Updates & whatnot

Just so you all know I’m alive, here are a few updates.

This Saturday from 10AM to Noon at Ballast Point Park, Florida Carry is having as many of our members as we can show up for our Open Carry fishing event. If you’re within the sound of my sultry voice, I’d love for you to drop by for support.

We have started packing for the move. Our closing date got pushed out by 6 days, which sucks, but oh well. This is taking up a lot of time, and I’d rather just go ahead and pack everything rather than try to figure out what can be put into a box now & what can’t.

My grandmother (my last remaining grandparent) is not long for this world. She has cancer and gave up on the chemo because it was hell. I’ve heard this from many chemo patients – that if their cancer comes back, they’d just as soon skip it. Which really sucks because with the move coming up, if she passes, I may be incapable of travel to make it to the funeral.

My guitar should be back from the painter’s on Wednesday. This is exciting. The suck comes from the fact that it’ll take another week or so to finish it up, and by then I’ll be in ‘fully packed’ mode and thus it will do me no good to have it. I may have Virgil hold onto it until after the move.

And there you have it. This is about as much as I’ve written in the past month alone. Sorry!

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Tampa crosses the line

Life has intruded recently & I’ve not been able to make the monthly open carry fishing events in a while, but I missed Tampa PD harassing one of our members this past weekend.

We’ve been doing these since 2010. I used to call the city attorney to let him know we would be there, but he eventually told me there was no need to call since it was a non-event. The police never had an issue and in fact were part of the best fishing event ever. Yes, we had the occasional person freak out, but just like people who freak out over two people with different skin colors holding hands, you can generally ignore bigots.

So, this sounds like an overzealous cop who felt his authoratah was to be respected, Florida Carry will pursue this & there will be corrective action taken. Our end goal is to do whatever it takes to ensure law abiding gun owners are not harassed for exercising their rights.

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Man, I know how this feels

Borepatch is hanging up the blog.

I’m not there… yet. The job & family take up so much of my time that I don’t get around to this thing as much. When I move, I’m probably going to stop paying out the nose for business class Interweb tubing, so having a fixed IP will go out the window and possibly stop the self hosting.

I took ads off my blog, not because I had any issue with GunUp, but because I was making $3 a month, which isn’t worth the hassle.

So, with $0 coming in any more, not feeling like I can provide the kind of reviews that actually matter & not getting gear coming in, the added cost of the blog feels more like a drain every day.

Still, I’m here for a while, I’ll definitely let you know if & when I pull the plug.

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And away she goes



La Pistola is off to Moe Colors for her paint job. It’s a 4 to 6 week process and during that time, updates will be practically non-existent.

So I wait.

And wait.

Granted, Moe does amazing work so it’ll be worth the wait and when it’s done, they’re going to have to redefine the word ‘epic’.

I just have to wait patiently for it.

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Aaaand there it goes

People who made the offer on our house yesterday pulled out. Apparently their real estate agent is brand spanking new (i.e. had the deal gone through, this would have been her 1st house) and she forgot to give them certain things like “paperwork” and “actual price of the house”. We were wanting them to rewrite their contract to cover things a bit differently and suddenly they realized things weren’t as easy as they were hoping.

Now they’re gone.

Oh well. Shit happens.

My main concern is the house we’re wanting. They’ll accept our offer once we have a live contract on our place but until then, anyone else can put in an offer and trump us. It’s a great house but we can’t put the money down on it until we liquidate the equity in this one. So since they won’t do a contingency, we have to risk it.

First World Problem to be sure, but their real estate agent just got a whole heaping pile of ‘experience’ today.

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And now the fun begins… again

Got an offer on our house yesterday & we’re accepting. We got asking + cash to purchase a bunch of stuff (tables, garage gear, etc).

Now we have to get the other house contract going, mortgage, start thinking about packing, etc. We’ll be doing a synchronous closing – close on our current house then close on the new house on the same day. Meaning we’ll have to pack & be in the truck the day before closing & hopefully nothing goes wrong & we’re homeless.

That part is a bit scary…

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