Actual anarchy in action

Watch as people, free from any sort of rule or direction, navigate a rather busy intersection sans accident

I’m not saying I’m all for Anarchy or anything, I’m just saying that often what we think of as necessary rules & regulations really isn’t. A commenter on the page indicated that Ethiopia (where this was filmed) has one of the highest traffic related death rates but I’ve not confirmed that (nor do I care). I just found this video fascinating in the way that people will navigate horrifically complex systems automatically.

Also, take into consideration that the drivers’ POV doesn’t grant them as clear of a picture as we have, and they must navigate using much less information.

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Free Gun Law Seminar for Florida Carry Members

Free Gun Law Seminar in Jacksonville on Thursday.  Thanks to U.S. Law Shield our members and supporters have free access to this event.

See this site for details:

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Thursday April 24, 2014 from 6:30 PM to 10:00 PM EDT

Morocco Shrine Center 

3800 Saint Johns Bluff Rd S
Jacksonville, FL 32224

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Are we being played? Update–Yup, we gots played

UPDATE – My suspicions were correct. This wasn’t something they did.

There’s something to be said when parody is indistinguishable from the real thing and with the anti-gunners, sometimes it’s very hard to tell.

This Everytown thing, for example – I made fun of their poster yesterday, but there’s conflicting reports that the poster is or isn’t even really from Bloomberg’s overpriced grassroots purchase. Take this Blaze article that specifically states “Yes, really. No, not a parody.” but then right below it says this

While the image at first appeared to be created by Everytown for Gun Safety, an anti-gun campaign paid for by former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and includes the web address of the group’s official website and logo, the Facebook page it was posted on is not the one the group’s website currently links to.

So… it is a parody? I had someone on Twitter say he created the image.

It’s hard to tell. Why? Because they’ve done stupid posters like this before, complete with an unfired cartridge as the projectile, and thus there’s little reason to doubt they wouldn’t do this again. If there’s one thing we’ve learned about the anti-gun groups is that they don’t learn from their mistakes (and even tend to double down on them).

Another example is the image making the rounds that purports to be from Moms Demand Actions showing a lady fearfully clutching her purse in a garage with a caption that says “Rape only lasts moments. Death is forever” or something to that effect. I cannot believe any group would be that callous and thus have written it off as a parody, but the odd thing is, when presented with that image, Shannon Watts never said it wasn’t their group.

Because deep inside, there are those who believe it’s better to be sexually assaulted than to defend yourself, they just generally don’t want to be the ones to say it out loud. Just so we’re clear, I do not believe most anti-gunners believe this, thus my disbelief that the poster was from MDA.

It just gets so hard to tell with these people. Fundamentally, they’re not serious. They have no arguments, they resort to name calling and “Reasoned Discourse” as a primary defense, and they are severely lacking in both logic and consistency. So when you see things like this that are so outlandish, it’s difficult to discern if it truly comes from them or not.

The good thing is already, out of the gate, Everytown is a bust. First, they failed to secure the Facebook page and since this was supposed to be a “Social Media Extravaganza”, they’ve proven that $50,000,000 doesn’t really buy very bright people. Second, already the Everytown name is muddied. It’s hard to tell who’s the real Everytown and who’s the parodies (and there seem to be many). This is fine with me since it makes it harder for them to get their message out, but what does it say when another group can randomly pop up and create outlandish ‘marketing materials’ that nobody can tell didn’t come from your group?

And it couldn’t have happened to a nicer bunch of assholes!

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