not let go of her since early this morning.Of course, mommy found her 30 minutes after ordering 2 more of them. Go figure.
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While watching the Green Bay lose to Minnesota, I almost had to turn down my A/C because it looked so cold (I settled for simply saying 'brrr' and laughing at everyone on TV).I wore shorts and a t-shirt yesterday and changed the oil in my car barefooted. It's days like that where I remember why I live in Florida.
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I am the first to admit when I make a mistake. And this post by a guest blogger over at Dean Esmay's made me realize I had not publicly decried a mistake I made a few years ago.I used to smoke. Nasty habit, I know. Then my lung collapsed and I found a new love for the actual ability to breathe. I quit smoking when that happened and luckily did not have that hard of a time doing so. It wasn't long before the cigarettes lost their complete hold on me and the smell of smoke started bothering me.I...
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I have absolutely no desire to see Mickey Rooney's ass.I don't think Fox yanked the commercial due to pressure from the 'Religious Right'. I'm willing to bet they're simply avoiding retinal damage lawsuits from 30 million viewers.
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I can't find 'Pink Bear'. I have no idea how I'm going to get my daughter to take a nap.Update:Never did find her. Georgia is devastated. When I tried to put her down, she asked for Pink Bear (a pink beanie bear). When I said I didn't know where she was, Georgia started crying and said "Pink Bear passed away!". I thought I was going to cry myself.She knows what that means because when our cat Hudson died, she was of course wondering what happened. We didn't want to tell her that he was 'asleep'...
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Redsugar Muse took this test to determine what type of intelligence she had. Her results?Your Dominant Intelligence is Linguistic IntelligenceYou are excellent with words and language. You explain yourself well. An elegant speaker, you can converse well with anyone on the fly. You are also good at remembering information and convicing someone of your point of view. A master of creative phrasing and unique words, you enjoy expanding your vocabulary.You would make a fantastic poet, journalist,...
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During the confirmation hearings for Alberto Gonzales, when questioned about the use of torture, Gonzales replied, "I oppose any sort of torture. I think anyone convicted of torture should be dragged behind a truck".(from the Bob & Tom show this morning)
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This pretty much sums up why I think this whole laser-tag fiasco is not worth the Patriot Act. Here's an excerpt:Kids, let me let you in on a secret... we don't have the technology to reliably put a laser spot on someone's iris in a laboratory at the paltry range of a hundred meters with only their breathing and looking around the room while staying very still to contend with. You're talking about hitting a fast-moving, shaking, plane almost a mile away with a hand-held laser-pointer? Fuck you,...
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Exactly 7 days ago, history was made when I bottled my first batch of beer. I still have 7 days left to wait to pop one open.I may die of anxiety before then.
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@!#$% Spammer left comments for something or the other. Deleted them by SQL which caused a few comments to, erm.. go away as well. I apologize if any comments you've left have magically disappeared.I mean really, do these people actually make enough money selling cheap V!@g...r.a knock offs to live off of? Just the amount of wasted effort seems like it'd be enough to give it up.But alas, there must be a lot of hard-up people (ooh...unintentional but apropos pun!) needing stiffy-pills keeping...
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Had an Exchange SNAFU earlier. Brought down the whole damn server.Already trying out a new piece of software. Hope it works!
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I disagree with Michelle Malkin, whom I adore and normally find myself nodding in agreement with. Michelle writes:We are at war, fools. You really want to make this idiot a civil liberties martyr? Stop clucking and get serious. I am serious and I disagree with her.I'm not the staunch supporter of the Patriot Act that many who have argued with me say I am. That label is often given to me because I don't find the PA to be the threat people want to make it out to be so it is assumed I agree with...
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Liquorice Altoids!I can't tell you how much I love black licorice. Well, I can actually. One of the best times of the year for me and my wife is after Easter when they're selling the bags of 100% black jellybeans for like $.25 or something. I'll grab as many as I can carry.But these new Liquorice Altoids are like 3 bags of jellybeans crammed into each mint. It's so strong it actually had quite a spicy-hot kick to it! Yum yum yum!So, if you like licorice (or Liquorice if you prefer) then you...
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Due to the needs of work and needing the ability to reproduce stuff at home when I'm telecommuting, I run a copy of Exchange here. I hate it. It's just me and my wife so there's no need for such a beast of a system for our mail.So, I want to dump Exchange and drop using Outlook and move to Thunderbird as a mail client. But what mail server can I use? The nice thing about Exchange is that it's tied into my directory which makes adding aliases easy. See, when I sign up for something, I...
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I'm getting sick and tired of finding new blogs that, for some God awful reason I've not been reading. Now, there's Hubris, which I'm not sure what hubris means although it does sound kind of like something you dare not discuss during football season for fear of getting your ass kicked.Like I've got all this extra time to be reading more blogs. I'm going to have to dump someone from my list to make room and unfortunately I've never read The Daily Kos so I can't enjoy deleting his entry.
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I need help. My blog is not sending comments or contact requests to me. I've determined that the problem lies within CDO on my server. My server is Server 2003 running Exchange 2003 but System.Web.Mail causes the following errorSystem.Runtime.InteropServices.COMException (0x80029C4A): Error loading type library/DLL.The web server is on the same box. If I run the scripts on my XP box, everything is fine. Run the same scripts on the 2003 box, kaput! Nada!I've looked over...
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A lovely commenter in another post informed me that the real reason CBS had to use forged documents is because the American public (and myself primarily) wouldn't be able to understand the full facts in the 30 second sound bytes we need due to our limited attention spans.Which is a crock of warm poop. There's nothing wrong with my attention span and I really...
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I'm on hold with Verizon listening to an elevator music version Hall & Oats Private Eyes.I actually think my eardrum is trying to self-rupture.Update:I hung up after my spleen, upon hearing Oye Coma Va after 15 minutes of waiting, decided to try to make a break for it.
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I'm betting this post catches the Puppy Blender's attention.
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Am I the only person on the planet that didn't get a new cell phone for Christmas? Jeez, mines like 4 years old - black and white LCD screen, no camera, no video, no combination toaster and hair dryer. Just a run of the mill Nokia with annoying monophonic ring.I'm feeling so 2001 here. I'd switch plans but I can't find anything near the cost of what I have and I rarely use my phone except to call my wife (which doesn't cost minutes).
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Somehow, SaaM not one of them.Bastards....
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Ladies and Gentlemen, I, Robb Allen of Sharp as a Marble have finally been offended. Offended in a way that will make me change the course of my eating habits. Let me explain.One of my favorite placed to eat is Chik-fil-A. I love their sandwiches, their nuggets, and they have the best lemonade one can buy. But after seeing this ad that pokes fun at the Tiananmen Square incident, I am planning on boycotting them.The ad may have been funny had it not been for the last frame of multiple...
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Athena at Leaning to the Right is calling it quits.The entire staff of SaaM (me) wishes her the best of luck!
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Well, everyone else is doing it and I'm not known for my ability to think for myself (I'm a rabid rightwinger, remember?) so Happy New Year!My resolutions are as followsMake lots of beerHave a babyBlogI think I can handle this. Hope your new year is 365 days long.
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